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Newsletter Banca IFIS Group 2, june 2012

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Newsletter Banca IFIS Group 2

  1. 1. 01_Great first quarter 2012for Banca IFIS02_Growth objectivesfor 201203_Interaction and transparency:Banca IFIS introducesits new website04_The Group’s recruitmentcampaign continues05_Culture, training and business:initiatives and commitments06_Upcoming events07_Contactsfollow us on:02012Newsletter 2 30 June 2012_Quarterly
  2. 2. follow us on:0201Great first quarter 2012for Banca IFISBanca IFIS joins the FTSE Italia Mid Cap index.As from 18 June 2012, Banca IFIS’s shares willbe traded on the FTSE Italia Midcap index, asannounced by the FTSE Italia Joint Executive Group.On 10 May of this year, Banca IFIS’s Board ofDirectors approved the Group’s results as at 31March 2012. Performance was extremely positive inthis period, as it was in 2011. The main results are:• Net banking income up by 116.3%, at 52.4 millionEuro, thanks to the greater contribution from thetrade receivables sector, and also due to the profitderiving from treasury operations and the new non-performing loans and tax receivables segment;• Net profit from financial activities increased by146.4% (46.6 million Euro compared with 18.9million Euro in the first quarter of 2011);• Impact of costs on net banking income (cost/income ratio) in strong contraction, from 41.7% to29.6%;• Continuous growth of retail funding;• Equity amounting to 262 million Euro (up comparedwith 196.3 million Euro as at 31 December 2011);• Profit of 19.7 million Euro (+252.8% on an annualbasis);• Solvency: 10.8%;• Core Tier 1: 11.1%.The highlights of the first quarter are:• as regards funding, the continuous success of therendimax savings account, which puts the Groupin the best possible position in terms of liquidity tooperate in the real economy;• as regards loans, the commitment to support thosewho create value through adequate procedures inboth the SME sector and in the Public Administrationsector;• a highly comprehensive and encompassingpresence in the non-performing loans sector withthe acquisition of large portfolios and optimalprofitability prospects;• reinforcement of the Italian government bondportfolio, which includes mainly short-term bonds,allowing the Bank to make enough profits so asto bolster its equity without increasing its sharecapital. Today, the portfolio’s goal is twofold: toguarantee on-demand rendimax funding and toprovide an opportunity to invest additional liquidity.“This quarter was an important stage in the growth ofthe Banking Group. Speed, team spirit and strategicchoices aimed at sustaining growth all drive theBank’s strengthening process quarter after quarterin a market which leaves no room for improvisationbut neither for rigid pre-set schemes” stated theCEO, Giovanni Bossi.As from 18 June 2012,Banca IFIS’s shares willbe traded on the FTSEItalia Midcap index, asannounced by the FTSEItalia Joint ExecutiveGroup.Banca IFIS joinsthe FTSE ItaliaMid Cap index
  3. 3. follow us on:03“The first quarter of 2012 marks an important stepin the development of the Banking Group, with thenumbers showing the potential of the entire Bank.Speed, team spirit, and strategic choices aimed atsustaining growth all guide the Bank’s strengtheningprocess, which will be evident quarter after quarteron a market that leaves nothing to chance but neitherto rigidly pre-defined plans.”Quote by Giovanni Bossi, CEO
  4. 4. follow us on:0402Growth objectives for 2012The outlook for the remaining months of 2012is good: despite the difficult socio-economicsituation, significant opportunities exist to acquirenew customers and new loans, thus enhancingservices to businesses and the non-performingloans segment. In addition, the Bank is alsofocusing on new projects in favour of insolvencyprocedures as far as concerns the operations ofthe investee company, Fast Finance, the mergerof which into the Parent Company is currentlyunderway and should be complete by this summer.Growth prospects remain positive for the rendimaxsavings account; whilst, as far as funding isconcerned, the Bank is currently focusing on aproject involving the launch of a new current-account that will be ready by the end of the year.Furthermore, new transactions involving theGovernment bond portfolio are expected, in orderto take advantage of additional opportunities tostrengthen the Bank.
  5. 5. follow us on:0503Interaction and transparency:Banca IFIS introduces its new websiteAnother window to the world of Banca IFIS hasopened: the Bank is proud to present its newcomplete and fully-functional web platform,dedicated to those who wish to interact with theGroup, access its services, and be kept up-to-date oncurrent news.An online platform which, from the clear andintuitive home page onwards, provides information,interaction and dialogue opportunities for all visitors.The website ( is designed topromote knowledge of the Banca IFIS Groupthrough a new IT architecture, explicitly designedfor different types of visitors (potential customers,shareholders, journalists, candidates, private andinstitutional investors), as well as through providinginformation according to the level of knowledge ofeach type of visitor.Banca IFIS proves its desire to be transparent andclose to the visitor by showing the faces of theGroup’s employees, in the belief that this structurewill simplify and improve relationships between theBank and all the stakeholders concerned.Institutional investors can find all the documentationandinformationtheydesireintheirdedicatedsection,while the content included in the “Private Investors”section is designed to promote comprehension ofbanking terminology and the methods used by theBank, with the support, for example, of the Glossaryand the FAQ section.All the press releases and press kits are included inthe “Media Room” section and can be downloadedin pdf format, while the “Events” section containsinformation on the initiatives and the events in whichthe Group is involved: workshops, fairs, conventions,corporate meetings, etc.The website also includes an area dedicated to theexperiences of entrepreneurs who, also thanksto Banca IFIS, have turned their companies intosuccess stories.Fromthehomepage,andfromtheCommunitysection,it is possible to then access the Social Networks inwhich the Group participates: Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, YouTube, SlideShare, SalvaRisparmio(the blog dedicated to the world of savings) andMondo PMI, the most recent to be launched.Mondo PMI is a blog dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises. It provides in-depth explanationsof topics such as business loans and the latestinnovations in the administrative field; its goal isto be a content aggregator, also thanks to the directinvolvement of entrepreneurs, journalists, andinstitutions (amongst which Studio Baldassi andSalone d’Impresa) and provides news, ideas andexperiences relating to various aspects of businessactivities in Italy.Still on the subject of social networks, the target
  6. 6. follow us on:06of 3,000 Likes on the rendimax savings accountFacebook page has recently been achieved andexceeded. This confirms Banca IFIS’s strategicvision and the bank continues to improve its retailservices through the use of new social media andenhancing the telephone-based customer service. Inthis sense, the ability to respond to its customers’needs quickly and thoroughly has helped the Groupto earn numerous awards in all Facebook’s TopBrands – Italy 2012 (awarded in May 2012), thanksto rendimax’s page being classified among the Top10 in “Response time”.Thanks to these results, Banca IFIS has chosenthe Web to define the specifications of its newcurrent account as well. As was the case with thelaunch of the rendimax ‘Like’ savings account, theBank has chosen to actively involve its customersin this new product also through the publicationof ad hoc questions, both on the website and on the rendimax Facebook page.Thousands of people have already expressed theiropinions on services deemed to be “fundamental”and on more technical aspects, such as security.The Banca IFIS Group thus confirms the greatimportance it attributes to its customers’ needs; in2011, with the help of its customers, it created, thefirst on-demand savings account; a great success,which is capable of exceeding the most optimisticexpectations in terms of growth and funding.As far as concerns savings in the broader sense,the Salvarisparmio blog offers a new way to interactin a real way, taking full advantage of everydayexperience, thanks to discussions on current affairsand the active sharing of opinions with users.
  7. 7. follow us on:0704The Group’s recruitmentcampaign continuesAs already highlighted in the first Newsletter,  theBanca IFIS Group continues to hire despitethe economic crisis and unlike current trendsin Italian and non-Italian businesses. TheBank’s growth rate and its numerous initiativesencourage a policy of expansive recruiting,oriented towards high-potential young talent andkey senior figures, both for the Headquartersand for branches throughout the country.Vacant positions can be consulted on theWebsite and in the Careers Section of the BancaIFIS Group’s LinkedIn page (;opportunities range from the commercial area(Sales Executives) to more managerial rolesrelating to the Group’s organisation and operations.Currently, some of the positions most actively soughtare:• Sales Manager (Bergamo, Genoa, Pordenone);• Junior Credit Manager (Catania, Cuneo, Pescara);• Senior Credit Analyst - International;• Junior Credit Analyst;• Executive Manager (North-Eastern and SouthernItaly and the Islands).
