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Serious games, e-learning and standards


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Why not to pack and distribute Serious Games as standard compliant learning objects?
How to use e-learning standards with Serious Games?
Learning Analytics with Experience API (previos TIN CAN API)
Presentation done at the Keynote ELSE 2013 conference (Bucharest, Romania)

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Serious games, e-learning and standards

  1. 1. Baltasar Fernandez ManjonComplutense University of MadridSerious games, e-learning and standardsbalta@fdi.ucm.esELSE conference, Bucharest2013
  2. 2. 1/22Context: e-UCM research group E-learning , educationaltechnologies 15 researchers Specialized in serious games National and EU projects SG in the medical domain
  3. 3. 2/22Serious games, e-learning and standards? Serious Games have probed to be educationallyeffective in several domains Medicine, business, training But still a limited number of sucess cases Open issues Cost Scalability Deployment in real environment (e.g. schools) Integration into the curriculum ……..
  4. 4. 3/22Serious games, e-learning and standards? Some of the issues are common to othereducational content Why not to pack and distribute SG asstandard compliant learning objects? Many benefits Integrate SG into already existing e-learninginfrastructure (LMS or VLE) Reusability, Interoperability …. How to use e-learning standards with SeriousGames?
  5. 5. 4/22eAdventure Ease the development of serious games and game-likesimulation Low cost, high reusability Use photos and videos for graphical assets Participation of educators in the development process No programming required Specific educational features (e.g. assessment) Serious games as learning objects Simple exportation without requiring deep knowledge aboute-learning standards Introducing games into learning flow Integration with LMS
  6. 6. 5/22
  7. 7. 6/22
  8. 8. 7/22Integración con Entornos Virtuales de Enseñanza Proceso de exportación Configurar arquitectura (ambas capas). Etiquetar contenido con meta-datos Empaquetamiento como Objeto de Aprendizaje (IMS-CP, SCORM, AGREGA)
  9. 9. 8/22Models for Integration of Serious Games in VLEs The Black Box Model Games as independent pieces of content – LO. Launched from the VLE – content service. No active communication. IMS CP + LOM.
  10. 10. 9/22Models for Integration of Serious Games in VLEs The White Box Model Games as independent pieces of content – LO. Launched from the VLE – content service. Active communication. SCORM.
  11. 11. 10/22Models for Integration of Serious Games in VLEs The Decoupled Model Games as independent pieces of content – LO. Launched from external server– mash-up. Active communication or not. IMS-BLTI, IMS-LTI Basic Outcome, IMS-CC. Specific non-standards solutions (e.g. LAMS)
  12. 12. 11/22Models for Integration of Games in VLEs - Summary Black box Pros : widespread support. Cons: game run isolated; dependent on updates. Learning scenarios: game as complementary activity. White box Pros : communication (allowing assess. and adapt). Cons: restrictive data model; data cannot be shared; dependent onupdates. Learning scenarios: main activities and homework. Decoupled model Pros : more powerful approach (richer data, shared among tools,game developer keep control over the game. Cons: more complex ICT infrastructure Learning scenarios: games outputs adapt learning sequences
  13. 13. 12/22eAdventure + Learning AnalyticsGame EngineCommunicationAPI{type: input,timeStamp: some_timestamp,device: some_device,action: some_action,target: target_id,data: { key1: value, ...}}{type: logic,timeStamp: some_timestamp,event: some_event,target: some_id,data: { key1: value, ...}}LADatabase
  14. 14. 13/22But new e-learning standards appears … How can we use Experience API with Seriousgames? Previously known as TIN CAN API Deal with new aspects Independence of LMSs New devices Any kind of activity …
  15. 15. 14/22Experience API (XAPI) Data Model Like Activity Stream Extended for educational purposes High flexibility Verbs: key elements<I> <did> <this><actor> <verb> <object>, with <result>,in <context>
  16. 16. 15/22Storing and communicating data: LRS and API Learning Record Store API
  17. 17. 16/22Experience API (XAPI)
  18. 18. 17/22SCORM vs XAPI
  19. 19. 18/22XAPI and eAdventure 1st step: conceptual analisys Identify how use SCORM advantages:Interactions: it is inlcuded in XAPIStore fine-grained informationDifferent kinds of interaction (relationship, true-false,etc. )Multiple correct answersTagging particular entries with identifiers that linkthem to sets of related learning objectivesJournalist vs State Identify how use simple and general game outcomesas done with eAdventure-LAMSScore, completed, time, and play-time
  20. 20. 19/22XAPI and eAdventure 2st step: Implementation in eAdventure Include a communication module Include a profile in the game editorThe communication settings (game exported withexperience communication module)Link statements with assessment rules
  21. 21. 20/22XAPI and eAdventure 3st step: case studies Old case studies: SCORM and LAMS New case studiesLarge experiments in real schools
  22. 22. 21/22XAPI and eAdventure 4st step: advance use of XAPI and games Analyze old and new case studies New possibilities and learning scenarios provided byXAPI Experiences from EU projects (GALA, CHERMUG,etc) Create “standards” verbs definitions for Serious gamescommunity Learning analytics, games and XAPI
  23. 23. 22/22 Raw data can feed several systems An LRS A Learning Analytics SystemeAdventure + Learning Analytics wit XAPIRaw dataLRSLearningAnalyticsSystemStatementsAnalyzerStatementsAnalyzerEXPERIENCEAPIEXPERIENCEAPI
  24. 24. 23/22Other experiences with XAPI Laboratory of Computer Science MGH Integration medical mannequin simulation data in aLMS
  25. 25. 24/22Thank you!! More info Presentation by Ivan Martinez this afternoon Also a version in Romanian language eAdventure is open source code