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Washington Digital Literacy for Artistic Researchers

This presentation was provided by Madelyn Washington of Berklee College of Music during the NISO webinar, Digital and Data Literacy, Part One, held on September 13, 2017.

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Washington Digital Literacy for Artistic Researchers

  1. 1. Digital Literacy for Artistic Researchers and Practitioners Madelyn Shackelford Washington @singinglib
  2. 2. Madelyn Shackelford Washington Digital Learning Librarian Berklee College of Music
  3. 3. Digital Literacy • College & Conservatory Students • Knowledge Practices & Dispositions • ACRL Framework
  4. 4. –Luke & Kapitzke, 1999; Norgaard, 2003 “…literacy is a culturally based phenomenon.”
  5. 5. – (Luke & Kapitzke, 1999) “…attend to the larger contexts in which these technologies and media emerge, including global capitalism (more specifically, the shift to service- and information-based economies) and transnational cultural exchange.”
  6. 6. Berklee • Performers • Music Engineers • Songwriters • Music Therapists • Music Industry Executives • Music Educators • Composers • Conductors
  7. 7. Berklee Libraries • ACRL Framework • Threshold Concepts • Demands on the artistic researcher/practitioner.
  8. 8. Breaking into Local Scenes
  9. 9. Can I afford it?
  10. 10. How do contemporary music students determine authority? • Knowledge Practices • Dispositions
  11. 11. Recognize that authoritative content may be packaged formally or informally and may include sources of all media types.
  12. 12. Acknowledge they are developing their own authoritative voices and recognize the responsibilities this entails, including seeking accuracy and reliability, respecting intellectual property, and participating in communities of practice.
  13. 13. Motivated to find authoritative sources and recognize that authority may be conferred or manifested in unexpected ways.
  14. 14. Madelyn Shackelford Washington Madelyn Shackelford Washington @singinglib