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Newsletter Banca IFIS Group 8

  1. 1. 04 2013 Newsletter 8 31 December 2013_Quarterly newsletter 01_“To those able to look 03_Restyling Italian Credi Impresa 06_Banca IFIS on the Stock Exchange, 2013 07_ New jobs opening at Banca IFIS ahead” by Giovanni Bossi Futuro branches 02_Vertical risk management, 04_Banca IFIS’ blogtour 08_CrediFamiglia: Open Days from boardroom 09_Agenda to line structures 05_rendimax: website and app follow us on: and the Best Wishes office 10_Contacts
  2. 2. 02 01 “To those able to look ahead” by Giovanni Bossi Another extraordinary year has come to an end that are already affecting and will continue to af- 2013 was characterised by many events, both lar- fect the way the bank works in all areas of the ge and small, that affected our daily lives. Aware- business and its development prospects. We are a ness of the difficulties in the economy, reinforced bank that continually exceeds all its previous re- by the shifting sands of politics in which our count- cords, which is growing and continues to grow; a ry is struggling, do not help with looking to the virtuous model, which demonstrates new methods, Giovanni Bossi, future. But we managed to do significant things, which believes that every strategic action should C.E.O. Gruppo Banca IFIS. changing and innovating, even in a decidedly ho- be both good for us and have good prospects for stile environment. The Bank aims to continue its the collective interests of the environment in which project of rapid growth and greater relevance in it operates. We are extremely proud to be able to the real economy of the country. To this end we create and follow new paths. We are beginning a want to make every resource available, every thou- new year that promises, once again, to be extraor- ght, every opportunity, and to feel that we are an dinary. New activities and new products for Credi active and vital part of this project. We have recor- Impresa Futuro, destined to grow, such as the in- ded excellent results in all sectors such as organic ternational sector and the pharmaceutical indust- growth, increase in lending to businesses, with an ry, new tools and methods for CrediFamiglia, with improvement in credit quality that inspires confi- the maturation of a new approach in which the dence in our actions for the future; great maturity debtor becomes a customer, innovation and exten- and development in the field of providing credit sion of operations in tax receivables, and the pre- to families in need; dynamism and growth in tax dictable progressive replacement of the contribu- receivables. Also with retail funding which has tion of government bonds with margins generated reached levels of excellence and with operations by traditional businesses, along with the engine in government bonds that, in spite of the unfavou- that powers each new involvement, retail funding. rable conditions, generated significant cash flow Abundant liquidity, valuable assets. Above all, ide- to support income and assets, showing visible fu- as in the workplace. People’s ideas, those of pro- ture growth. Many activities have begun to lay the fessionals to whom we ask thoughts and actions, foundations for the strong and sustainable growth not time. Our skills, the way we live our work, the we are looking to achieve. Many plans started, willingness to play the important match: all this and are changing the face of the Bank; projects becomes, or continues to be, our path. follow us on:
  3. 3. 03 02 Vertical risk management, from boardroom to line structures by Kristian Tomasini The global financial crisis of 2008 and that of the integrated risk management that departs from a sovereign debt of eurozone countries in 2011, have strategic point and arrives at the precise definition substantially changed the global economic balance of the individual phases – a system of limits on and reinforced the importance of the identification the various risks - all in a consistent manner. This and subsequent management and/or mitigation framework is contained in the Risk Appetite Fra- Kristian Tomasini, of risks in the financial system. With reference to mework (RAF), in which the main key components Chief Risk Officer the latter, risk levels have increased significantly are defined in terms of risk appetite (so-called Gruppo Banca IFIS. which, together with shrinking margins, has me- strategic