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Ayubi Understanding the Marketplace, Part Two


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This presentation was provided by Emily Ayubi of the American Psychological Association during a NISO webinar entitled Understanding the Marketplace: Creating the New Information Product, held on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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Ayubi Understanding the Marketplace, Part Two

  1. 1. From Print Book to Writing Platform American Psychological Association ǀ Developing an Innovative Educational Solution for the 21st Century Student NISO Webinar on Creating the New Information Product Emily L. Ayubi March 15, 2017
  2. 2. From Print Book to Writing Platform APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ Market Demands
  3. 3. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ Why did we transform the print product? • The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association ® is written for researchers submitting manuscripts for professional publication. • Buyers of the print Publication Manual have been requesting an electronic version of the book for many years. • New technologies are profoundly transforming research, instruction, and learning on university and college campuses (e.g., use of learning management systems). • A growing trend of reduced spending on course materials by students. • Need for a comprehensive, authoritative educational product to help prepare students to conduct sound research, write scholarly papers in APA Style, and prepare them for their careers. • Most common questions and challenges: in-text citations and references, bias-free language, plagiarism, copyright, paper formatting, basic research and writing skills, and grammar. Market Demands
  4. 4. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ How do we reach our users? • For many years, APA Style Experts assisted with style queries over the phone. • Style Expert email (200–300/mo; answered 20,000 emails to date). • Launched the APA Style blog with the release of the 6th edition of the Publication Manual in 2009. Since then, we’ve had more than 1.5 million visitors. • Feedback form on • APA Style Facebook and Twitter accounts in 2010, followed by Google+ in 2012. • Added APA Style CENTRAL Twitter account in 2016. • Conducted surveys, focus groups, interviews, presentations, workflow studies, and alpha/beta testing. • Consulted with Library Advisory Council. Market Demands
  5. 5. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ Market Demands I am looking for APA Style templates to facilitate document creation. I need papers that will be formatted correctly, allowing the author to concentrate solely on content. I'm a librarian and would like to know if you have an instructional program for learning APA Style. Are there any plans for an online version of the Publication Manual? An institutional license would be fantastic. Please consider creating an ebook or web- based version of the manual.
  6. 6. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ What is APA Style CENTRAL® ? • Web-based application that facilitates learning and empowers users to become better researchers, writers, and scholars. • Designed for undergraduate and graduate students and their instructors and librarians. • 24/7 educational mentor with an emphasis on learning reinforcement and retention. • Facilitates collaborative writing and research. • Encourages students to develop critical thinking and scholarly writing skills and take ownership of their work. • Provides an authoritative suite of expert instructional resources. • Integrates with learning management systems. • Everything a student needs all in one easy-to-navigate and easy-to-use online space. Market Demands
  7. 7. From Print Book to Writing Platform APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ Market Strategy
  8. 8. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ What is our initial market strategy? • Introduced APA Style CENTRAL® as an institutional solution. • Pricing model: annual subscription, tiered based on FTE. • Customers are familiar with our FTE-based tiered pricing subscription model. • Internal APA systems are aligned with the institutional subscription model. • Existing relationships with database customers. Market Strategy
  9. 9. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ Who is purchasing it? • Librarians • Library consortia • Academic administrators (e.g., deans, provosts) Market Strategy
  10. 10. From Print Book to Writing Platform APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ Market Adoption
  11. 11. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ What types of institutions are licensing it? Market Adoption • Members of consortia • Research institutions • Liberal arts colleges • Online institutions • Specialized institutions • International institutions
  12. 12. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ Who is using it? • Anyone teaching and/or writing in APA Style® across the social and behavioral sciences, nursing, education, business, and beyond. • Undergraduate students • Graduate students • Faculty members (research and writing) • Writing center staff • Instructors in freshman composition programs • Librarians engaged in student instruction about writing and writing styles • Researchers Market Adoption
  13. 13. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ Product Usage
  14. 14. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ What are our customers saying? Market Adoption “Students were struggling, and then came APA Style CENTRAL.” “Faculty and students love it!” “We don’t want students to start a paper anywhere else.” “It really worked well instructionally.” “This goes way beyond a citation style manual.” “I wish I had this when I was in school.” “I got an A on my paper!”
  15. 15. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ Market Reception: Social Media
  16. 16. From Print Book to Writing Platform APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ Next Steps
  17. 17. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ What happens next? • More market research and outreach. • Product data collection to refine and expand content, tools, and functionality. • Continue community development with librarians, faculty, and students. Continuous Improvement
  18. 18. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ We follow academic libraries, writing centers, and publishers. If we are not following you, let us know! Product information: APA Style feedback form: Need APA Style help?: and