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  2. 2. The 11/12 CounselorsName: Jennifer Melton Name: Lisa BallCall Sign: Hollywood Call Sign: PantherSurnames: A~I Surnames: O~ZHome: Richmond, Virginia Home: Dallas, TexasPower: Kindness Power: Prudence Name: Curt Nichols Name: David Birchenall Call Sign: Big Time Call Sign: The Gaffer Surnames: J~N Surnames: Various Home: Rochester, New York Home: Galashiels, Scotland Power: Judgment Power: Judgment
  3. 3. About Us• Collectively we account for over forty years of experience as college and university counselors.• Our travels to visit universities span the globe, including extensive travel in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Europe, the Middle East, Singapore and the US.• We are long-standing members and leaders of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), the Overseas Association for College Admission Counseling (OACAC) and the American School Counseling Association (ASCA).• We regularly lead workshops on college and university admissions topics for our peers.
  4. 4. The Bottom LineWe have: • A strong, extensive network of professional relationships with the people who will read your applications • A vast working knowledge of tertiary education systems and their admissions practices and procedures around the world • The ability to quickly access the answers to your questions that we cannot readily answer ourselves
  5. 5. Our PhilosophyWe believe students must be experts on their collegesWe are encouraging, and we provide honest, data-driven counselingWe believe college admission is a match to be made, not a trophy to be wonWe seek to help find colleges that fitWe operate with integrity and confidentiality
  6. 6. Our Program To Help Students Junior Year Senior Year• Initial Counselor-Student Meeting • Senior Profile• Junior University Kick-Off • Senior Application Night• Parent Survey in Naviance • UCAS Application Meeting• Second Counselor-Student • CommonApp Workshops Meeting, Including Parents • Counselor-Student Meetings• US Mock Admissions Session • Meetings with Parents, as• Application Essay Writing Requested • US College Essay Workshop • Application Essay Writing • UCAS Personal Statement • US College Essay Workshop, Part 2• Request Teacher • UCAS Personal Statement, Part 2 Recommendations • College Interview Workshops
  8. 8. Resources: Online & Books Online Books• University Sites • Parent Transition Resources • The Naked Roommate• Reviews • The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition • Letting Go• Country/Region Specific Search • Country Specific Guides Engines • US - College Board College Handbook and Book of Majors, Fiske Guide to Colleges• Rankings – QS World Rankings, Country Specific Rankings • UK - HEAP Guides • Canada – MacLean’s
  9. 9. Resources: Naviance
  10. 10. Resources: Naviance
  11. 11. Resources: College Visits Visitors to ISM Visiting Campuses • Ideal to visit while classes are in• Visitors from around the world session if possible (Spring Break?)• Increased interest in the • Sit in on a class Philippines as a destination • Talk with students!• Lunch time visits • Talk with professors • Eat in dining facilities• Evening visits • Visit residence halls• College Fairs • How do people move about campus?• Alumni Visits (cars, bikes, walking) • Where do students congregate? • How do you feel walking around on that campus? • Is it competitive? Supportive? • Meet with admissions representative
  13. 13. Independence…•Student must take ownership•Parents support, but don’t apply
  14. 14. The Role of the Parent• Communicate openly with your son/daughter• Help create list of criteria to evaluate universities• Be transparent about budget and finances now• Prepare any necessary financial documents• Help your son/daughter stay organized• Help plan college visits• Help your son/daughter balance being a teenager, student, and university applicant• This is your son’s or daughter’s process, and they learn a lot from taking on this responsibility
  15. 15. Student Expectations• LIKE each university to which you apply• OWN the process!! Research, test registration, organization• Be an EXPERT on each university• Be ORGANIZED • Know each deadline • Know test requirements • Know the ISM and application processes • Know essay requirements • Know username and passwords• Initiate communication with your counselor regularly• Communicate early with teachers about recommendations• Continue communication with your parent• Be respectful of counselor’s time
  16. 16. School Responsibilities• Provide general guidance and counsel• Manage sending of all school documentation• Maintain records of what school documents were sent and when• Provide workshops and information sessions related to the college application process• Coordinate teachers’ letters of recommendation• Advocate for students during the admissions process• Build relationships with universities• Support students emotionally throughout the process
  18. 18. Selecting Universities Personal Assessment University Assessment • Characteristics• Learning Style • Location• Strengths/Weaknesses • Size• Interests • Access to family or friends• Environmental Needs • Majors• Social Needs • Personality or Vibe • Data • Retention rate? • % of international students? • Career Office • What is job placement? • What services are offered to assist students in finding internships/jobs?
  19. 19. Next Steps• Academic performance• Engagement both inside and outside of the classroom• Conversations at home about expectations, limitations, financing, etc.• Student reflection on self• Identify priorities• Research universities• Junior Parent Survey in Naviance – Due March 4, 2013• Summer planning • Bearcat Career Experience Program • University Visits • Summer Programs • Continue Researching Universities • Refine University List • Application Essays • Senior Profile in Naviance
  20. 20. Today’s Program1. Opening and Welcome2. 45 Minute Sessions Session 1 1:45 - 2:30 Session 2 2:40 - 3:25 Session 3 3:35 - 4:20Rm 3009 HSMC Lofthouse A Rm 3051 Lofthouse B Lofthouse C LT3. 4:30 - 5:30 Little Theatre (LT)