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NISO/DCMI Webinar: Metadata Harmonization: Making Standards Work Together


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Metadata plays an increasingly central role as a tool enabling the large-scale, distributed management of resources. However, metadata communities which have traditionally worked in relative isolation have struggled to make their specifications interoperate with others in the shared web environment.

This webinar explores how metadata standards with significantly different characteristics can productively coexist and how previously isolated metadata communities can work towards harmonization. The webinar presents a solution-oriented analysis of current issues in metadata harmonization with a focus on specifications of importance to the learning technology and library environments, notably Dublin Core, IEEE Learning Object Metadata, and W3C's Resource Description Framework. Providing concrete illustrations of harmonization problems and a roadmap for designing metadata for maximum interoperability, this webinar will provide a bird's-eye perspective on the respective roles of metadata syntaxes, formats, semantics, abstract models, vocabularies, and application profiles in achieving metadata harmonization.

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NISO/DCMI Webinar: Metadata Harmonization: Making Standards Work Together

  1. 1.   NISO/DCMI  Webinar   Metadata  Harmoniza.on:     Making  Standards  Work  Together   hFp://  2011-­‐03-­‐16   NISO/DCMI  Webinar:  introduc.on   1  
  2. 2. Dublin  Core:  metadata  for  interoperability  •  Objec.ves  of  work  on  Dublin  Core  metadata   –  To  make  it  easier  to  find  informa.on   –  To  offer  Dublin  Core  as  one  of  the  core  element  sets  (now:   metadata  vocabularies)  to  create  wide  interoperability   across  domains  and  applica.ons   –  To  enable  mixing  and  matching  of  metadata  vocabularies   through  Applica.on  Profiles  2011-­‐03-­‐16   NISO/DCMI  Webinar:  introduc.on   2  
  3. 3. Rich  landscape  of  metadata  specifica.ons  •  Dublin  Core  as  a  basic  set  of  metadata  terms  for   cross-­‐domain  interoperability  •  Many  domain-­‐specific  sets  of  terms,  e.g.   –  MODS  (libraries)   –  LOM  Learning  Object  Metadata  (educa.on)   –  ISO19115  (geographic  informa.on)   –  Etc.  etc.  etc.  2011-­‐03-­‐16   NISO/DCMI  Webinar:  introduc.on   3  
  4. 4. Cross-­‐specifica.on  interoperability  •  Need  to  look  at  issues  across  specifica.ons  •  For  example:   –  Different  models  (flat  vs.  hierarchical,  object-­‐centric  vs.   event-­‐centric  etc.)     –  Different  technologies  (HTML,  XML,  RDF  etc.  )   –  Different  objec.ves  (discovery,  management  etc.)  2011-­‐03-­‐16   NISO/DCMI  Webinar:  introduc.on   4  
  5. 5. DCMI:  establish  co-­‐opera.on  •  With  educa.on  community   –  OFawa  Communiqué  “Harmonisa.on  of  Metadata  for   Educa.on  and  Training”,  August  2001   –  DCMI/IEEE  LTSC  Taskforce  est.  2005  to  produce  a  joint   DCMI/IEEE  specifica.on  on  how  to  use  IEEE  LOM  elements   with  Dublin  Core  metadata  •  With  others:     –  DCMI/RDA  Task  Group,  DCMI/NKOS  Task  Group,  DCMI/ FOAF  collabora.on  2011-­‐03-­‐16   NISO/DCMI  Webinar:  introduc.on   5  
  6. 6. This  Webinar  •  Acknowledging  that  interoperability  across   specifica.ons  is  crucial  for  shared  Web  environment  •  Looking  at  challenges  and  based  on   experience  with  DCMI/IEEE  co-­‐opera.on  •  Providing  concrete  illustra.ons  of  harmoniza.on   issues  and  a  roadmap  for  interoperable  design  2011-­‐03-­‐16   NISO/DCMI  Webinar:  introduc.on   6  
  7. 7. The  speakers  •  Tom  Baker   –  Chief  Informa.on  Officer  at  DCMI   –  Co-­‐chair  of  DCMI  Architecture  Forum  •  Mikael  Nilsson   –  Co-­‐chair  of  DCMI  Architecture  Forum   –  Leader  of  DCMI/IEEE  LTSC  Taskforce   –  Recent  disserta.on  on  this  very  subject  (KTH,  2010)   hFp://­‐MikaelsThesis.pdf  2011-­‐03-­‐16   NISO/DCMI  Webinar:  introduc.on   7  
  8. 8. And  don’t  forget   Theme:  Metadata  Harmoniza=on:  Bridging  Languages  of  Descrip=on   hDp://­‐2011  2011-­‐03-­‐16   NISO/DCMI  Webinar:  introduc.on   8