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ALA Standards Update -Sassone-ODI


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This presentation was given during the NISO Update session at ALA in Orlando Florida on June 26, 2016. The speaker was Elise Sassone of Springer-Nature.

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ALA Standards Update -Sassone-ODI

  1. 1. ODI - Open Discovery Initiative Elise Sassone NISO Update at ALA Annual 26 June 2016
  2. 2. ODI Refresher Launched after ALA Annual 2011 • Emergence of Library Discovery Services solutions – Based on index of a wide range of content – Commercial and open access – Primary journal literature, ebooks, and more • Adopted by thousands of libraries around the world, and impact millions of users • Agreements between content providers and discovery providers ad-hoc, not representative of all content, and opaque to customers. 2
  3. 3. Goals of Working Group (2011-2014) • Define ways for libraries to assess the level of content providers’ participation in discovery services • Help streamline the process by which content providers work with discovery service vendors • Define models for “fair” linking from discovery services to publishers’ content • Determine what usage statistics should be collected for libraries and for content providers 3
  4. 4. ODI Standing Committee 2014-today • Formed summer of 2014. • Following the ODI Recommended Practice document as our guide, this standing ODI committee has the following responsibilities: – to promote educational opportunities about adoption of these recommended practices – to provide support for content providers and discovery providers during adoption (including championship of self-check conformance lists) – to provide a forum for ongoing discussion related to all aspects of discovery platforms for all stakeholders (content providers, discovery providers, libraries), and – to determine timing for next steps for ongoing work 4
  5. 5. ODI Standing Committee Roster Libraries Publishers Service Providers OpenDiscoveryInitiative(ODI)Recommendations toContentProvidersandLibraryProfessionals 5 Marshall Breeding, Independent Consultant Ken Chad, Ken Chad Consulting, Ltd. Laura Morse, Harvard University Jason Price, SCELC Ken Varnum, University of Michigan Lettie Conrad, SAGE Publications Susan Hillson, APA Karen McKeown, Cengage Learning Elise Sassone, Springer Julie Zhu, IEEE Scott Bernier, EBSCO Information Services Rachel Kessler, Ex Libris/ProQuest Mike Showalter, OCLC
  6. 6. Standing Committee Initiatives • A&I Outreach • Discovery Outreach • Library Advocacy • Conformance Statement Support • Visibility
  7. 7. A&I Outreach • A&I providers’ concerns differ from those of other content providers. • The goal of the initiative’s work is to: – Understand their barriers to entry – Create recommendations so that discovery service providers can alleviate their concerns
  8. 8. Discovery Outreach • Difficult for content providers and libraries to understand which content included • Speak with discovery service providers, content providers and libraries • Draft recommendations for tools to query discovery service index
  9. 9. Library Advocacy Q: What can libraries do to ensure that discovery services meet user and institutional needs? A: A lot! Q: What can libraries do to ensure that Licensed Content is available discovery systems? A: A lot! 9
  10. 10. Conformance Statement Support Developed checklists based on the Recommended Practice for providers at • Checklists for – Content Providers – Discovery Providers • Directory of Completed Checklists
  11. 11. Visibility • Improve communication to stakeholders • Increase the visibility of ODI
  12. 12. ODI Updates New page with back issues of the ODI Newsletter
  13. 13. ODI Participation • Review NISO RP-19-2014, Open Discovery Initiative: Promoting Transparency in Discovery Download NISO RP-19-2014 PDF • On the web: • Help with Conformance Checklist • Library Materials • Twitter: @NISO_ODI • Via email, subscribe: Open Discovery Initiative (ODI) Recommendations to Content Providers and 13
  14. 14. Upcoming ODI Events • Ken Varnum. ALA Annual 2016. NISO Open Discovery Initiative Update, sponsored by ALCTS. Monday, June 27, 8:30-10:00 AM. Orange County Convention Center, Room W203. 14
  15. 15. Thank you! Questions?