guidelines), elements that must consist of ant that profitability would simply be considered simplicity, synthesis and completeness. For exam- the point where it is no longer in severe decline. ple, the figure below shows some key components The proliferation of a regulatory conundrum in a that meet these requirements. context that is not always harmonious and cohe- The strategy of “risk taking” is qualified for each rent makes the management of “the enterprise directive in terms of: bank” seem like a complex problem of constrained • risk capacity: the maximum acceptable risk; optimization, where the “solution space” is incre- • risk appetite: the risk level goal; asingly restricted. It is therefore not surprising • risk tollerance: the variability of return that banks have adopted a strategy of delevera- relative to the objective risk; ging of loans in order to reduce the overall level • risk profile: the current level of risk. of risk, while respecting regulatory requirements, Once the strategy is defined, the next step is to with obvious repercussions on the real economy pass it along the entire production chain through through contraction in lending to companies and the implementation of a system that allows more households. In this context of uncertainty, con- detailed limits to be imposed in order to intercept scious, accurate and timely management of risk potential hazardous phenomena early that could means having the ability to adjust to new courses. otherwise affect the “chain of transmission” and Hence the need to establish a virtuous process of could invalidate the above elements. follow us on:
  4. 4. 04 03 Restyling Italian Credi Impresa Futuro branches After our announcement, we maintained our that makes the process of requesting finance promise: Credi Impresa Futuro, after being lau- even more “real-time”. nched in summer 2013, is growing day by day with new projects and ideas. Credi Impresa Futuro and the “Short Discover how we can After the “Short Guide to the virtuous relation- Guide to the virtuous relationship with finance your firm’s ship with the customer” and “WhatsApp for the customer”. trade receivables: Enterprises”, Banca IFIS began a restyling of A solid work relationship requires transparen- all its Italian Credi Impresa Futuro branches. cy and confidence. Credi Impresa Futuro, in of- The project of internal and external restyling of fering finance to SMEs, asks its customers for the spaces aims to create a uniform standard total transparency in order to correctly value for the customer to identify with, maximizing their “good work”. Offering transparency to the their experience and allowing them to obtain customer is also essential in all of the bank’s the information they need. A process led on operations, in all its procedures. two parallel fronts: the presence in the terri- To strengthen this approach Credi impresa Futu- tory of the branches and the navigation – sur- ro created the “Short Guide to the virtuous rela- fing, in this case – through the contents of the tionship with the customer” addressed to those website who work with enterprises everyday. WhatsApp for Enterprises. Not only information and local content for the enterprises (, sharing subjects on social media and web contact forms with “Direct Wire”. Credi Impresa Futuro enriched its offer to enterprises, launching an innovative contact service called “WhatsApp for Enterprises”. Entrepreneurs can send their financing request through the free App from their smartphones. This tool, previously unheard of in the national banking scene, represents another aid follow us on:
  5. 5. 05 04 Banca IFIS’ blogtour To celebrate its 30th birthday, Banca IFIS became Ten bloggers were special guests for the occasion: the first Italian bank to organize a blogtour. during the two-day trip they shared their views Travelling by train from Venice to Rome, the tour on social networks and digital banking with passed through some of the locations relevant Giovanni Bossi and Alberto Staccione, CEO and to the Bank: Venice, where the Banca IFIS General Manager of Banca IFIS. Headquarters is located; Bologna, HQ of Fast The video is available on Finance, division dedicated to tax receivables; Tweets and photos can Banca IFIS’ web tv Florence, home of the Non Performing Loans be found on Twitter via Area; Rome, destination of the blogtour and one the hashtag #30IFIStour of the 29 Credi impresa Futuro branches, the or on Storify, on the project dedicated to financing SMEs. Banca IFIS profile. A 2014 of best wishes In December 2013, Banca IFIS opened the which became the official seasons greetings Best Wishes Office, an imaginary place from Banca IFIS to all its customers. where Banca IFIS employees deposited their personal wishes for 2014: concrete promises to achieve day after day. The Grand Masters of Best Wishes are: Rachele Fornai (Credi Impresa Futuro - Florence branch), Massimo Ferrara (Credi Impresa Futuro Ancona branch) e Antonio Cozzi (Headquarters, Mestre): in the image are the winning sentences, follow us on:
