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Jesús Zabalza new CEO of Santander Brasil;Javier San Felix replaces


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Jesús Zabalza new CEO of Santander Brasil;Javier San Felix replaces

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Jesús Zabalza new CEO of Santander Brasil;Javier San Felix replaces

  1. 1. Comunicación ExternaCiudad Grupo Santander Edificio Arrecife Pl. 228660 Boadilla del Monte (Madrid) Telf.: 34 91 289 52 11email: comunicacionbancosantander@gruposantander.comPress releaseJesús Zabalza named CEO of Santander Brasil;Javier San Felix replaces him as head of theAmericas divisionMarcial Portela will remain linked to the Group as chairman of the board of directors ofSantander Brasil.Madrid, April 25, 2013 - Marcial Portela, head of the Groups businesses in Brazil, hasresigned from his executive role at Banco Santander Brasil. However, he will continue aschairman of the board of directors. Jesús Zabalza will be the new CEO of Santander Brasil.Javier San Felix will head the Americas division, replacing Jesús Zabalza. The Americasdivision comprises Grupo Santanders businesses in Latin America excluding Brazil.Marcial Portela (Vigo, 1945) managed the integration of Santander Brasil and Banco Real,which was acquired from Dutch group ABN Amro, and has been head of this subsidiary forthe last three years.Jesús Zabalza (Baracaldo, 1958), who has in-depth knowledge of the Latin American financialmarket, has held executive roles in BBV, Argentaria, La Caixa and, since 2002, as seniorexecutive vice president of Banco Santander in the Americas division, which he has headedsince last year.Javier San Félix (Madrid, 1967), senior executive vice president at Banco Santander andBanestos CEO until its merger with Banco Santander, will head the Americas division. Hejoined Santander Consumer Finance in 2004, where he took up responsibilities as director ofstrategic planning, head of the non-euro business area and head of integration of mergersand acquisitions. In May, 2012, he was appointed CEO of Banesto, which will complete itslegal merger with Banco Santander in the next few days.The appointments of Marcial Portela and Jesús Zabalza are subject to the relevant regulatoryapprovals in Brazil.