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BSMG Meeting 10.16.12 | The Role of Images on the Social Web


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During our first Baltimore Social Media Group meeting, AK Stout lead the discussion about the emerging role of images being used in social media.

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BSMG Meeting 10.16.12 | The Role of Images on the Social Web

  1. 1. Tweet along! #BaltSocMedia The Role of Images on the Social Web By AK Stout @akstout18 @SocialToaster @SayingItSocialThank You toour Sponsors!
  2. 2. The Problem:Too Much Noise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we have information coming at as from all angles. #baltsocmedia| @akstout18 |
  3. 3. The Solution:Fight For Attention In a sea of text – a colorful attention grabbing image stands out. #baltsocmedia| @akstout18 |
  4. 4. The Solution: Aid In Retention Words are processed by our short-term memory where we can only retain about 7 bits of information. Images, on the other hand, go directly into long-term memory where they are indelibly etched.Source: Dr. Lynell Burmark, Ph.D. Associate at the Thornburg Center for Professional Development #baltsocmedia| @akstout18 |
  5. 5. The Problem:Not Enough Time We are busy people with a limited amount of time to dedicate to taking in new information. #baltsocmedia| @akstout18 |
  6. 6. The Solution: Make it Quicker Pictures Text We process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.Source: Research at 3M Corporation #baltsocmedia| @akstout18 |
  7. 7. The Problem:Eliciting a Response Facebook Page EdgeRank Algorithm #baltsocmedia| @akstout18 |
  8. 8. The Solution: Appeal to Emotion " our culture pictures have become tools used to elicit specific and planned emotional reactions in the people who see them."Source: J. Francis Davis, an adult educator and media education specialist #baltsocmedia| @akstout18 |
  9. 9. What’s the Deal With Pinterest? Weekly visits to Pinterests website from North American users hit nearly 29 million in July 2012 - an increase of 2,183% from the previous year.Source: #baltsocmedia| @akstout18 |
  10. 10. WordsBut Wait… Alone PicturesThe combination of Alone Picturesgraphics and words has a +communicative power that Wordsneither singularly possesses.Without words, a graphicmay be lost to ambiguity. #baltsocmedia| @akstout18 |
  11. 11. What To Do Change Facebook posting strategy. #baltsocmedia| @akstout18 |
  12. 12. What To Do Don’t auto-post from Facebook to Twitter. Upload images directly to Twitter. #baltsocmedia| @akstout18 |
  13. 13. AK Stout @akstout18 Thank You! Save The Date! Next Meetup Tuesday, November 13, 2012 Topic: Social Media: Building Identity and Trust Follow Baltimore Social Media Group on Twitter: @BaltSocMediaConnect with Members: #baltsocmedia| @akstout18 |