  6. 6. 06 05 rendimax: website and app rendimax, the Banca IFIS deposit account, Through the App customers will be able to celebrates its 5th birthday receiving a new access to their area to consult their movements digital identity thanks the new website and and balance, to activate a limit, make deposits the rendimax App. to rendimax Like, carry out credits and bank The the transfers. Customers will also be able to Discover the website characteristics of simplicity, transparency contact Customer Services, to consult the and download the new and security. The platform is optimized for FAQs and to ask questions concerning their rendimax App mobile surfing, presenting its content to account. The App will give direct access to all visitors in a more immediate way. the information and news about savings and Also available is the rendimax App, a result finance through the articles on the blog www. of the collaboration between Banca IFIS and its customers, who requested the ability to Since its birth, in 2008, rendimax has run their deposit account on the go. The App improved its services dedicated to savers. is available both for iOS and Android, is free Along with these, Rendimax created one of its and can be downloaded from the App Store offerings, rendimax Like, born on the social or the Play Store. networks. follow us on: renewed website maintains
  7. 7. 07 06 Banca IFIS on the Stock Exchange, 2013 It seemed difficult, if not almost impossible, to beat the numbers for 2012. But Banca IFIS in all sectors (commercial credit to Credi Futuro the last year not only repeated but also exceeded Impresa companies, support for families with these results. The official closing price on the debts through CrediFamiglia, retail funding Stock Exchange at December 30, 2013 was with rendimax and contomax , the international €12.95 per share, but during the day, it reached and pharmaceutical business units and tax the record price of €13.02, bringing the Group’s during the whole of the period, the growth in receivables), the supply of government bonds, market capitalization to 700 million euro. The transparency and active dialogue held with the percentage growth in the twelve months of financial market. With the best performance of 2013 compared to the same period last year - 2013 in the Veneto banking sector Banca IFIS December 30, 2012 - was +143%. ended the year in second place among listed A figure that has several meanings: the value companies in the Veneto region, just after Safilo of the great work that Banca IFIS has achieved which, in 2013, recorded +155.06%. October 2013: La Scogliera sells 6,000,000 ordinary shares of Banca IFIS. On October 4, 2013 La Scogliera S.p.A. completed the sale of 6,000,000 ordinary shares of Banca IFIS S.p.A, corresponding to 11% of the share capital, for a total of 54.6 million euro. The offer ended on October 3, with high quality applicants and with a large number of institutional investors (60% international institutional investors, 40% Italian institutions). The operation was carried out through a process of accelerated bookbuilding reserved for institutional investors and closed at a price of 9.10 euro per share. Intermonte SIM S.p.A. acted as sole bookrunner. Following the completion of the transaction, La Scogliera owns approximately 57% of the share capital of Banca IFIS. follow us on:
  8. 8. 08 07 New jobs opening at Banca IFIS Banca IFIS Group differs from other opera- positions available include the following: tors in the sector since it continues to recruit Credit Analyst (Venice Mestre); Sales Manager resources despite the negative economic fra- (Credi Impresa Futuro commercial branches mework. The Bank is approaching both young of Vicenza, Verona, Ancona, Gallarate, Torino); To be updated on the people and more senior figures who can con- Financial Family Advisors (CrediFamiglia - available positions tribute their experience. Some of the current Area NPL, all over Italy). visit Banca IFIS’ LinkedIn profile follow us on:
