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DMooney Always-Ahead 6-14-13


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Always Ahead Of My Time

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DMooney Always-Ahead 6-14-13

  1. 1. 1227 McKays Ct - Brentwood, TN 37027615.495.0976 – Strategic.Specialist@gmail.comALWAYS AHEAD OF MY TIME!CHIEF PROBLEM SOLVERI am an inventor and designer of new things that others say “can’t be done”. The word “can’t” provokesa personal challenge to not only do it, but to provide multiple solutions for the challenger to choose from.I am a “Solutionizer” - a person that provides solutions to problems.A FEW EXAMPLES:TURNED AROUND FAILING INDEPENDENT RETIREMENT COMMUNITIES2012 – 2013 – Holiday Retirement – Bellevue, WA, Nashville, TN, Louisville, KYHired March when occupancy was at 72.12% and declining. Built both an internal and external team, closed backdoor (move-outs) while increasing front door (move-ins). Closed August at 90.38%.Transferred to another community with low occupancy of 76%. As team leader built it to #1 in Region in 6 months.Promoted to Area Sales Leader and assigned two communities in Louisville, KY.TRUSTED EXCHANGE CONTROLLER FOR SMART PHONES2010 – Point Bearing Corporation – Chicago, ILDesigned and assisted in the development of the “Trusted Exchange Controller™” – (TEC™) deliverable in anAPI / DLL to allow companies to use as the “front door” security to their existing applications / systems. Utilizedsmart card, biometric, encryption and other technologies to provide authenticated and authorized access to theirsystem, then based upon the users right, roles, privileges and permission, allow them to access sensitiveinformation. All information encrypted AES-256 bit top secret compliant. Provide sign-on authentication, file /record security, anonymity of user and various other secured features allowing controlled use of the internet forAnalyzeExistingSituations Identify /RevealProblemsInvent /Reinvent NewProductsResolveProblemsCreateStrategicMarketingPlanBrand,Price,Package,Product /ServiceDetermineDistributionMethod(s)DriveGlobalBus Dev.FormStrategicAlliancesMonitorResults /Adjust PlanREDUCECosts /IMPROVERevenuesINCREASEShareholderEquityWAYS ICREATEVALUEMY FORTE✓ Critical Thinker / ProblemSolver✓ Technologist - Smart Card /e-Commerce / Biometrics /Smart Phone / ComputerSecurity / Multi-PatentHolder✓ Multilevel Authentication /Access✓ Entrepreneur / Visionary /Futurist✓ Innovative / Creative /Designer✓ Inventor / Reinventor /Developer✓ Strategist / StrategicMarketer✓ Collaborator✓ SynergisticAlways Ahead Of My Time
  2. 2. conducting business globally. TEC meets HIPAA, HITECH, HSPD-12, FIPS-140, PIV II and other governmentcompliant requirements.AUTOMATED SECURITY / TIME RECORDS FOR NEW YORK CITY EMPLOYEES2001 – 2008 – Smart Card Integrators – Los Angeles, CAAssisted SAIC in the design and deployment of smart card credential based security for New York City employees.Provided a unique, non-counterfeitable smart card with special printing, holograms, microdots and both contact andcontactless technology. Deployed over 225,000 smart cards that were used by NYPD, FDNY, Paramedics, NY Law,and other personnel to provide access to secured areas depending upon the person’s credentials (rights, roles,privileges and permissions) and their biometrics incorporated in the smart token.e-COMMERCE -- SAVED US TREASURY $53.2 MILLION IN FIRST YEAR2000 – 2001 – Funge Systems – Los Angeles, CA & Washington D.C.As SVP Global Strategic Initiatives for Funge, I worked with Captain Hyers of the US Navy and Mr. Grippo, headof Financial Management Services for the US Treasury, to solve a single but costly problem they each had. To doso, I designed and directed the development of the original and updated electronic purse embedded in smart cardsthat became the Navy Cash™ and MarineCash℠ program deployed through chosen trusted agent JPMorganChase. This technology enabled US Naval ships to become “cashless vessels” saving the US Treasury over $53.2million in lost interest alone in the first year. It also eliminated the fleet’s need to transport over $1.2 billion inallotted onboard funds that earned no interest floating around in the ocean while concurrently returning the Sailorsto the jobs they were trained for thus insuring proper Navy personnel utilization. The Secretary of Navy declared“The program as the most successful program in Naval history and ordered fleet wide rollout” - (186 vessels).COMPUTER, CELL PHONE & FILE / COMMUNICATIONS SECURITY1990 - 1998 – Digital Privacy – Eden Prairie, MNSmart Card System / Application Developer. Designed, developed, and obtained three “method and apparatus”international patents with multiple patents pending for the SecureDESK™ product. This product was designed tocontrol the operating system – PRE-BOOT. By installing a smart card reader and a special military grade board(with destruction capabilities) inside the PC we were able to convert an ordinary PC (regardless of brand) into aNational Security Agency (NSA) approved PC that provided the safe within a safe within a safe required protection.The SecureDESK controlled the OS, all ports, address, hard disk, etc. and the only way for the PC to work