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O'Neill: Good Connections Are Always Worth Preserving: Publishing and Social Technologies


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Good Connections Are Always Worth Preserving: Publishing and Social Technologies by Jill O'Neill, Director of Planning & Communication, NFAIS for the October 16, 2013 NISO Virtual Conference: Revolution or Evolution: The Organizational Impact of Electronic Content.

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O'Neill: Good Connections Are Always Worth Preserving: Publishing and Social Technologies

  1. 1. Good Connections Are Always Worth Preserving The Publishing Community’s Use of Social Media Jill O’Neill NISO Webinar, October 16, 2013 On Twitter: jillmwo
  2. 2. First, Some Numbers “You Want to Tell Me and I’ve no Objection to Hearing it”
  3. 3. Some Statistics (Global Web Index, Second Quarter 2013) • Facebook: • 1.1 billion monthly active users • 751 million mobile users every month • 189 million mobile only every month • YouTube • 1 billion unique monthly visitors • Google+ • 359 million monthly active users • Twitter • 288 million monthly active users • Pinterest • 10 million monthly active users but fastest growing service
  4. 4. Coming Up Fast • Instagram • Launched in 2010, Acquired by Facebook 2012 • 150 million monthly active users • Still photos as well as video • Tumblr • Launched 2007, Acquired by Yahoo 2013 • ~30-50 million monthly active users with average length of visit being 14 minutes. • Text, quotes, video, audio, photos, etc.
  5. 5. Why Are Businesses Interested? • Increased awareness of our organization, products or services among target customers • (Effective users of social media listed this as key benefit (61%)) • More favorable perception of our organization, products or services • (Effective users of social media listed this as key benefit (31%)) • Increase in new business • (Effective users of social media listed this as key benefit (22%)) The New Conversation: Taking Social Media from Talk to Action Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, 2011
  6. 6. Mining The Data (NLM) By examining relevant tweets and other comments, NLM will gain insights to extent of use, context for which information was sought, and effects of various health-related announcements and events on usage patterns including: • Relative frequency with which various NLM resources are mentioned • Comparison of NLM mentions with mentions of "competitors“ • Identification of urgent information requests for which NLM could "push" vetted information free of advertising or commercial interest • Effects of topical health issues such as "mad cow" or West Nile Virus or disasters etc. on use of NLM resources • Effect of changing NLM's interface design and textual/graphic style on usage by consumers • Effectiveness of NLM use of social media to distribute health information • Comparable analyses of other NIH, DHHS and private sector health information sources • Demographic characteristics of those whose messages are being examined to the extent permitted by privacy regulations. • Ascertaining public interest in using social media for health-related purpose • Value of tweets and other messages as teaching tools and change-agents for health-relevant behavior
  7. 7. Volume of Activity on Social Media by Content Providers Commerical STM Provider Commercial STM Provider (Two Divisions) Content Aggregator Government Agency Twitter Accounts 117 68 13 14 Facebook Pages 38 49 9 6 LinkedIn Groups 23 10 1 corporate page; 1 group YouTube Channels 5 2 1 1 Google+ Accounts 5 20 2 2 Blogs 14 2
  8. 8. Social Media: Different Uses, Different Audiences, Different Formats “Such a Transformation”
  9. 9. Presence (Blogging)
  10. 10. Combining Social Feeds (Blog, Oxford University Press)
  11. 11. Content for an Elite Brought Into The Mainstream
  12. 12. Presence (Online Networks)
  13. 13. Google Plus Social Network (Elsevier)
  14. 14. Facebook Page (Temple University Press)
  15. 15. Facebook for Single Title Promotion (Yale University Press)
  16. 16. Pinterest (Yale University Press)
  17. 17. Twitter (University of Minnesota Press)
  18. 18. Twitter (Yale University Press)
  19. 19. Twitter (The Lancet)
  20. 20. Twitter (EBSCO)
  21. 21. YouTube (ProQuest)
  22. 22. YouTube Isn’t Just About Training
  23. 23. Tumblr – Brevity and Mobility!
  24. 24. Good Connections: Adapting and Unfolding “You Were Our Audience and Our Prompter”
  25. 25. Flipboard – Mobile First
  26. 26. Flipboard – Tablet Display
  27. 27. (Scholarly Social Network)
  28. 28. (Small Independent Presses)
  29. 29. (Trade-oriented)
  30. 30. Job Qualifications for Social Media Coordinator (2013) • Strong writing, communication, and organizational skills • Some experience in editing and copyediting • Knowledge of major and emerging social media platforms, digital trends, and best practices • Strong proficiency in Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus, Pinterest, and working knowledge in other areas of social media • Proficiency in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook • Basic understanding of HTML • Preferable but not required: Basic understanding of CSS and other web languages • Preferable but not required: Experience with video and audio production including filming, iMovie, and Final Cut
  31. 31. Audience and Prompter
  32. 32. Thank You! Twitter: @jillmwo Google Plus: Jill O’Neill Email: