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Mind The Gap - Managing Today's Multi-Generational Workforce


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How can organizations adapt to today’s multi-generational workforce? Learn how to recruit, manage, and retain employees of all ages in this free webinar.

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Mind The Gap - Managing Today's Multi-Generational Workforce

  1. 1. Wendy Brown Director of Content Marketing PayScale Cassie Whitlock Director of Human Resources BambooHR
  2. 2. How can your organization adapt to the modern, multi-generational workforce?
  3. 3. Generations & Trends
  4. 4. ● Skills Gap ○ Roughly 10,000 turn 65 every day ○ Still constitute 31% of the workforce ● Later Retirement ○ 49% who are still working don’t plan to retire until 66 or older ○ 1 in 10 predict they will never retire Baby Boomers
  5. 5. Generation X ● Slower Career Growth ○ Promotion rate consistently 20%–30% slower than Millennials’ ○ Nearly 1 in 5 Gen X leaders said their intention to leave has increased in the last year ● Shifting Priorities ○ About 1/3 are or have been caregivers for aging family members ○ Only 59% are confident about their finances
  6. 6. ● Growing out of “stereotype” of age group ○ First millenials turning 40 in 2020 ● The focus on fairness and flexibility is especially relevant to communications on pay ○ Priorities are changing - parental leave and health care now more important Millennials
  7. 7. Millennials Care about Fairness… but fairness doesn’t necessarily mean equal
  8. 8. ● The members of Generation Z are not like their Millennial older siblings. ○ They grew up with technology ○ They’re diverse and appreciate the value of diversity ○ They want security ○ They have an independent approach to learning ○ They multitask ○ They are entrepreneurial Generation Z
  9. 9. Redefining the Problem
  10. 10. Mix of Pay Preferences Differ by Generation
  11. 11. Understanding How Pay is Perceived
  12. 12. The Exchange of Value
  13. 13. Recruiting Multi-Generational Teams
  14. 14. Baby Boomers Benefits ● Lots of experience ● People skills ● Diversity of thought ● Large network Strategies ● Clear job description ● Focus on healthcare and retirement benefits ● Use traditional channels ● Approach passive candidates
  15. 15. Generation X Benefits ● Technology skills ● Highly educated ● Work ethic ● Leadership potential Strategies ● Offer a path forward ● Focus on flexible work or family leave benefits ● Provide fair compensation and stability ● Tailor employer brand
  16. 16. Millennials Benefits ● Ambitious ● Tech savvy ● Collaborative ● Highly educated Strategies ● More than a job description ● Offer growth and learning opportunities ● Provide fair compensation and stability
  17. 17. Generation Z Benefits ● Independent ● Diverse ● Entrepreneurial ● Able to multitask Strategies ● Prepare now ● Offer internships and development opportunities ● Embrace technology ● Provide financial and retirement benefits
  18. 18. Training & Reskilling Multi-Generational Teams
  19. 19. Skills Gap By 2030, 85.2 million jobs will go unfilled world wide
  20. 20. Filling the Skills Gap ● Look for non-traditional applicants ● Incentivize employees to continue their education ● Network with educators ● Advocate for policy changes
  21. 21. “In our experience, reskilling is relevant to every generation that's in or entering the workforce. In fact, 55% of employers feel the skills shortage is causing an inability to innovate effectively, according to a recent PwC study.”
  22. 22. Provide Training ● Employees with the most relevant skills sets will drive company success ● Orgs who offer up-skilling and re-skilling will attract better candidates. ● Provide cross-functional training ● L&D - Bite sized learning can help in continuous development ● Soft skills deserve special attention
  23. 23. Leadership Development for Multi-Generational Teams
  24. 24. ● Baby Boomers ○ Consensus/Consensual ○ Collegial ● Generation X ○ Competence ○ Everyone is the same ○ Challenge others ○ Ask why Generational Leadership Styles ● Millennials ○ Achievers ○ Coaches/Mentors ● Generation Z ○ TBD
  25. 25. 82% of the time, companies fail to choose candidates with the right skills for management.
  26. 26. Talents of a Good Manager ● Motivates others ● Overcomes adversity ● Fosters accountability ● Builds relationships ● Makes sound decisions
  27. 27. Leaders Aren’t Always Managers ● Technical experts ● Senior contributors ● Broad skill sets
  28. 28. Managing Multi-Generational Teams
  29. 29. Coaching ● Strengthens employees’ skills so you can give them more responsibilities ● Boosts productivity by helping your employees work smarter ● Develops a bench of talent who can take leadership roles as the firm grows ● Makes more effective use of company resources; coaching costs less than formal training. ● Allows you to get ahead of costly and time-consuming performance issues “To coach means to partner with an employee in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”
  30. 30. Challenge Employees with Stretch Goals ● Focus on building strengths ● Use SMART goals ● Think about breadth and depth
  31. 31. Employee Goals ● Baby Boomers – hard working and want to be recognized for their skills. ● Gen X – prefer less supervision and greater autonomy. ● Millennials – want to be judged not for their hours in the office, but for their results. ● Gen Y – want highly collaborative management relationships.
  32. 32. ● The workforce is shifting and your org needs to adapt its strategies. ● Each generation has its own priorities and concerns, influenced by how they were raised. ● Training employees now can help fill skills gaps tomorrow. ● Choose and develop leaders for their management skills. ● Coaching and goals can work for employees from every generation. ● People are people, no matter their generation. Treat them well and they’ll do great work. Key Takeaways
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