SIP 3 Update, NISO Update ALA Annual 2013


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SIP3 Update, Ted Koppel @ NISO Update, June 30, 2013, Chicago, IL

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SIP 3 Update, NISO Update ALA Annual 2013

  1. 1. National Information Standards Organization SIP 3 Standards Development Status Report June 2013 1
  2. 2. Brief SIP History • Originally developed by 3M in mid 1990s for self-checkout devices • Although owned by 3M, widespread use for other related applications (authentication, print management, self checkout, etc.) • SIP2 released in 2006 – introduced new messages and additional functions • ILS (and other vendors) adopted SIP2 but needed to write local (non-standard) enhancements and extensions for particular applications (notably, item-based payments) 2
  3. 3. SIP3 initiative • 3M began early discussion on SIP3 as early as 2007-2008 • Early 3M draft was used as working document by 3M- based working group; input from library industry, 2011- 2012 • Summer 2012 – 3M donates SIP to NISO for formal standards process and future development • Summer-Fall 2012: NISO organizes SIP3 Working Group to move SIP3 through standardization process 3
  4. 4. SIP3 Working Group John Bodfish, OCLC – co-chair Ted Koppel, Auto-Graphics co-chair Approx. 11 active members, several less-than-active members Includes: Biblionix Bibliotecha Ceridwen Envisionware Ex Libris Polaris TLC 4
  5. 5. SIP3 Working Group – Activity Goals • Protocol Document • Corrections, Omissions, Additions, resolve ambiguities • Create Implementers Guide, scope notes, application hints • Privacy issues • Information sharing between partners, particularly cross-borders • Plan for and recommend maintenance agency and update/enhancement process • SIP3 and relationship to NCIP 5
  6. 6. Status report October 2012 Began meeting, set agenda November-December 2012 Assembled lists of known errors/omissions/ambiguities. Identified approx. 75, split between errors in the 3M draft documentation and errors/inconsistencies in the actual protocol January 2013 Resolved almost all of the documentation issues and about 1/3 of protocol issues (low-hanging fruit) 6
  7. 7. Status Report 2 January 2013-present • Currently Addressing more difficult issues • Strawman documents to lay out possible solutions • Sometimes required subcommittees to address • Recent examples • Require HTTPS? • How to deal with multiple languages – client server? • Dealing with SIP2 limitations (field size on 63/64 message, for example, for consortia) 7
  8. 8. NCIP and SIP3 Exact relationship will eventually require NCIP and SIP3 joint meetings General guidelines as of now: • SIP3 will generally be pointed to intra-library applications • NCIP will generally be pointed at inter-library (and external to the library) applications • Complementary toolset and messages • Idea is that developer will pick the best tool for the job 8
  9. 9. Working group • Currently meets bi-weekly • Subcommittees as needed • Planned completion: End of Year 2013 or earlier 9