wasthrough use of a smart card with proper credentials. All information on the hard disk, including the OS, wasencrypted according to 3DES standards. We provided 2 to the 64th power of sign-on keys and 2 to the 64th power ofaccess level keys. The director of NSA had his InfoSec and International groups evaluate, and based upon theirrecommendations, provided a waiver to allow government agencies and military use despite the design was not inaccordance to the “Orange Book”.Global Patents #5327,497 / #5,515,440 / #5,610,981.I installed the SecureDESK in the United Nations Trade Point Center in Melbourne, Australia to protectinternational trade data. I subsequently presented Smart Card technology to the United Nations General Assembly,Bangkok, Thailand.Smart token controlled FILE Security System to allow for secure telecommunications, archival storage and digitalsignature verification of data files. Secured NSA and U.S. Department of Commerce’s international export rights –Patent #6,351,813.Smart token controlled carrier and switch independent Cellular Phone Call Management System (CPCMS™) tomonitor record and dynamically bill all call activity generated by the cellular phone – Patent #5,761,124.I used components of this technology for Secret Service drug trafficking applications.ADDED DATA PROCESSING VALUE TO STANDALONE WORD PROCESSOR1980 - 1982 – CPT, Minneapolis, MNCPT was the number one manufacturer of “Word Processing” equipment and generated a profit for 37 consecutivequarters. I met with the President and convinced him to allow me to set-up an Application Marketing Departmentand add “Data Processing” capability as “added-value”. I flew to Seattle and met with Bill Gates and negotiated acontract for MS-DOS, the Basic programming language and Excel spreadsheet – with options for other ongoingapplications. I worked with engineering to develop what we called “COMPUPAK” – data processing functionalityfor the otherwise sole word processor. I launched a marketing campaign with the Regional Managers promotingAlways Ahead Of My Time
  3. 3. our unique Value Add. First year we sold an additional $11.2 million of CPT word processors and $2.4 million inapplication software due to the added value. We also maintained our number one position in the marketplace.TURNED CUSTOMER TRAINING INTO PROFIT CENTER1976 - 1978 – Northern Telecom, Minneapolis, MNI worked as an instructor in the Customer Training department. Established rapport with senior management andwas promoted to Manager, National Customer Training. I created and presented a plan to build regional customertraining centers in Washington, DC, Dallas, TX and San Francisco, CA and turn the “cost center” into a “profitcenter”. Risking my job, I asked and was given permission and funding to proceed. We established a professionaldepartment, built, equipped and staffed three centers, reduced customer complaints to less than 1% and generated a$.8 million profit the first year even though enrollments were less that 67% of our projections.MY AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Evaluating, analyzing, designing and overseeing the development of new and innovative technologies,products, and/or services, Branding and positioning the technology / product / service in the marketplace, Establishing global strategic alliances and/or partnerships to deliver the new technology to the chosenmarket(s), Monitoring and adapting to meet market conditions, and Exceeding revenue goals and improving shareholder returns.CONTACT ME 615.495.0976 Strategic.Specialist@gmail.comCREDENTIALS www.DavidMMooney.comWORK IN PROCESSDesign of a new multi-gigabyte, biometric, encrypted, single computer chip device deliverable in a hardened USBdrive format with an integrated biometric fingerprint sensor. Will allow the user to take their computer and privatedata files with them wherever they go – secured by the Trusted Exchange Controller™. Integrated web enabledtechnology inside for global internet access. Use biometrics to insure that only the authorized and authenticateduser has access to the data contained therein. Also, provide multiple destruct methods to disable or destroy thecontents should a data breach (level sensitive) occur. Patent filing in process.OF INTEREST / CONSIDERING Design / Integration Technologist Strategic & Tactical Marketing and Management Think-Tank and/or Incubator -- Analyzing, Identifying and Resolving Problems Medical Smart Phone Applets and/or Device Design and Development New Product Design and/or Development Consultant C-Level AdvisorKEY WORDSAnalyze Reveal Resolve Invent Create Design Develop Brand Distribute Drive Strategic Alliances PartnershipsMonitor Adjust Reduce Save Improve Generate Equity Critical-Thinker Technologist Strategist MarketerNegotiator Initiative Leadership Manage Ensures Relationships eCommerce Security Authentication SmartcardToken Communications Build Biometrics Management Consult Build Sensitive Interpersonal OrganizedProfessional Pressure Plan Strength Evaluate Implement Operations Asses Direct Effective Judgment SpecialistComplex Problem-Solver Detail Oriented Access-Control C-Level Advisor Mitigate-Risk Think-Tank IncubatorDecision-Making Global Business Development Revenues ProfitsAlways Ahead Of My Time