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Social media and weather


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Social media and weather

  1. 1. Social Media + Weather =#successRick SmithWarning Coordination MeteorologistNational Weather Service Norman, OK
  2. 2. Played amajor roll inReaction,Response,Recovery
  3. 3. Social Mediaemphasis in thisyear’s severeweatherpreparedness weekcampaignShare life-saving informationto family and friends
  4. 4. NWS onSocial MediaSlow to begin…but we arecatching up!
  5. 5. People talk about weather on social media
  6. 6. NWS on Social Media285,000followers1,000,000likes257,000video views
  7. 7. How NWS uses social media• Share weather information• Engage and interact with our fans and followers• Gather information on local weather• Encourage preparedness for hazardous weather• Educate people about the weather
  8. 8. Share preparedness information before the stormsShare vehicle safety rulesPromote Weather Radio
  9. 9. Share urgent life-saving information(shouldn’t be the only source)
  10. 10. Woodward, OK TornadoApril 14-15, 2012Warning from EMFacebook page
  11. 11. Highlight partnerships with emergency managementSkywarns,external activities,coordination mtgs
  12. 12. Provide plain language heads-up informationleading up to dangerous weather eventsThese common language posts are more effective
  13. 13. Relatively new to the NWSViewed on Mobile Phone/tablet
  14. 14. Educational and Preparedness VideosSpotter training playlist
  15. 15. Benefits of Social Mediain Weather Events- Reach a lot of people fast- Reach beyond your usual customers- Access a large observation network
  16. 16. Twitter Tornado Drill ReviewMarch 6, 2013Drill message tweeted by @NWSNormanat 523 PM using the#twittertwister hashtag
  17. 17. TOTAL RETWEETS23940% (99) in the first 5 minutes64% (154) in the first 10 minutesTOTAL POTENTIAL REACH99,86257% (56195) in the first 5 minutes76% (74938) in the first 10 minutes
  18. 18. Facebook Tornado Drill ReviewMarch 6, 2013Drill message posted at 523 PMon NWS NormanFacebook Page
  19. 19. Facebook Tornado Drill ReviewMarch 6, 2013In the first 20 minutes…• 20,448 people had seen the message• 4112 of them got it directly from us• 16,558 saw it because someone shared• 554 likes• 164 comments• 515 sharesIn the first 2 hours…• 119,872 people had seen the message• 8704 of them got it directly from us• 112,192 saw it because someone shared• 2057 likes• 519 comments• 1595 sharesMajority saw because of Share or Like119,000 Saw the message…8700 directly got it
  20. 20. Access a large observation networkHave to use some caution
  21. 21. Challenges of Social Mediain Weather Events- Competing/conflicting messages- Workload can be a big factor- Information sources are unknown
  22. 22. Confusing and Conflicting InformationVery easy for anyone tocreate and share officiallooking weatherforecast and outlookgraphics
  23. 23. Confusing and Conflicting Information
  24. 24. “They” say it’s going to be really bad!
  25. 25. “They” say it’s going to be really bad!A “Buzz” is created
  26. 26. Virtual Operations Support Teams• Trusted agents (volunteers) who lend supportvia the Internet• Monitor social media• Gather and filter data for the NWS/EM• Relay important information immediately• Archive/record data as needed
  27. 27. Caroline Milligan and Scott Reuter
  28. 28. Net Control StationAmateur Radio
  29. 29. Virtual OperationsSupport TeamVOST#txwx#tornado #austinwx@WichitaEMC
  30. 30. Caroline Milligan and Scott Reuter
  31. 31. ?Positives Outweigh the NegativesFad?NWR?
  32. 32. Questions?Rick