  9. 9. 09 08 CrediFamiglia: Open Days Growth, opportunity and resilience. But also with it. For this reason, CrediFamiglia is dialogue, listening, sustainability and respect. searching for 200 Family Financial Advisors These are the fundamental characteristics on all over Italy to integrate into its existing which CrediFamiglia, enterprise of Banca IFIS, network. Job interviews will be conducted redesigned to meet the needs of Italian families at Open Days during which candidates will Watch the video with debt, is based. Credifamiglia created - and attend presentations by representatives from of the job offer for continues to create - a significant paradigm the Area NPL division (Non Performing Loans) Financial Family Advisor shift in national and international debt of Banca IFIS and attend an individual job recovery at home, and did so by developing a interview. All information on CrediFamiglia new identity and by stimulating a profession and Open Days is available on the website known for the negative aspects associated Who are the Financial Family Advisors? Family Financial Advisors are the backbone of the CrediFamiglia enterprise which operates according to the values of ethics, sustainability and dialogue. Through a direct and honest approach, they develop a sustainable solution for the resolution of debt. follow us on:
  10. 10. 010 09 Agenda JANUARY MARCH 15-16 January: NPL Academy 6 March: Banca IFIS Board of Directors – 16 January: Banca IFIS Board of Directors Approval of the 12 months 2013 financial To be always updated 27 January: CrediFamiglia Event – Banca report with the events please IFIS HQ, Mestre 12 March: Open Day CrediFamiglia (Milan) visit the dedicated 22-25 January: World Economic Forum, 13 March: Open Day CrediFamiglia (Turin) section of the website Davos (Switzerland) 25-26 March: STAR Conference - Borsa 30 January: Banca IFIS Board of Directors Italiana, Palazzo Mezzanotte (Milan) 31 January: Credi Impresa Futuro Event APRIL FEBRUARY 17 April: Shareholders’ meeting for the 6 February: Open Day CrediFamiglia (Bari) approval of the 12 months 2013 financial 7-8 February: Assiom Forex – Rome report and Board of Directors 8-9 February: H-Hack Bank, H-Farm –Cà Tron, Roncade 11 February: Conversazioni sull’Innovazione (in collaboration with Fondazione Pellicani) Banca IFIS HQ, Mestre 13 February: Open Day CrediFamiglia (Naples) 26 February: Midcap Event (Frankfurt) 17-18 February: NPL Academy follow us on:
  11. 11. 011 Financial Calendar 16/01/2014 Banca IFIS Board of Directors Venezia Mestre (Italia) 30/01/2014 Banca IFIS Board of Directors Venezia Mestre (Italia) 06/03/2014 Board of Directors to approve the draft Annual report 2013 Venezia Mestre (Italy) 17/04/2014 Annual General Meeting to approve the Annual report 2013 Venezia Mestre (Italy) 08/05/2014 Board of Directors to approve the 1st Quarter report 2014 Venezia Mestre (Italy) 05/08/2014 Board of Directors to approve the Interim report as at 30 June 2014 Venezia Mestre (Italy) 04/11/2014 Board of Directors to approve the 3rd Quarter report 2014 Venezia Mestre (Italy) Banca IFIS’s shares on the Stock Market Price on 30/12/2013 30/12/2013 12.95€ Min – Max 2013 5,525€ (02/01/13) – 12.95€ (30/12/2013) Number of shares issued 53.811.095 Capitalization 696.853.680,25€ 1 month performance + 13.87% 6 month performance + 54.74% 1 year performance + 133.09% Dividend distributed in 2013 0.37€ (06/05/2013) Specialist Intermonte Spa Significant increase in the value of Banca IFIS’s shares on the market. The share price has exceeded 12 Euro, reaching a yearly high of €12.95 (30/12/2013). This increase is also due to excellent performance indices which have led to a 133% growth in Banca IFIS’s shares over the year. This positive result has been confirmed in financial reports and updates drawn up by Edison, Akros and Intermonte. Shareholders’ breakdown 31/12/2013 Sebastien Egon Furstenberg 56.68% Floating 35.58% Giovanni Bossi 3.42% Riccardo Preve 2.31% Banca IFIS shares 2.01% follow us on:
  12. 12. 012 10 Contacts Coverage by analysts Mark Thomas Christian Carrese Edison, Investment Research Intermonte Irene Rossetto Intermonte Follow us on Investor Contact: Mara Di Giorgio Email: follow us on: Contacts Phone: +39 041 502 7623