Laim Woulfe responder the challenge put to us at today's conference powerpoint


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Laim Woulfe responder the challenge put to us at today's conference powerpoint

  1. 1. Ballyhoura Conference The Future of Rural Areas to 2031 Energy Presentation Response Responder: Liam Woulfe 12th November 2010
  2. 2. The Challenge put to us at today’s Conference From Energy prospective 2031: What will the Market Landscape be like? What will it mean for: Rural Communities Farmers Businesses Investors Particularly in the Ballyhoura area
  3. 3. Cathal’s Presentation • Cathal’s Presentation was very thought provoking and could have good potential in my view if our national enablers were aligned. • As I see it without a clearly joined up roadmap the opportunities will be lost. • So in my view we need to set out a clear framework to facilitate the ideas of Cathal and other.
  4. 4. Landscape 2031 Energy Challenge Ireland We have to deal with / take opportunity from: • Kyoto/EU Commitments • Fossil Fuels availability/price • Peat availability in Ireland • Cost of Carbon • Little or no state Financial Resources to intervene over the next 10 years • The Imperative is to capture Ireland’s Competitive Advantage in Energy
  5. 5. The Possible Solutions • Continuous back up Fossil Fuel - Oil, Coal & Gas • Wind – onshore, offshore • Hydro • Renewable Biomass • Anaerobic Digestive (A D) • Tidal • Solar
  6. 6. Create Competitive Advantage • Irish Unique National Resources • Skills/Resources • Obstacles to progress • Return on Investments
  7. 7. How to Capture Ireland’s Energy Competitive Advantage • Create a picture of the full potential of each source of energy • The creation of these pictures should be unhindered by National or Local political wishes or local sentiment.
  8. 8. How – To maximise Irish energy Competitive Advantage • Measure the cost/benefit of capturing each opportunity by section • List the obstacles to capture each possibility • Put in place the Enablers
  9. 9. Enablers • Get agreement on the competitive advantages • Adopt National Energy Strategy From: - Government to buy in and all National Strategic partners • Set up an “NRA” type structure
  10. 10. How might this work? • It must be charged with the facilitation and development of each of the target initiatives by sector • It should be the Superior Authority and thus be empowered to ensure that all obstacles e.g. planning, pricing, grid access and all vested interests are dealt with in an efficient and expedient way to ensure our market expansion highway is effective and not allow progress to be held up by very small minorities.
  11. 11. Effect • With an assured delivery “Highway” and an assurance of a return on investment of 10% + - Investment will follow • Ireland to become a major exporter of energy • Creation of a major “bank” of skills and service personnel • The creation of many jobs to services this sector.
  12. 12. What will it do for Ballyhoura area? • Tap Ballyhoura’s National Resources • Create potential energy feedstock for the major local industries as well as supporting the competence of the local primary Agricultural capability. • Once again pride will be restored to all communities by everybody playing a role in creating something out of the Natural Resources around them. • There will be a real investment / job opportunities to support the process and this ongoing servicing of same.