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New website of Bank Zachodni WBK

New website of Bank Zachodni WBK

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New website of Bank Zachodni WBK

  1. 1. Santander News Poland New website of Bank Zachodni WBK■ The new version of the BZ WBK website is easier to navigate, with fresh modern design and new web pages presenting the offer addressed to retail customers, companies and corporationsAugust 28th, 2012. The MarketingDepartment launched a new version ofthe website. It is easier tonavigate, with new web pages presentingthe offer addressed to retail customers,companies and corporations. Also, thePrivate Banking section was upgraded toinclude new web pages dedicated to VIPand Wealth Management customers. Thenew tools ensure easier access to themost frequently sought information andimprove the process of ordering productson-line.The new website presents easy-to-find information about products, services and promotions.Bank customers can also place on-line orders for accounts, loans, payment cards and otherproducts (direct purchase or a request for contact). Customers may use contextual linksbetween the contents and individual web pages, which make it easier to search for and selectthe products which best meet one’s specific needs.Katarzyna Prus-Malinowska, director for Interactive Communication, said: “We wanted thenew website to be as user-friendly as possible.With this in mind, we re-designed its structureand changed the method of communication. We highlighted the practical information on howto use the Bank products and their less-known features (such as cashback, chargeback or theRatio service). Our goal is that customers learn about additional benefits from the use offinancial services."A number of solutions have been introduced to boost the on-line sales via the Bank’s website.Access to product order forms and contact forms has been optimized, web pages comply withbrowser standards and contextual links make it easier to navigate the website and find theinformation about the desired products.For more information, contact:Radoslaw RózyckiBank Zachodni WBK, Press Office.Tel.; 22 586 8002;e-mail: