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Personal care products manufactured from AMWAY.

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  • It is important to build the brand before we move on to the products. All our products are of WORLD CLASS quality, yet made in India. There is absolutely no compromise on the quality of the products. The products would be similar regardless the product is purchased from India or USA Great value for money: Use and see it for yourself.You would understand the value then. These products are dermatologically tested ie they have been tested on human skins and have been found to be safe to use on our skin. Not Animal Tested. No useage of phosphates .And we have received the U.N. Award Twice for our Environmental Friendliness.
  • The flow of the presentation will follow the above pattern It is important to get the need for personal care and these products only then we move into the product know how. The presentation is divided into 4 segments Hair Care , Body Care, Oral Care & Men’s grooming In each of these segments we will first derive out the need for that category and also the need for the specific product.
  • Emphasize on Ceramides and it’s importance
  • Use the slide to build on the importance of hair care. A Short overview to be given on hair care
  • Once again emphasizes should be laid on loss of ceramides leading to these problems Such factors Gives a drab and lifeless look Rough, Dry, frizzy Hair Lack of manageability Weak, Brittle Hair, split-ends,
  • How Replacing the lost ceramides is the most important to control any further moisture loss. And that’s what our SANTINIQUE is about
  • “ All” kinds of hair – oily, dry, colored
  • SHAMPOO Build on importance of Glycerin and honey in product. The pH-balanced formula is so mild; you can experience the Body Shampoo as an everyday event. It is dermatologically tested, it is very much safe for your skin. LOTION – Glycerine & Honey helps retain moisture and conditions the skin. Allantoin is a dermatologically proven moisturizer, which leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth Emollients create a creamy feeling and humectants help hold moisture close to the skin. Provides ideal protection throughout the year for your face, hands, elbows and skin all over your body. Touch and feel of the product is a most. Try and give every participant a feel of the product, if audience is too large you can call 3-4 participants on stage, give them the product and ask them to express themselves
  • Talc- Build on the importance of finest quality talc The combination of 5 fragrances i.e. - sandalwood, cedar wood & rosewood along with rose & jasmine keep you smelling fresh through the day Deodorizing effect provides superior sweat absorption, prevents body odor and has a cooling effect Anti Slip grip” shape makes it extremely hand & “Spill proof” shifter cap prevents leakage DEMONSTARTION FOR TALC -Try and give every participant a feel of the product, if audience is too large you can call 3-4 participants on stage, give them the product and ask them to express themselves SOAP – Build up on the 3-in 1 property. That’s what set’s us apart Plantaren- a Corn and Coconut derivative to help gently clean skin… naturally Almond oil to help gently condition skin Triclocarbon a proven ingredient to help control bad odor and germ control Special shape with soap-saver base to help reduce wastage
  • Researchers have identified at least 75 naturally occurring compounds in aloe vera, which many believe provide beneficial therapeutic effects to the skin. In fact, Cleopatra used aloe in her bath more than 2000 years ago. Today, many cultures praise its qualities for the skin. 2. Nature Shower Crème Hand Soap is hand soap with natural Aloe Vera and 5 skin conditioners. It leaves hands feeling soft and clean. 3. A pleasant fragrance of Nature Shower Crème Hand Soap lifts food odour and odour of garlic, ginger, onion etc. DEMONSTARTION - Try and give every participant a feel of the product, if audience is too large you can call 3-4 participants on stage, give them the product and ask them to express themselves
  • Glister multi action toothpaste has a unique sylodent advantage New “ Next generation “ Unique polishing agent found in glister multi-action toothpaste Sylodent comprises of small contours and flat surfaces which provides- - “enamel-safe” cleaning by gently polishing the enamel without excessive abrasion effectively removes stains - whitens teeth Fights Cavities Fluoride @ 950 PPM prevents cavities by strengthening the tooth enamel Removes plaque with regular brushing Whitens teeth without bleaching Enamel-Safe polishing Helps remove coffee, tea & tobacco stains Glister has a minty flavour to freshen breath.
  • 7 properties of Toothbrushes New acupressure waves Distinctive Bi-level bristle Tapered gentle tip End-Rounded DuPont bristles Flexible ribbed neck Rubberized non-slip thumb grip Slender neck Ergonomically contoured Tongue cleaner and gum massger
  • Made in India, World Class, Premium Male Grooming brand designed specifically for the skin care and grooming needs of Indian men Great Value for money Tried & Tested
  • SHAVING FOAM- Softens beard for shaving ease. Thick, rich foam for a smooth shave. Contains moisturizers and humectants for skin conditioning . Leaves skin feeling clean and smooth . Rinses off easily from face and blade. SPLASH 1. It cools, stimulates and refreshes your skin after a close shave. 2. It is enriched with skin conditioners and a special almond derivative , which makes your skin soft and supple. 3. ts irresistible masculine fragrance will make heads turn.
  • It contains 99% oil free moisturisers, which help relieve& protect the skin from dryness without any oily feeling. It also has sunscreen SPF-4 which no other moisturiser in the market has.
