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Social Media - introduction

An intro level presentation on the basics of social media (as a genre).

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Social Media - introduction

  1. 1. Is Social Media just the new Black?
  2. 2. “It’s OK to be sick & tired of Twitter. Heaven knows, it may be the world’s most overhyped technology, the latest in an ever- lengthening list of overhyped technologies and cultural techno- fads stretching back to CB radio”
  3. 3. Waste of time
  4. 4. Only kids do it...
  5. 5. No Return On Investment
  6. 6. It’s Social Media....
  7. 7. We’re really boring
  8. 8. People might attack us
  9. 9. Why would anyone want to know what I am doing.... I can’t stop eating these dorittos
  10. 10. Real world, real time, LIVE connections
  11. 11. Why do we network?
  12. 12. Why do we use social media? Leads Motivation News Research/Test Referrals Advice
  13. 13. Broadcast use to be all we had But the best communication has always been a two way dialogue 14% vs 78%
  14. 14. Branding Promotion Advertising Monitor Competitors Monitor Market News & Reviews Finding Employees Reputation Management Client feedback Business Generation Referrals Quick Information Advice
  15. 15. Share 4. Action 3. Desire 2. Interest 1. Awareness