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  • Lynn (Research)Haruka (LACs & It’s more than just a big name school)
  • Patrick (Choosing colleges with your major)Laura (Programs & Area - Oxy & Children’s Hospital)
  • Ben (Getting your work done early!)Jake (ED vs. RD – How to make that decision)
  • Laura
  • Lynn (Quality vs. Quantity)Blanca (Don’t be afraid if you think your hobby is weird or irrelevant – i.e. REAL, espionage club)
  • Lynn & Aless (Topic)Blanca (Peer Review)
  • Blanca (Live interview)Haruka (Skype interview)
  • Aless
  • Everyone!
  • Advice from class of 2012

    1. 1. Tips from the Class of 2012
    2. 2. Choosing Schools It’s not about the name RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESE ARCH – Location, size, academics, student life Choose colleges that personally fit YOU, not anyone else
    3. 3. Liberal Arts Colleges (LACs)Small People • Typically politically liberal • Discussion oriented classes • “Quality of Life” is generally very (usually less than 20 high students per class) • Predominantly Caucasian • The school itself is small • Well Rounded • Leadership Stunning CampusUndergrad Oriented • Usually has beautiful • Research opportunities infrastructure with extensive • Professors are there to help nature reserves you Delicious Food • Flexible curriculum • LACs have great vegetarian, organic, kosher, etc.
    4. 4. Cons-Myths… Busted! LACs are easier to get in to than big universities? FALSE!
    5. 5. Cons-Myths… Busted!LACs will get you nowhere.FALSE! • 20 of 50 “Top Feeder Schools” that send students to the most elite business schools, medical schools, and law schools are LACs.
    6. 6. Cons-Myths… Busted!There are no famous alumni from LACs: False! Hilary Clinton: Wellesley US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Johnson: Middlebury Flickr founder, Caterina Fake: Vassar 20th President of the USA James A. Garfield: Williams Former Prime Minister of Singapore Goh Chok Tong: Williams Author of The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown: Amherst Steve Jobs: Reed
    7. 7. Choosing a Major Be mindful about the programs that your school offers, as well as the area that your school is located in Choose wisely – know what you want to pursue as a career Undecided? Choose a school that lets you switch easily
    8. 8. EA/ED vs RD EA – Motivates you to start essays early ED – Only if you’re 100% sure How to make the right decision
    9. 9. Financial Aid Be aware of your financial situation Be dreamy, yet realistic Stick to schools that offer you aid, disregard those that don’t Stand out from the crowd – What can you offer this school?
    10. 10. Extracurriculars Quality always > Quantity PASSION + do what you love Initiative + Leadership
    11. 11. Essays VOICE Be yourself & know yourself Be passionate Write what you want to write, not what you think admissions officers want to hear Start early & ask for feedback
    12. 12. Interviews Live Interview VS. Skype Interview Confident, but not cocky Show what your resume hasn’t already! Prepare questions & know the school
    13. 13. Talking To Your Parents What happens when you and your parents don’t see eye to eye about your college/career selection?
    14. 14. Final Words Be mindful of deadlines Depth > Breadth BE PASSIONATE Your counselors are your in-school mommies and daddies ENJOY HIGH SCHOOL!!!
    15. 15. Questions?