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PowerPoint Presentation and Delivery Tips
PowerPoint Presentation and Delivery Tips
PowerPoint Presentation and Delivery Tips
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PowerPoint Presentation and Delivery Tips


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This is a PowerPoint presentation giving tips on how to create a professional PowerPoint. These ideas are based off of Garr Reynolds.

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  • The top ten list comes from the ideas and creation of Garr Reynolds.
  • We have all sat through numerous PowerPoint presentations where the slides are just packed full of information. Other presentations have too many pictures on their slides. With too much information and too many pictures, the slides become too busy and the audience doesn’tknow what to focus on. Garr Reynolds’ first tip is too keep the slide simple. Simple picture that connects to the presentation and minimal words.
  • Slides with too much text just look bad. Plus the people you are presenting to will just read the information off the slide rather than listening to your actual presentation.
  • Animations can be fun but for professional, business, and school presentations it’s really not that appropriate. In a business presentation no one wants to see your next point flying all over the screen.
  • Choosing graphic or pictures is an extremely important step in creating a PowerPoint presentation. The right photos are hard to find but are vital to a good presentation. These photos can be you own or from the internet. However when choosing from the internet, make sure there isn’t a copyright on the photo. Photo’s from Google images are all copyright photo’s. Garr Reynolds also says to stay away from using clip art. And one of the most import things when looking for photos, make sure they are high quality. If the photos are bad, the audience will assume your presentation will be as poor as the photos.
  • We’ve seen every PowerPoint temple sometime and they all seem the same after awhile. Creating your own themes or making a common picture for the entire presentation is new and since you’re the designer it’s whatever you create. Now your template is new and creating and simply your own. Templates can be created in the slide master.
  • When appropriate, charts can really enhance a presentation. A chart will add nice visuals to exactly what you’re presenting.
  • Garr Reynolds says that color evokes feelings and that it’s emotional. Therefore color will enhance your presentation. This doesn’t mean you need to be color expert but the color should be used in PowerPoint presentations.
  • Fonts are extremely important in presentations. First, you need to make sure that the font you have chosen is eye friendly. That meaning chose a font that is easy to read. Calibri (Body) and Time New Roman are easy fonts to read. Try and avoid fonts that are old English or cursive scripts. Secondly, make sure your font is big enough so people in the back of the room or on the angles of the room can still read your presentation no matter where they are sitting.
  • Something that can really enhance your presentation is using audio or video when appropriate. Showing videos or using audio clips that show or further stress you examples can really stand out. They also make your presentation more interesting when relevant videos are played. It can also keep your audiences attention by showing them a live example or n audio other than your own voice.
  • This can be done by spending time in the slide sorter view. Make sure you have only the information you need and that the slides are in a logical order that help your presentation flow.
  • These items come from Garr Reynolds’ presentation tips.
  • This is such a common sense step but it seems it is the most skipped step. Preparation is critical to giving a good presentation. Everything will flow much smoother when you have practiced your presentation and you know what you are going to say.
  • Confidence is also critical while giving a presentation. The more you practice your presentation the more confident you will be. If you are confident in your presentation then your audience will know you believe and know what you are talking about.
  • The PowerPoint could be great, the presentation could be great, but the content could be bad. In preparation, make sure the content you are going to present is relevant and is actually needed and vital for your presentation.
  • When giving your presentation, you should always be passionate about what you are showing off. If you are bland about the presentation you cant expect your audience to get involved and be excited about it. Always show interests in your presentation and get into it.
  • Keep your presentation sweet and short to the point. No one wants to sit and listen to you ramble on and on. If you go up and say what you need and what is relevant, your audience will be more engaged and interested.
  • Be professional throughout your entire presentation. Don’t use slang, act, or look unprofessional either. Things like this just give your audience a bad taste about you when you’re done. Again this can all be easily done, by practicing and laying everything out before you present.
  • PowerPoint Presentation and Delivery Tips

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