  • Door Opener products
  • Personal care overview final 10052012

    1. 1. Personal Care Overview
    2. 2. Amway Personal Care• World class quality• Premium range of products• Great value for money• Lifestyle• Dermatologically tested• Eco-friendly
    3. 3. Amway Personal Care
    4. 4. Hair – The Crowning glory• Made up of dead cells with 90% of protein mass• Ceramides acts as a cementing material• Pigment: Gives hair its color
    5. 5. 5 steps to Beautiful Hair• Wash Regularly• Condition each time you wash• Rejuvenate at least once a week• Drink at least 2 liters of water everyday• Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
    6. 6. Leading to loss of ceramides andExternal Factors leading to hair damage damaged hair 1.Sunlight 2. Pollution 3. Colors & Chemicals 4. Combing & Brushing 5. Hair Dryers Click to edit Master text styles Second level ● Third level ● Fourth level ● Fifth level
    7. 7. To retain the lost moisture content, it is essential to replace the lost Ceramides Presenting SANTINIQUE with Ceramide Infusion system Click to edit Master text styles Second level ● Third level ● Fourth level ● Fifth levelPC 03-04 7
    8. 8. With Ceramide Infusion System Rejuvenates – Ceramide replacement by 34% Strengthens – Hair becomes 15% stronger Protects – Hair against loss of moistureFeatures• Nature’s Renewing Technology with Proteins and Ceramides• Packed with Natural cleansers – Oat, Kelp and Soap Wort• Mild enough to be used everyday – Ph balanced• Suitable for “All” kinds of hair
    9. 9. Advanced 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner • 44% more smoother hair in just one use • Cleans pollutants, styling products & dirt from hair • Packed with natural cleansers • Restores moisture balance • Suitable for all types of hairUsage:- Apply the product to wet hair & spread evenly on the scalp- Lather and rinse off- Follow up with SATINIQUE Advanced Moisturizing Detangler
    10. 10. Advanced Dandruff Control Conditioning Shampoo • 56% reduction in dandruff in one week of use • Dual action - Controls dandruff &takes care of itchy scalp • Zinc Pyrithione helps reduce dandruff • Contains Chamomile helps soothe scalpUsage:- Apply the product to wet hair & spread evenly on the scalp- Lather, then leave on for several minutes and rinse off- Follow up with SATINIQUE Advanced Moisturizing Detangler
    11. 11. Advanced Moisturizing Detangler • 10 times smoother hair in just one use • Conditions and detangles instantly • Enriched with Amino Acids and Proteins • Provides protection from environmental damage with Vitamin EUsage:- Shampoo your hair- Wash your hair & rinse the shampoo off- Apply adequate amount of Satinique Advanced Moisturizing Detangler to wethair- Leave on for 2-3 minutes and wash it off
    12. 12. Hair Rejuvenating Masque • 85% reduction in split ends in just one use • Highest concentration of Ceramide infusion • Repairs internal structural damage and split ends • For all types of hair, especially for dry and damaged hairUsage:- Shampoo your hair- Wash your hair & rinse the shampoo off- Apply adequate amount of Satinique Hair rejuvenating masque on wet hair- Leave on for 10-15 minutes and wash it of- Use once or twice a week
    13. 13. Advanced 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner 250ml MRP: Rs.395 4ml MRP: Rs.6Advanced Dandruff Control Conditioning Shampoo 250ml MRP: Rs.395 4ml MRP: Rs.6Advanced Moisturizing Detangler 250ml MRP: Rs.395 4ml MRP: Rs.6Hair Rejuvenating Masque MRP: Rs.445
    14. 14. Amway Personal Care
    15. 15. G&H body Shampoo• Experience a luxurious bath with Glycerine & Honey• Glycerine & Honey helps in restoring and retaining natural moisture of the skin• Leaves skin feeling soft & smooth• Refreshing Citrus Floral Spice fragranceDemonstration250ml- MRP – Rs.395 G&H body Lotion• A non greasy & non sticky lotion• Glycerine & Honey moisturizes and nourishes your skin• Allantoin leaves skin feeling soft & smooth• Pleasant & light fragranceDemonstration250ml- MRP – Rs.395
    16. 16. Persona Family Talcum Powder • Finest quality talc for better sweat absorption • Refreshing combination of fragrances • Unique bottle design Demonstration 350gms- MRP – Rs.190, 200gms- MRP – Rs.128 Persona 3-in-1 soap• 3-in 1 premium quality soap • Plantern – cleans • Almond oil – Moisturizes • Triclocarbon – Germ Control and bad odour• Special shape with soap-saver base to reduce wastagePrice of Pack of 3 soaps of 75 gms each – Rs.129
    17. 17. Nature Shower Crème Hand Soap • Easily lifts strong odor and oily residues • Contains 5 skin conditioners and aloevera • Leaves hands feeing softer and fresher Demonstration 250ml- MRP – Rs.395
    18. 18. Amway Personal Care
    19. 19. Glister – Multi action toothpaste • Stronger, Whiter & Healthier Teeth • Removes plaque & fights cavities • Freshens breath • It lasts longer – more brushes per tube!! 100gms- MRP – Rs.135- Sylodent advantage- 950 ppm fluorides- Mint flavor
    20. 20. Persona Toothbrushes - Senior • Designed to clean effectively • Reduces pressure on teeth and gums • A complete oral care with Gum massager and a tongue cleaner Set of 4 - MRP – Rs.132Persons toothbrushes- Junior • Designed for children to enjoy the experience • Effectively cleans Set of 4 - MRP – Rs.96
    21. 21. Glister – Sweet Shot • Ensures fresh breath anytime, anywhere • Ideal for use after pungent food, drinks • Easy-to-carry & convenient to use MRP – Rs.209
    22. 22. Amway Personal Care
    23. 23. Men’s Grooming - • Made in India • Premium quality products • Especially designed for Indian Men
    24. 24. Dynamite – Shaving Foam• Thick rich foam that softens beard for a smooth shave• Conditions the skin as you shave, leaving it smooth• Easily rinses off from face leaving no residueMRP – Rs.289Dynamite- Splash• Irresistible masculine fragrance• Cools, refreshes and stimulates your skin leaving it soft & suppleMRP – Rs.349
    25. 25. Dynamite – After Shave Moisturizer • Effectively moisturizes your skin • Protects your skin from the drying effects of the environment MRP – Rs.170
    26. 26. Great Value ProductsBoost your business with products that are easy to retail