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Swenson Understanding the Marketplace Part Two


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This presentation was provided by Eric Swenson of Elsevier during a NISO webinar entitled "Understanding the Marketplace: Creating the New Information Product" held on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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Swenson Understanding the Marketplace Part Two

  1. 1. Precursor to Atavism or Evolution? or Accelerating Competition in the Interest of Mutual Aid Eric Swenson Director, Product Management | Elsevier | Scopus | @swenscopian LinkedIn: A Webinar for NISO
  2. 2. digital multi- media & startups music “big digital media” consulting Research Products  SCOPUS “big media” | scholarly publishing | R&D | design agencies | inventors | journalists skinny+ hair not skinny+ no hair Scirus | SciTopics | Quosa | SciVerse Hub design & journalism Web 1.0 & 2.0 era | magazines | books | newspapers | cable | radio | business media
  3. 3. “Within the communications industry, there are only three kinds of businesses that have to do with the dissemination of information: businesses of transmission, storage and understanding.” Richard Saul Wurman Information Anxiety
  4. 4. Today, Scientists and researchers find themselves in a moment of acute historical disruption—confronted as they are by unprecedented political, technological, economic, and professional pressures. The weight of these formidable challenges threatens the ‘Scientific Project’ itself. Relevance
  5. 5. Science Denial Politicization of Science
  6. 6. It is estimated that upwards of 60 percent of the +$2 trillion invested annually on science research, is wasted because it is poorly conducted, poorly recorded, or duplicative. Diminishing public funds— and increasing global competition for them—are shrinking the pool of active researchers and projects. A new and aggressive insistence on demonstrable ROI, weighs on researchers and research institutions—while funding from private sources casts shadows over scientific objectivity. Issue: Anxiety
  7. 7. All the while, scientists, researchers and scholars are facing new challenges relative to their personal safety, their privacy, funding for research and access to research outcomes (articles; raw data; protocols; software). Thus, information service providers, sensing opportunity, are looking for new ways in which to meet market needs, evolve their business models and survive these changes themselves. We are all connected. Impact: Anxiety Remediation
  8. 8. Death Spirals and Last Gasps? In 2010, Valerie Tucci asked “Are A&I Services in a Death Spiral”? This was a good and fair question (IMHO). But now…. The answer is: no Instead… We evolved… There’s always someone waiting in the wings… So we can’t get cocky. Change is inevitable. Similar questions have been asked about publishers and information service providers. Same answers. We evolve. Source URL:
  9. 9. Rhizomatic Business Models and Axillary Buds Image: #refuselockin
  10. 10. Beyond “Publishing” When is a feature a product and a product a business? When is a publisher not a publisher? Good questions. It’s time to move beyond our conventional lexicon. Publishers have been more than “just publishers” for a long time. We are media companies; information services providers; technology companies; invention factories…. Business models extend beyond the library and research office and to the lab and the field…and beyond….
  11. 11. Product development  Workflow = Collaboration Source: | See the work of Innovations in Scholarly Communication for an excellent overview of the collaboration software ecosystem from multiple points of view. Hyperfocus on more efficient means of new product development to respond to rapidly changing market demands has fed a healthy cottage industry…. Levy does an excellent job of synthesizing the best of the contemporary methodologies, encouraging us to drive forward faster and smarter. “Follow the crowd” | Experimental | Innovative | Modern | Open Science | Traditional….
  12. 12. The Basket of Metrics • CiteScore • CiteScore Tracker • CiteScore Percentile • CiteScore Quartiles • CiteScore Rank • Citation Count • Document Count • Percentage Cited • How do I provide quantifiable research outcomes in pursuit of grant funding? • How do I tell how departments or labs measure up to their peers? • How do I discover “rising stars” in different research areas for recruiting or co- research purposes? • How do I monitor research marketing efforts?
  13. 13. The Purple Orange • Complements and enhances the indicators in our basket of metrics • Openness and transparency remain paramount • Plum remains committed to telling the story about research in multiple dimensions, in all its forms • The aim of our Research Metrics group is to ensure that our metrics are comprehensive and ubiquitous Plum Goes Orange -
  14. 14. #end “...sometimes, subversion is the way to understanding, and understanding is the cure for information anxiety. To entertain the radical idea that understanding might involve accepting chaos threatens the foundation of our existence. Maybe that’s why so many people avoid the subject of understanding all together.” Richard Saul Wurman
  15. 15. Eric Swenson Director, Product Management | Elsevier | Scopus @swenscopian LinkedIn: Thank You