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Home Care Products from AMWAY.

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Hc overview 10052012

  1. 1. Home Care Overview
  2. 2. The Amway Quality Assurance• Our legacy brand- since 1959• Quality of water used in products is 100 times better than the industry standards• R&D team has a combined experience of 300 years of developing consumer products• Technical team has more than 103 international patents to its name
  3. 3. Home Care Range & APSA
  4. 4. Liquid Organic Cleaner • Multipurpose and versatile • Strong on stains and gentle on hands • Concentrated - Value for money • Eco- friendly Demonstration- Dual action surfactant- Premium coconut oil derivatives- 500 ml = 83.5 liters of Cleaning Solution- 1 liter = 167 liters of Cleaning Solution
  5. 5. Liquid Organic CleanerWhere & how to use Floors, Sinks, worktops Hard Surfaces - 6ml in 1 liter water Utensils 1ml in 1 liter water Daily use Fabric 5ml in 1 liter water Painted washable walls Hard Surfaces - 6ml in 1 liter water Molded Plastic furniture Hard Surfaces - 6ml in 1 liter water
  6. 6. Liquid Organic CleanerCost per Use 1000ml – Rs. 425 500ml – Rs. 257 8ml – Rs. 6 Mopping floors (3ml in 1Liter water) – Rs.1.27 1 liter bottle can give more than 8 months of cleaning solution
  7. 7. See Spray Window & glass cleaner concentrate • Keeps windows and mirror clean • Cuts through grease and grime • Gives a sparkling shine • Saves time & Energy- Special window and glass cleaning concentrate- Special solvent degreasers- With fast acting Ammonia- Easy and convenient to use
  8. 8. See Spray Where & how to use Mirrors & Glass on windows, table tops 1:3 ratio OR 1:5 ratio in Dilution bottle Fan Blades, Electrical appliances 1:3 ratio OR 1:5 ratio in Dilution bottle Ceramic tiles, Chrome fixtures, Porcelain 1:3 ratio OR 1:5 ratio in Dilution bottle TV screen, Computer monitor 1:3 ratio OR 1:5 ratio in Dilution bottle Spray on lint free cloth and then use on electrical / TV monitor screensNot to be used on spectacles, helmets, glass with film or any metal - brass surfaces
  9. 9. See SprayCost per Use 500ml – Rs. 251 Cost of per dilution bottle (1:3) – Rs.63 Cost of per dilution bottle (1:5)- Rs.42 Glass surface (4 sqft ) - Rs.0.13 Ceiling fan – Rs.0.65 6 bottles of cleaning solutions from one 500 ml pack
  10. 10. Zoom concentrate Spray Degreaser • Cuts through all the tough grease & stains • Simple & Convenient to use • Saves time & Energy Demonstration- Special spray degreaser- Powerful formula of surfactants and solvents- Easy and convenient to use
  11. 11. Zoom concentrateWhere & how to use Lipstick, crayon, pen marks 1:2 ratio OR 1:5 ratio in Dilution bottle Oil, grease, smoke stains, finger prints 1:2 ratio OR 1:5 ratio in Dilution bottle Exhaust fans Ceiling fans, engine parts, cycle parts 1:2 ratio in Dilution bottle Wire meshes, gas stove, blocked burners 1:2 ratio OR 1:5 ratio in Dilution bottle Fridge exterior and interior 1:2 ratio OR 1:5 ratio in Dilution bottle Not to be used on soft and porous surfaces, carpets, cloth, polished marble or lacquered surfaces
  12. 12. Zoom concentrateCost per Use 500ml – Rs. 251 Cost of per dilution bottle (1:2) – Rs.84 Cost of per dilution bottle (1:5) – Rs.42 Exhaust Fans 5 ml Rs. 0.84 Gas stove 3ml Rs. 0.50 Refrigerator surface 5ml Rs. 0.84 Wire mesh 10ml Rs. 1.67 Blocked burners 2ml/burner Rs. 0.34 Oven 3ml Rs. 0.50 A 500ml bottle can give 6 bottles of cleaning solutions
  13. 13. Dish Drops Hand Dish Washing Liquid Detergent • Effectively cuts & dissolves all 3 types of fats – Animal, Veg. & Diary • Leaves no residue and gives your utensils a sparkle shine • Gentle on Hands Demonstration- Special Triadic Detergency System- Hand dish washing liquid detergent with no artificial Dyes or colors- Aloe Vera & Coconut oil Derivatives
  14. 14. Dish DropsWhere & how to use Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass and Aluminum 1:5 ratio in Dilution bottle For very greasy 5 squeeze, normal greasy – 3 squeeze Bone China Crockery & Cutlery 1:5 ratio in Dilution bottle For very greasy 5 squeeze, normal greasy – 3 squeeze Glassware, Silverware 1:5 ratio in Dilution bottle For less greasy or glassware – 2 squeeze Not to be used in Dish washing machines
  15. 15. Dish DropsCost per Use 1000ml – Rs. 560 Less Greasy / Regular (1:5) - 15ml in 500ml water - Rs 1.40 Greasy Utensils (1:3) -15 ml in 500ml water - Rs. 2.10 1 liter bottle at 1:5 dilution can give us 12 bottles of cleaning solutions
  16. 16. Pursue 7 - in -1 disinfectant • Completely disinfects even when used diluted • Effectively kills harmful viruses, bacteria & fungi • Kills source of mal-odor • Safe to be used in kitchen • Concentrated - Value for money- 7 in one …Disinfectant- Virucide and Fungicide- Cleaner , Deodorizer and- Sanitizer- 500ml makes 62.5 ltr of cleaning solution
  17. 17. PursueWhere & how to use Floors, Walls, Sinks, Shower, Garbage Bins Medium infected areas - 8ml in 1 liter water Kitchen-Food Contact Area, Utensils Food Contact Areas - 4ml in 1 liter water Hospitals, Food processing plants Highly infected Areas - 16ml in 1 liter water Can be used for commercial purposes like Hotels, Food processing plants, Dairy and Poultry Farms, Institutional Kitchens, Restaurants & Bars Schools, Crèches, Hotels, Gyms & Health Clubs
  18. 18. PursueCost per Use500ml – Rs. 268Floors( 500 ft2) 8 ml in 1Lt Rs. 4.29Hospital floors ( 2500 Ft2) 80 ml in 1 Lt Rs. 42.90Toilet & bath Area 16 ml in 2 Lt Rs. 8.58
  19. 19. Home Care Range & APSA
  20. 20. Prewash Liquid Spot Cleaner • Removes variety of stains effectively • Gentle on clothes • Saves time and energy- Unique 5 stain removal agents- No need for much scrubbing and soaking- Versatile for all kinds of washes at different temperatures
  21. 21. PrewashWhere & how to use Stained clothes, cuffs, collars and sari falls Squeeze directly on the soiled area of garment. Wait for 2-5 minutes Follow the normal washing process 500ml – Rs. 398 Do not use on Silk & Woolen clothes
  22. 22. SA8 Gelzyme 3 in 1 laundry Detergent - Pretreats, Cleans & softens • Provides excellent cleaning power to fight tough stains • Gives longer lasting whitening results • Saves water, time and energy • Safe and gentle on hands and clothes Demonstration – Jar Demo Demonstration – Pretreatment gel- Innovative Gelzyme Pretreat Technology with Natural softeners- 3 times active enzymes- Fluorescent whitening agent- Low foaming formula- Leaves no irritating residues
  23. 23. SA8 GelzymeWhere & how to use Stained clothes, cuffs, collars and sari falls – Pretreatment Gel 120 ml of SA8 Gelzyme with NS + 40 ml water Hand Wash/ Bucket washing Pretreat tough stains, Use 1ml in 1 litre water Sort, presoak for 30 minutes and Rinse properly Machine Wash Pretreat tough stains 10 ml/wash – small size 15 ml/wash – medium size 20 ml/wash – large size Do not use on Silk & Woolen clothes
  24. 24. SA8 GelzymeCost per Use 500ml – Rs. 421 1000ml- Rs. 715 Small Size Machine – Rs. 7.15 per wash Medium Size machine – Rs. 10.73 per wash Large size Machine – Rs .14.30 per wash 1 liter bottle can give 200 bucket washes
  25. 25. SA8 Delicate Liquid Detergent for Delicate Clothes • Removes body oils & oily cosmetic stains effectively • Gentle on body yet effective on stains for hand or machine washing- Concentrated Liquid Detergent for Delicate Clothes-Dermatologically tested
  26. 26. SA8 DelicateWhere & how to use Delicate color fast washable- Silks, Chiffons, Wool, Lingerie Hand knitted woolens, Synthetics like rayon, polyester Hand Wash/ Bucket washing Pre treat tough stains, Use 1ml in 1 litre water Sort, presoak for max 15 minutes and Rinse gently Machine Wash Pre treat tough stains 10 ml/wash – small size 15 ml/wash – medium size 20 ml/wash – large size
  27. 27. SA8 DelicateCost per Use 500ml – Rs. 409 Small Size Machine 10ml – Rs. 8.18 per wash Medium Size machine 15 ml – Rs. 12.27 per wash Large size Machine 20 ml – Rs .16.36 per wash 500ml bottle can give 100 bucket washes
  28. 28. Home Care Range & APSA
  29. 29. Car wash Liquid Cleaner for vehicles • Restores the shine of the car • Gently loosens the dust / dirt • Concentrated value for money- Concentrated Liquid Cleaner for vehicles- Contains special wetting agent- 500 ml gives 100 washes
  30. 30. Car WashWhere & how to use Cars, Buses, Cycles, Scooters, Trucks, Heavy Machinery -Dust the surface -Mix 5ml of Amway Car Wash into 4 liters of water in a bucket -Using a sponge or cloth, wash car thoroughly -Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry with a clean, lint free cloth All glossy and metallic surfaces- Refrigerators, Fan blades, Washing machine exteriors 5ml in 4 liter water Do not use in Car interiors
  31. 31. Car WashCost per Use 500ml – Rs. 257 Cost per car wash is Rs.2.57 500ml bottle can give 100 car washes
  32. 32. Silicon Glaze • Gives both high gloss and excellent durability • Gently lifts soil and old polish without harming your cars surface • Gives a smooth feel to the surface • Can be used on variety of surfaces- Polish for Car and appliances- Custom blend of cleaning and polishing agents- Formulated with silicones
  33. 33. Silicon Glaze Where & how to use Car Appliances, Laminated counter tops, Appliances bathroom fixtures Porcelain surfaces and Ceramic tiles, Fibreglass and Aluminium -Wash & dry surface -Shake the bottle well -Squeeze polish on damp cloth -Apply polish on surface with cloth in the shade -Wait for surface to dry and then buff with a clean lint free dry cloth500ml – Rs. 489Refrigerator (165ltr) – 10ml - Rs.9.80Laminated Surfaces( 84 ft2) – 20ml - Rs.19.56Bathroom Fixtures(4 taps, 2 showers) – 5ml- Rs.4.89Medium Size Car – 100ml – Rs.98.00 Do not use on floors
  34. 34. Leather & Vinyl •Cleans, conditions, softens & protects - all in one go •Removes dirt & grime, keeps all items soft & supple •Prevents dryness and cracking- Rich White Creamy Liquid- Contains surfactants & special ingredients
  35. 35. Leather & VinylWhere & how to use Bags, Wallets & Purses , Luggage, briefcases & Upholstery Belts, Shoes, Jackets, Coats, Sporting Goods & Car Interiors -Shake the bottle well before using -Squeeze small amount of leather n vinyl on a lint free cotton cloth -Rub it briskly on the spoiled area -Leave it for a few minutes and buff up with a clean dry lint free cloth 500ml – Rs. 310Leather Purse (10” x 8”) – 2ml - Rs.1.24Leather Jacket – 5ml – Rs 3.10Vinyl Suitcase (40” x 30”) – 10ml- Rs.6.20Leather Wallet – 1ml – Rs.0.62
  36. 36. APSA - Specialty Agro Product
  37. 37. APSA 80 All purpose Spray Adjuvant •Increases Crop yield •Makes water wetter ensuring better use of water used for irrigation •Improves pesticide efficacy •Helps in dispersing powders and oil base liquids •Keeps spray equipment clean Demonstration- Spreader- Activator and- Performance maximizer
  38. 38. APSA 80Where & how to use In Farms, Estates & Plantations As an irrigation aid OR along with pesticides With Insecticides, Fungicides and Herbicides Insecticides/ Fungicides - 5 ml in 15 liters of water Herbicides – 20ml in 15 liters of water As an Irrigation aid 160 ml in at least 80 liters of water/acre In golf course & Cricket pitches to control dew 160 ml in at least 80 liters of water/acre
  39. 39. APSA 80Tried and Tested on:
  40. 40. APSA 80Cost per use 500ml – Rs. 459 1000ml – Rs. 750 Cost of APSA 80 per tank of pesticide spray 5 ml is just Rs.3.75
  41. 41. Amway Sales AidPour & Measure Cap Home Care Pump Dispenser Squeeze bottle with Pistol grip Squeeze bottle sprayer with Turret top • Ensures proper utilization of products • Economical
  42. 42. Amway Home Care Products• Grow your business by self use, first• Simple to retail• Basic Need of every home• Concentrated -Value for money• Excellence in Performance• Environmental Friendly
  43. 43. Way AheadHome Living Experience• Seeing is believing!!• To understand Cost per use• More usage per product• To help Retail & Build business• To help in Recruitment
  44. 44. E- learningSTEP 1:•Log onto www.amway .in•Enter your ABO number & existing password•Or Register yourself on the “Distributor Only“ section onwww.amway.in to generate your online password.
  45. 45. Step 2• Click on “E learning under What’s new “ or• Click on the E learning Banner WHATS NEW E learning
  46. 46. Welcome to the E- learning –Home Solutions
  47. 47. Keep your home clean ,hygienic and germ free.