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Newsletter Banca IFIS Group 9


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Newsletter Banca IFIS Group 9

  1. 1. follow us on: 012014 Newsletter 9 31 March 2014_Quarterly newsletter 01_Letter of the Chairman at the Shareholders 02_An excellent 2013 03_Results have never been so “interactive” 04_Record shares 05_Credi Impresa Futuro goes social 06_Milan, Banca IFIS and ACMI conference; Treviso celebrates Credi Impresa Futuro customers 07_IFIS, recruitment growth trend in 2013 08_Job offers 09_Agenda 10_Contacts 31 DEC VALUE TO YOUR BUSINESS
  2. 2. 02 follow us on: Sebastien Von Fürstenberg, Chairman of Banca IFIS are concerned; the development of new and sustainable methods for managing household lending; and new ways to lend responsibly to small companies – these are just some of the indicators of the Bank’s propensity to innovate. We enter 2014 with an excellent level of equity, allowing us to continue with our policy of distributing dividends – something I believe all our shareholders appreciate – as well as further support the economy; abundant liquidity; strong profitability; and outstanding asset quality, considering the economic situation, and which we hope to improve further. The market appreciates the Bank’s position, as shown by the 134% rise in the share price during the period, the interest of Italian and international investors, and the gradual consolidation of the dialogue between the Bank and all shareholders – a dialogue we wish to expand further. I believe we can be satisfied with our progress as well as our prospects. On this 30th anniversary, I wish to give special thanks to all the staff that have made it possible to build this Bank, which is now a reference for us all and an asset for Italy. The Chairman Sebastien Von Fürstenberg 01 Letter of the Chairman at the Shareholders Dear Shareholders, Banca IFIS celebrated its 30th anniversary in style with excellent results, all the more significant considering they were achieved against a challenging economic and social backdrop. The credit industry saw significant tensions, with banks curtailing loans for regulatory and risk- related reasons, and thus negatively affecting lending to companies and households. For businesses, especially small-sized ones, the credit crunch has had serious consequences, impacting employment and income levels for all those involved, i.e. entrepreneurs, employees, and suppliers. For households, even though their savings are high on average, dwindling income caused spending to contract further and, increasingly, indebted people to default on their obligations. The Bank’s support for companies on the one hand, and struggling households on the other, is intended to demonstrate confidence in Italy’s ability to recover; make the Bank’s lending capacity available to the real economy; and show its ability to make an impact where the market needs it the most. In 2013, Banca IFIS underwent important changes which will have a further positive impact in the future. A renewed and strengthened organisation, especially as far as risk control and management
  3. 3. 03 follow us on: The presentation of the 2013 results took place in Milan on March 6 02 An excellent 2013 • Profit for the year up 8,5% to 84,8 million Euro, and up 18,5% to 92,7 million Euro not accounting for the effects of the Finance Act. • Net banking income increasing by 7,9% to 264,2 million Euro. • Net profit from financial activities rising 14,9% to 219,6 million Euro. • Excellent cost/income ratio, 28,9% (27,8% in 2012). • Net non-performing loans/total loans in the Trade Receivablessector:2,6%comparedto4,3%(December2012). • ROE, equal to 24,8%, remains at excellent levels. • Solvency: 13,5%. • Core Tier 1: 13,7%. • Contribution of the Government bond portfolio in reduction; net banking income down 9,3% to 70,1 million Euro. • Net profit from financial activities increasing by 17,5% to 60,0 million Euro. • Profit for the period: -12,6% to 17,7 million Euro, but up 26,0% to 25,6 million Euro not accounting for the effects of the Finance Act. FOURTH QUARTER 2013 1 October - 31 December FULL YEAR 2013 1 January - 31 December 2013. BANCAIFIS ANNUAL REPORT
  4. 4. 04 follow us on: Discover the interactive annual report website 03 Results have never been so “interactive” Raising market awareness through socials. Not only for the customer market – families, enter- prises and savers – but also the financial market. This was the leitmotif of the initiative promoted on Twitter for the diffusion of data from the 2013 annual report. 6 March 2014 – approval date of the results of the 12 months of 2013 – the group’s most important performance indicators were tweeted on the offi- cial Banca IFIS Twitter profile, with the hashtags #IFIM (identification code for Banca IFIS on the Italian Stock Exchange), #shares and #azioni accompanied by official images relating to the 2013 annual report. This initiative forms part of the project of social financial education that Ban- ca IFIS began with #CapireBilancio and #Capire- Borsa, with the objective of diffusing the culture of finance on social web platforms. With the announcement of the financial results, Banca IFIS publishes the most relevant data on- line, picking up on the facts and figures from the interactive annual report. Since 2011 the banking establishment has cre- ated an interactive annual report site to mark the publishing of its annual results through which visitors are able to explore the data and contents of the report. A new and interactive method of communicating a theme which is often difficult, using various digital tools to provide financial in- formation. Videos, presentations, press releases, images and indices are all available to web users. The “Download centre”, which permits the down- loading of pages and content in pdf form, is also now active and allows users to write notes, print, add to preferences and send pages via email to their contacts.
  5. 5. 05 follow us on: The video of the 2014 STAR Conference 2014 STAR Conference In the wake of meetings held during the two days of the STAR Conference in Milan, the encoun- ter between companies belonging to the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange held at Palazzo Mezzanotte, Banca IFIS shares reached all-time highs. At the close of the market, the price per share stood at €15.46, marking one of the most significant results for the bank. A record beaten a few days later, on 31 March, when the share price reached a new high of € 16.45. “We have seen so much interest, we have never had two days of meetings like this,” said CEO Giovanni Bossi in an interview with MF Dow Jones at the Star Conference, 2014, underlining the strong interest of foreign institutional inves- tors, “many British, Americans and Europeans.” “There is interest in Italy and the banking sec- tor. Within this area there is also interest in the bank”, said the CEO, also noting the strong focus of investors on the non-performing loans sector. Source: MF Dow Jones, take from 26/03/2014 04 Record shares Banca IFIS increases the floating On the 10th of March La Scogliera S.p.A. sold 2.168.332 ordinary shares of Banca IFIS S.p.A., corresponding to 4,03% of Banca IFIS’s share capital, for an amount equal to Euro 28,188 million after the requests coming from two International institutional investors of main standing. The operation was carried out by In- termonte SIM S.p.A. The sale was realized at a price of Euro 13 per share. As a result of the sale, La Scogliera holds approximately 52,651% of Banca IFIS’s share capital subject to a lock- up period of 180 days starting from today. “The continuity of excellent results, a market ready to acknowledge stories of sustainable growth, increasing confidence in the economic outlook and in the credit market in Italy - says Sebastien Von Fürstenberg, Chairperson of La Scogliera – persuaded us to open the Bank’s share capital to new funds. It’s a path of transparency, dialogue and value creation in which we believe”.
  6. 6. 06 follow us on: 05 Credi Impresa Futuro goes social Credi Impresa Futuro, the Banca IFIS brand dedicated to corporate finance, has been enhanced by new communication tools in order to be closer to its customers, including on the web. After launching its contact services via Skype and WhatsApp (belonging to the “Direct Line” package), Credi Impresa Futuro has opened its Facebook fan page and Twitter profile to extend dialogue with its users onto the social platforms. With nearly 3,000 likes, the Facebook page of Credi Impresa Futuro contains all the information about the SME financing service and publishes news and information about events in which the brand managers take part. The newly launched Twitter platform allows anyone who wants to interact with @CrediImpresaF to send their questions and comments and - as with the Facebookpage-containslinkstothearticlesfrom MondoPMI, the Banca IFIS blog dedicated to the world of small and medium enterprises. Thanks to the dedicated hashtags on Twitter, conversation becomes direct interaction in real time, aimed not only at the introduction of services but also the discussing of issues and problems that Italian companies experience every day. Visit the Facebook page and follow Credi Impresa Futuro on Twitter
  7. 7. 07 follow us on: 06 Milan, Banca IFIS and ACMI conference Treviso celebrates Credi Impresa Futuro customers Banca IFIS, in collaboration with ACMI (Ita- lian Association of Credit Managers) and un- der the patronage of AITI (Italian Association of Corporate Treasurers) organized the wor- kshop entitled “The Sale of Company Recei- vables” held in Milan on March 26 at the Up- town Palace hotel. A comprehensive and in-depth workshop that explored the theme of the assignment of company receivables as a viable alternati- ve to traditional banking operations to fund On Thursday, March 27, Credi Impresa Futuro celebrated the redesign of its commercial branch in Treviso. Over 50 customers attended an enjoy- able moment of dialogue between the Bank and enterprises. “The group has never had traditional branches” said Raffaele Zingone, Head of Stra- tegic Planning of Banca IFIS. “The branches of Credi Impresa Futuro are a functional place for entrepreneurs, where the