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Awards vs. Employee Experience: What Really Makes a Great Workplace?


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Winning a "Best Place to Work" award might sound like pure HR gold, but an engaged and productive workforce is a much more worthwhile objective.

Join BambooHR’s Director of HR, Cassie Whitlock, and The Predictive Index’s CEO, Mike Zani, as they walk through the foundation and structure of an engagement-lifting workplace.

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Awards vs. Employee Experience: What Really Makes a Great Workplace?

  1. 1. Cassie Whitlock Director of Human Resources BambooHR Mike Zani CEO The Predictive Index
  2. 2. Awards vs. The Employee Experience Winning a Best Place to Work award is awesome. But it’s far from everything.
  3. 3. What can a workplace award do? Smaller award-winning companies experienced a 63% increase in operating income and a 39% growth in sales when compared to non- winners. Source: British Quality Foundation Improve employer brand Attract talent Increase visibility Strengthen your reputation Boost revenue
  4. 4. Improve engagement Stop people from leaving Take the place of experience Win itself What can’t a workplace award do?
  5. 5. Growing a Great Place to Work Creating a great place to work is like tending a garden. What does a garden need to grow?
  6. 6. The Big Idea: Leadership + Culture + Total Rewards = A High-Engagement Environment
  7. 7. Strong Leadership: Managers, Executives, & HR: Knowledgeable Trusted Transparent Accessible Communicative
  8. 8. Positive Culture: Values Open Trusting Honest Proactive Compassionate Hard-Working
  9. 9. Optimized Total Rewards: Health Medical Dental Vision Childcare Social/Emotional Mental Health PTO Employee Assistance Parenting
  10. 10. 35% Of surveyed employees think a lack of benefits related to family assistance has negatively impacted their work performance. ( Better Benefits Survey, 2015)
  11. 11. 30% Of surveyed employees have cut back more than 6 hours per week due to family responsibilities. ( Better Benefits Survey, 2015)
  12. 12. Optimized Total Rewards: Financial Salary / Hourly Compensation Investment / Retirement Supplementary Insurance Financial Education Professional Development Career Counseling Skill Education Tuition Reimbursement
  13. 13. 46% Of Baby Boomers say not being able to retire when they want to is a major financial concern. (PriceWaterhouseCooper, 2018)
  14. 14. 48% Of Millennials (and over half of Gen Xers) fear not having enough money to cover an unexpected emergency. (PriceWaterhouseCooper, 2018)
  15. 15. What is engagement?
  16. 16. Engaged companies… See a 6% higher net profit margins (Towers Perrin) Receive 5X higher shareholder returns across five years (Kenexa)
  17. 17. When People are engaged… 37% lower absenteeism 25% lower turnover (in high-turnover organizations) 65% lower turnover (in low-turnover organizations) 28% less shrinkage 48% fewer safety incidents
  18. 18. When People are engaged… 41% fewer patient safety incidents 41% fewer quality incidents (defects) 10% higher customer metrics 21% higher productivity 22% higher profitability
  19. 19. Most common strategies They don’t seem to be working.
  20. 20. All this effort and it is not working.
  21. 21. Connected James Fowler and Nickolas Christakis
  22. 22. Connected James Fowler and Nickolas Christakis A person is 15% more likely to be happy if directly connected to a happy person. At 2 Degrees, 10% more likely. At 3 degrees, 6% more likely. Each unhappy connection decreases the likelihood of happiness by -7%. $10k raise = + 2% happiness
  23. 23. Measure globally – act locally
  24. 24. Forces of disengagement Job fit Manager Organization People
  25. 25. Blockers to great results Minimum Requirements Forces of disengagement pull your good people down PERFORMANCE & ENGAGEMENT JOB FIT MANAGER CULTURE TEAM TIME
  26. 26. Not all engagement is equal
  27. 27. What not to do
  28. 28. • Mess up what they like about the company • Lose sight of them – spend time with your stars For “Cultural champions”, do not...
  29. 29. • Blame them – this is your making • Prioritize policies or take action based on this group • Expect high survival rates For “Contaminators”, do not...
  30. 30. • Be surprised • Wait another day • Think that this will be easy or • That a benefit will cure this issue For “Grinders”, do not...
  31. 31. • Accept low performance or it will infect your culture • Expect performance to change by itself • Assume that improvements will maintain • “Overweight” their suggestions For “Silent Killers”, do not...
  32. 32. What to do
  33. 33. • Give them proper attention • Reward them…or someone else will • Invest in tools they need • Give them a platform For “Cultural champions”, do...
  34. 34. • Admit responsibility • Be specific and honest with their lack of engagement & performance • Send them out as an advocate or an adversary For “Contaminators”, do...
  35. 35. • Get to the Root of the Problem • Get Feedback…Listen & Act • Showcase Efforts & Improvements • Wellness Checks For “Grinders”, do...
  36. 36. • Consider Right Person but Wrong Seat. • Establish Quantifiable Performance Objectives • Conduct Performance & Engagement Conversations vs. Annual Reviews • Dedicated Mentorship Program For “Silent Killers”, do...
  37. 37. Feelings / ideal outcomes
  38. 38. For “Culture champions”... Feeling - We are the future Elevated status / recognition Greater sense of purpose and belonging Feeling that leadership gets “it” and “me”
  39. 39. For “Contaminators”... Feeling – Surrender Miracle or Happy Alumni
  40. 40. For “Grinders”... Feeling - Hope / Optimism Leadership wants to change The notice and respect what I bring Attitude shift - I will work on this if you do
  41. 41. For “Silent Killers”... Feeling - Ownership Ownership of their performance improvement Realization that performance change is needed or Happy Alumni
  42. 42. How engaged is your organization? See how your company stacks up. Questions? Receive a free job posting on our ATS and full HRIS for one week. We will contact everyone within the next few days to set this up. BambooHR The Predictive Index
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