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20131121 google plus primer


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Presentation on why Google+ is so important when building a digital presence.

Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business
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20131121 google plus primer

  1. 1. Google+ Primer Jim Keeney, President FitterWeb Consulting © 2012, FitterWeb Consulting
  2. 2. Why Google+ ― A bit of history Life Cloud Lifestyle Services Products Devices Desktops Mainframes 2 © 2013, FitterWeb Consulting
  3. 3. Why Google+ ― How to succeed in the cloud Make sure you stand out Create an excellent digital presence 3 © 2013, FitterWeb Consulting
  4. 4. Why Google+ ― Digital presence? •Your digital presence is the sum of your: •Website •Content •Search ranking •Social Activities 4 •Search and Social are no longer separate Search & Social © 2013, FitterWeb Consulting Content
  5. 5. Why Google+ ― Search success (SEO) depends on social •Google still dominates search •Hummingbird uses social activity to determine validity and value of content •The Google social media platform is Google+ •Therefore Google+ is critical to your success Searchmetrics SEO Ranking Factors – Rank Correlation 2013 5 © 2013, FitterWeb Consulting
  6. 6. Google+ ― How it compares •Google+ is designed to be a systematic approach to social media (building communities, sharing and collaborating) •Post are generally in 1 – 3 short paragraphs •Posting frequency is in the mid range > Facebook, < Twitter •You can categorize your circles and use that to control your sharing •More control over your posts and comments Posts can be edited after the fact, comments deleted and blocked •Hangouts, search, ripples,etc •No Edgerank  For more details: 6 © 2013, FitterWeb Consulting