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Connie white social media


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Connie white social media

  1. 1. Social Media to SupportCrisis Communications #EMAG2011 me onTwitter@conniemwhite
  2. 2. Social Networks have been aroundFamilyFriendsColleaguesCoWorkersFirst RespondersLocal Government
  3. 3. How Communications haveChanged Over the Years
  4. 4. Due to the death of six children within this community, includingtheir own son, three year old Benjamin, Dolphus E. Hughes andwife Ollie felt the community needed telephone service. Theypurchased the system, which remained Hughes TelephoneCompany until 1989.Hughes Telephone Company1911-1989
  5. 5. Hurricane Katrina, 2005vsHaiti Earthquake, 2010
  6. 6. Ernest N. Morial Convention Center,New Orleans, LA.4 Days Post Katrina
  7. 7. Crisis Mapping Case: Haiti7
  8. 8. The Initial Map After the Earthquake8(source:
  9. 9. 9OpenStreetMap is aCreative Commonsproject, sort ofgeographic Wiki.This map is updatedin real time.Rescue teams andNGOs on the groundare using GarminGPS .It only tooka fewhours to members ofthe free mappingcommunity torespond.
  10. 10. Yellow crossesindicate the streetsblocked by obstacles.Yellow crosses on redbackground are thecollapsed buildings.White tents on a redbackground are thecamps of survivors.10
  11. 11. Are you using the same modes of communicationTo manage emergencies that you were using in2005?
  12. 12. KatrinaEmail InternetText MsgHaitiEmailSocial MediaInternetText Msg
  13. 13. CrisisCommunications,sameMeansofCommunication,changes
  14. 14. What’s it all about?Right InformationRight PeopleRight TimeMake the Best Decisions Possible14Georgia (Gwinnett and Douglas Counties) Floods 2009
  15. 15. “We characterize a social network as links from people to otherpeople, groups or information objects.Such objects may be messages, photos, videos, wall postings,notifications, current activities, events, widgets, etc.” Online Social Network For Emergency_White2009.pdf2009 - Connie White, Linda Plotnick, Jane Kushma, Starr Roxanne Hiltz, and Murray Turoff. An Online SocialNetwork for Emergency Management. International Journal of Emergency Management 2009 - Vol. 6, No.3/4pp. 369 - 382
  16. 16. Structures behind Social Media
  17. 17. Following, Friends, Subscribing
  18. 18. Going Viral
  19. 19. 2,920 Followers
  20. 20. 46, 013 Followers
  21. 21. 386,660 Followers
  22. 22. 3,989,897 Followers
  23. 23. WhySoMany?
  24. 24.
  25. 25. The Public/Community uses Social Media
  26. 26. The Public Wants to Receive Information through Social Media
  27. 27. The Community wants to Provide Information
  28. 28. People are turning to Social Media for Emergency Information
  29. 29. Summary●Large portion of the population uses SM.●People want to receive emergency informationthrough SM.●People report and contribute emergency/eventsinformation they observe through SM (iReport,uReport, iWitness).●People are actively seeking emergencyinformation from SM sites (Twitter is best in earlystages).
  30. 30. People are going to SM for help
  31. 31. People expect EM officials to monitor their SM for urgent requests for help.
  32. 32. People expect a response in within an hour after posting on SM
  33. 33. Summary●People are going to SM for help in urgentsituations.●People think you, yes YOU should bemonitoring sites for urgent request.●People expect a response within an hour ofposting a request for help on SM.●●This study was conducted on July 22-23,2010. Almost a year ago.●Is your agency using Social Media yet?
  34. 34. Weather is on Social Media
  35. 35. NOAA
  36. 36. NWS PreDefined Hashtags/Icons
  37. 37. Skype In: Special Lecturer:Tim BriceNational Weather Service developed its Internet presenceand incorporating the latest technologiesinto operational uses. He currently serves as the office GISand Social Media focal points.Video Presentation Presentation NWS and Twitter
  38. 38. Where isGeorgiawith SM?
  39. 39. GEMA
  40. 40. Director of FEMA
  41. 41. Homeland Security
  42. 42. President
  43. 43. 5 Minute Fugates TestimonyFull
  44. 44. Is Your Agency UsingSocial Media?Yes, Im talking to YOU!
  45. 45.;jsessionid=ISj9sYmDatbMBk2jpo4phw**E me at connie.m.white@gmail.comWorkshops & Consultation Available