operational and ad- ministrive part, necessary for providing Italian companies with financing, occurs. Contact with entrepreneurs takes place in their own companies, working capital. The workshop, dedicated to Credit Managers, Credit Controllers, Treasury Managers, Financial Directors, Administrati- ve Officers, and the Finance and Management area, involved sixty participants. Paolo Marinelli, Sales Manager for Italy at Banca IFIS, made a speech entitled “The sale of company receivables and reverse facto- ring”, including an overview of the funding opportunities that Banca IFIS offers to compa- nies operating in the domestic market. achieved through a network of professionals de- ployed throughout the national territory. Also the web channel started to generate important results: in addition to the normal way of contatct with the enterprises, “Filo Diretto” is now fully active: a web contact tool that represents the will of Banca IFIS to welcome customers, also through new digital tools. “Celebrating the restyling of the branches - concluded Zingone - is a way of showing our cus- tomers that even though we are growing on the web, we are always at their side, ready to listen, ever more attentively, to their financial needs.” The presentation of Credi impresa Futuro
  8. 8. 08 follow us on: The Group’s workforce Investment in human resources by Banca IFIS Group continued throughout 2013: as of 31/12, there have been in excess of 500 new hires, compared to 457 at the end of 2012. 2014 is also expected to see an additional double-digit growth in the workforce. Selection, Training and Development Social networks, especially spontaneous applications via our website and LinkedIn, have become the main recruitment channel, reflecting the innovative and technological approach of the Bank. 2013 also saw the continuation of recruiting/ employer branding at the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice. In 2013 the Group participated for the third time in the Finance Day event - at which Banca IFIS will also participate in 2014 - meeting hundreds of students and recent graduates. The collaboration with major Italian universities continues to lead to the launch of numerous post-graduate internships; 11 trainees in 2013, of whom 10 have subsequently been offered jobs. The fourth quarter of the year saw the start of an innovative research and on-site selection process of Open Days, for the recruitment of Family Financial Advisors. Over the course of 2013, the Group conducted important, targeted training operations. The main training activities were: • Giovani Leoni: training course designed to develop the technical/functional/commercial skills of 13 new sales account managers at Banca IFIS. The course lasted six weeks, with training provided by in-house and external teachers; • Focus Group: study days aimed at developing the Group’s high-potential staff. 3 editions were held involving a total of 34 employees; • NPL Academy: Technical/behavioral training dedicated to future Family Financial Advisors. There have been five editions, each lasting two days; • English: The third quarter saw the start of English language courses for 87 employees, divided by their level of knowledge by prior admission tests; • Anti-laundering: refresher courses and regulatory discussions; • Security: courses for new hires. 07 IFIS, recruitment growth trend in 2013 Discover Banca IFIS’ social recruitment on LinkedIn
  9. 9. 09 follow us on: ...andFinancialFamilyAdvisors...forfamilies Until June 2014, the CrediFamiglia Open Days will continue to search for new Family Financial Advisors throughout the whole national territory. Rome, Naples, Bari, Milan, Florence, Bologna and Turin are the cities that have so far been visited by the CrediFamiglia tour. In total, the number of FFA who have joined the CrediFamiglia team so far is 13, and 25 candidates took the OAM - Association of Agents and Brokers - exam on March 30, 2014, the passing of which is a fundamental requirement to join the Banca IFIS team. Job offers The Banca IFIS Group differentiates itself from others in the industry due to an increase in hir- ing that continues despite the negative national framework. The Bank is offering various job po- sitions, looking both for junior roles and senior figures with more experience. Current