  8. 8. follow us on:0805Culture, training and business –initiatives and commitmentsOn 18 and 19 May, at the Villa Furstenberg Venice-Mestre Office, the bank hosted the 10th Saloned’Impresa, an important event where representativesof small and medium, national and European,businesses can meet and interact with each other.For ten years now this initiative has been supportingand developing a community of over 100,000economic players and this year, starting with thePolish sociologist Zygmut Bauman’s considerationsregarding the transition from modernism to thepost-modernism, attempted to present new ways todeal with and overcome the crisis.What success factors have allowed some companies(the “liquid” ones) to overcome the crisis throughoutthe years? What path did they follow and what toolsdid they use?The distinguished speakers present at theconvention, Prof. Enzo Rullani from the Universityof Venice, the Councillor for Economic Developmentof the Veneto Region Maria Luisa Coppola (whoannounced reform of the districts and easieraccess to loans), the CFO and VP of Gucci MicaelaLe Divelec, to mention just a few, attempted toanswer these questions. The 10th edition of Saloned’Impresa was an occasion in which representativesof the national and international business world,together with exponents of the political andinstitutional arena, provided their expertise to offerideas and suggestions on the issue under review inorder to identify: new businesses models; new pathsof development; and new corporate models andenvironments to recover growth.On the first day of the event, led by the ChairmanFerdinando Azzariti, the companies’ currentscenarios were analysed and new managementmodels were investigated, concluding with somecorporate experiences characterised by continuousand constant improvement throughout the corporatestructure, based on the organisational model thatcan be found in Japan and the United States: theKaizen. The second day instead dealt with the themeof the Bank-Enterprise relationship.The participants included, amongst others, the CEOof Banca IFIS Giovanni Bossi, the CEO of MorellatoSpa Massimo Carrara, the Chairman of PastaZara SpA Furio Bragagnolo, the CFO of NH HotelsItalia SPA Guido Nardotto, the Chairman of Cassadi Risparmio del Veneto Giovanni Costa, and theChairman of Altana SpA Marina Salomon.The Bank-Enterprise relationship was also the maintopic of the three meetings which the Banca IFISGroup organised together with Fondazione CUOA,a management school operating on a national andinternational level, whose course plan currentlyincludes a new Master’s in Finance, thanks to theGroup’s support. This specialised Master’s degree
  9. 9. follow us on:09aims to train managers to operate successfully in thefinance sector at banks, brokerage companies, assetmanagement companies, and consulting firms andin the head financial offices of businesses operatingin the industrial and services sectors. The Master’sprogram also includes lessons on factoring, heldwith the support of professionals in the field fromthe Banca IFIS Group.Finally it should be noted that the Group will be asupporter of Associazione Partners Palazzo Strozzifor all of 2012, promoting, arts and culture “infavour of Florence and those who love it” in a purelypatronal spirit.Here are the more important upcoming events:• the exhibition Americani a Firenze – Sargent e gliImpressionisti del Nuovo Mondo which continuesuntil 15 July; this exhibit takes place in the fifthcentennial of Amerigo Vespucci’s death andcelebrates the strong ties between the old and newcontinent;• the exhibit Anni Trenta Arti in Italia oltre ilfascismo starting on 22 September, highlightingthe very vibrant artistic struggle of those years,from classicism to futurism, from expressionismto abstractionism, from monumental art to salonpainting.The Banca IFIS Group has a very busy agenda ofevents in which it participates or is involved: in May,in Bologna, the Group participated, with its ownstand, in Exposanità, an International Fair orientedtowards the Healthcare and assistance sectors,offering business solutions relating to the IFISPharma brandFor information:www.mondopmi.comThe blog for companies
  10. 10. follow us on:1006UpcomingeventsAn international workshop, organised incollaboration with Credit Village, is scheduled for26 September 2012, and is dedicated to the non-performing loans sector in which the Group is theleading player under its Toscana Finanza brand. Theevent will be held, upon invitation, at the Head Officeof Banca IFIS, via Gatta 11 – 30174 Venezia Mestre,Italy.In addition to the event organised for the ToscanaFinanza brand, Banca IFIS promotes many othersthrough its Fast Finance brand. A few underway andscheduled for this summer include:• the round table: “Composition of the crisis of over-indebtedness”, organized by the ‘Centro Studi diDiritto Concorsuale’ in Bologna, which will takeplace on 12 July, at the ‘Complesso conventualedella basilica di S. Domenico’ in Bologna;• the conference “The New Arrangement beforeBankruptcy: reflections on the DevelopmentDecree”, organized by Redazione Scientifica “IlFallimentarista” (Giuffrè Editore), which will beheld at the Reggia di Caserta Theatre on 13 July.www.nplmeeting.itEvent onSeptember, 26
  11. 11. follow us on:11Price on 30/06/2012 4,99 €365 day Min-Max Min 3,678 € – Max 4,99 €Number of shares issued 53.811.095Capitalisation 268.517.364,05 €1 month performance +10.41%6 month performance 27,25%1 year performance +9,37%Dividend paid 0,250 €/share (07/05/2012)Specialist CentrobancaThanks to the positive results achieved, interest in Banca IFIS’s shares has increased markedly. Thanks tocontinuous dialogue with the wider financial market and its participation in numerous events, many investors,both Italian and English, have added Banca IFIS’s shares to their portfolio. Banca IFIS has achieved still furtherattention thanks to it entering the FTSE Italia Mid Cap Index.Banca IFIS shares on the stock marketGiovedì 09 agosto 2012 Approvazione relazione semestraleMercoledì 14 novembre 2012 Approvazione terza trimestraleThursday 09 August 2012 Approval of the half-year interim reportWednesday 14 November 2012 Approval of quarterly resultsFinancial calendarShareholders’ breakdown29 June 2012Sebastian Egon Furstenberg 69,2In circulation 24,5Giovanni Bossi 3,4Riccardo Preve 2,4Treasury shares 0,5
  12. 12. follow us on:12Follow us on Contact information!/BancaIFIS http://www.bancaifis.itWebsite of 2011 financial statements:http://bilancio.bancaifis.itInvestor contact: Mara Di GiorgioEmail: mara.digiorgio@bancaifis.itTel. +39 041 502 7623Coverage by analystsMarco Cristofori,Centrobanca, Gruppo UBI Banca,marco.cristofori@centrobanca.it_Giovanni Razzoli,Equita sim,g.razzoli@equitasim.itMarco Cavalleri,Banca Akros,marco.cavalleri@bancaakros.it_07Contacts