profiles required are: Credit Analyst (Venezia Mestre); Junior and senior Risk Manage- ment (Venezia Mestre); Organizational Analysts (Venezia Mestre); Legal Service Officer (Venezia Mestre); Junior Credit Manager (Turin); Sales Manager (sales branches throughout Italy); Fam- ily Financial Advisors, NPL Area (all Italy) . New Giovani Leoni for Italian companies... The recruitment of Giovani Leoni, relative to the commercial area aimed at enterprises, continues. After the first group, in March, the second installment of the Giovani Leoni began training at the Group’s head office in Mestre. Until April, a dozen future Credi Impresa Fu- turo sales agents will take part in specific les- sons run by the heads of Banca IFIS and profes- sionals from ABI. Banca IFIS has decided to put the whole team of Family Financial Advisors on the web: from March all FFA profiles are available on the site www.credifamiglia. it, a further commitment from the Bank in accordance with the ethical values and transparency that characterize CrediFamiglia. 08 To see all open positions visit the LinkedIn section dedicated to job offers
  10. 10. 010 follow us on: 28 April: Corriere Innovazione presents the GEM report (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2013), a focus on the state of enterprenaurship in Italy Italia - Padua, Centro Culturale Altinate San Gaetano, 5:30 pm MAY 8 May: Approval of third quarter results 2014 16/17 May: Salone d’Impresa – Banca IFIS Headquarters via Gatta, Mestre (VE) 22 May: Open Day CrediFamiglia – Reggio Calabria 23-24 May: Technology Forum – Castelbrando, Cison di Valmarino (TV) JUNE 04 May: About Pharma Conference – Rome 06 May: Open Day CrediFamiglia Catania 10 May: Conversazioni sull’Innovazione (date to be confirmed) - Banca IFIS Headquarters via Gatta, Mestre (VE) 12/13 May: NPL Academy – Florence 23/24 May: Banca IFIS partecipates at the Italian Social Banking Forum - Palazzo Stelline, Sala Leonardo - Corso Magenta 61, Milan. 26/27 May: European Midcap Event – Paris 09 Agenda APRIL 4-5 April: Villa d’Este workshop “The outlook for financial markets, for their governance and for finance” - Cernobbio (CO) 8-9 April: ABI, “Dimensione cliente”- Rome, Palazzo Altieri. Eight edition of the event dedicated to the relationship between bank and customers. On the 9th of April Luca Schibuola Luca Schibuola, Web Marketing Manager of Banca IFIS, will present the case history Credi Impresa Futuro. 9-10 April: NPL Academy – Florence 15 April: Finance Day Cà Foscari - Venice 17 April: Board meeting, approval of annual financial report 2013 To be always updated with the events please visit the dedicated section of the website
  11. 11. 011 follow us on: Financial Calendar Banca IFIS’s shares on the Stock Market Shareholders 04/11/2014 Approval of third quarter 2014 Venezia Mestre (Italy) 05/08/2014 Approval of quarterly report 30 giugno 2014 Venezia Mestre (Italy) 08/05/2014 Approval of third quarter results 2014 Venezia Mestre (Italy) 17/04/2014 Board meeting - approval of annual financial report 2013 Venezia Mestre (Italy) Price on 31/03/2014 16,01€ Min – Max 2014 5,64€ (02/01/14) – 16,01€ (31/03/2014) Number of shares 53.811.095 Capitalization on 31/03 861.515.630,95 € 1 month performance +31,84% 6 month performance +66,63% 1 year performance +145,60% Dividend distribution 2013 0,57€ (06/03/2014) Specialist Intermonte SpA There was continued appreciation for Banca IFIS from market operators. In March 2014, the share price exceeded € 16.00, surpassing the value of the previous year. The positive appreciation is also evidenced by excellent performance indices, which have ensured a half-year growth of 64.81% and annual growth of 142.92%. The positive opinion was confirmed by financial reports and updates from research conducted by Edison and Intermonte following the publication of the annual results on March 6, 2014. Sebastien Egon Fürstenberg 52,651% Floating 34,831% Giovanni Bossi 3,417% Invesco Limited 3,000% Riccardo Preve 2,321% Marina Salamon 2,000% Banca IFIS shares 1,780% 31/03/2014 19/03/2014
  12. 12. 012 follow us on: 10 Contacts Coverage by analysts Mark Thomas Edison, Investment Research Irene Rossetto Intermonte Investor Contact: Mara Di Giorgio Email: Tel. +39 041 502 7623 Christian Carrese Intermonte Follow us on Contacts