Enable Breakthrough Local Marketing for your Franchise Brands


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For franchise organizations, product manufacturers and national brands, enabling franchisees, distributors and affiliates to effectively generate demand at the local level is of utmost importance. Check out this presentation to see what solutions are currently available and begin enabling your franchisees and affiliates to more successfully and efficiently represent your brand and generate demand in their local markets.

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Enable Breakthrough Local Marketing for your Franchise Brands

  1. 1. Enabling Breakthrough Local Store Marketing Enabling Breakthrough Local Store Marketing For franchise organizations, national brands, and product manufacturers
  2. 2. The content for this webinar is an excerpt from The National Marketer’s Guide to Local Marketing. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE NOW!
  3. 3. Why Should You Care About Local Marketing?
  4. 4. AS A NATIONAL MARKETER, you get the big picture.
  5. 5. You know how to build your brand and execute your strategy.
  6. 6. However, you might not be reaching customers at the critical point where they make buying decisions...
  7. 7. …. LOCALLY.
  8. 8. Your local outlets or agents frequently have the most direct contact with your customers.
  9. 9. And unlike national campaigns...
  10. 10. Local marketing reaches customers looking for your products or services at the right time…
  11. 11. … funneling them to nearby locations and closing the sale.
  12. 12. Balihoo and Gatepoint Research surveyed 100 marketing professionals - Director Level and Above, from National Brands...
  13. 13. 64% of companies said a local marketing strategy is CRITICAL.
  14. 14. THINK ABOUT IT
  15. 15. You probably like to eat and shop where it’s convenient...
  16. 16. … and usually convenience means a place close to where you are.
  17. 17. Whether you are at home, work, or on the road.
  18. 18. How should you approach local marketing?
  19. 19. Start with the foundation
  20. 20. And prioritize based on your brand’ s needs
  21. 21. There are three pillars to successful local marketing:
  22. 22. Discovery Demand Generation Relationship
  23. 23. Pillar #1: Discovery
  24. 24. This is when you ask yourself...
  25. 25. “Can consumers find my locations?”
  26. 26. “Am I easy to find?”
  27. 27. It’s not surprising that online search is the tool consumers use most to find your locations
  28. 28. (your retail outlets, franchisees, distributors, agents, channel partners, representatives, etc)
  29. 29. In fact, 90% of consumers search online and purchase offline in local markets.
  30. 30. They also take action quickly–
  31. 31. Half of mobile searchers visit a store within 24 hours of a search.
  32. 32. How can I ensure customers can find me at the exact moment they have a need?
  33. 33. 1. Have local websites.
  34. 34. 2. Keep directory listings up-to-date
  35. 35. 3. Implement a local SEM strategy
  36. 36. Pillar #2: Demand Generation
  37. 37. The next question to ask is...
  38. 38. “Can I market my individual locations directly to potential customers?”
  39. 39. or in simpler terms...
  40. 40. “How can I get people who don’t know about my brand to visit my locations?”
  41. 41. The second pillar is critical to driving new traffic to your locations.
  42. 42. From geo-based display ads to triggered email campaigns to social media,
  43. 43. You want to reach out and grab consumer attention,
  44. 44. While providing the location information that prompts greater likelihood that the customer will take swift action
  45. 45. Pillar #3: Relationship
  46. 46. Ultimately, customers build relationships with brands they trust and interact with most at the community level.
  47. 47. At the heart of the matter is the bond between your locations, your customers, and the community.
  48. 48. People want to go “where everybody knows their name.”
  49. 49. First ask yourself:
  50. 50. “Can my locations tailor info to our customers across a variety of media and communications?”
  51. 51. Are your locations using social media to its full potential–and maintaining the brand consistency that you require?
  52. 52. The answer, in reality, is probably not.
  53. 53. So how can you help locations build these important relationships with customers that will be strong and lasting?
  54. 54. You can do it through local marketing automation and data.
  55. 55. Discovery Demand Generation Relationship
  56. 56. What do the 3 pillars have in common?
  57. 57. They are critical to the final stages of the purchase cycle.
  58. 58. National brands spend billions in Awareness -Preference-Purchase cycle
  59. 59. ...to grow brand awareness, interest, and consideration.
  60. 60. To be effective:
  61. 61. Messaging must be consistent to build momentum across multiple touch points in the cycle.
  62. 62. However, the reality is that consumers investigate, shop, and buy LOCALLY when they are at the final preference and purchase stage.
  63. 63. The Last Mile of Marketing
  64. 64. Local Marketing will capture your customer on the last mile of their journey.
  65. 65. ...before they choose your competitor.
  66. 66. Most national brands leave this in the hands of their locations and local partners.
  67. 67. In 2012, 66% of national brands were investing in local marketing.
  68. 68. In 2014, 77% of national brands are investing in local marketing.
  69. 69. That’s an 11% jump in two years.
  70. 70. With consumers touching more than ten media types prior to a purchase,
  71. 71. brands must ensure they are strategically represented locally,
  72. 72. where the PURCHASE activation happens!
  73. 73. Consumers are local in every step of the purchase funnel - they shop, search, and purchase locally. In fact, 90% of shoppers start by browsing online, but end up making the buy locally; and searches with local intent convert at 2x the rate of non-local searches.
  74. 74. It’s a Fact. Local Marketing can make you a Superhero!
  75. 75. When National Brands Implemented Local Marketing Strategies*... *CMO Council
  76. 76. 50% of companies surveyed by Balihoo said that they expect the ROI on local marketing expenditures to be higher than that of a national campaign.
  77. 77. GOT 5 MINUTES? Take a self-guided tour to learn how to drive demand and lead generation with Balihoo Local Marketing Automation. TAKE ME TO THE DEMO! >
  78. 78. Download our self- assessment to determine your local marketing objectives, current system state, and key stakeholders DOWNLOAD on SLIDESHARE GOT ANOTHER 5 MINUTES?
  79. 79. The content for this presentation is an excerpt from The National Marketer’s Guide to Local Marketing. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE NOW!
  80. 80. ABOUT BALIHOO Leading national brands, across a multitude of industries, use the Balihoo local marketing platform to activate millions of data-driven local campaigns for over 350,000 local outlets. Balihoo is proud to be named Aflac 2014 Partner of the Year sales@balihoo.com | balihoo.com | 866-913-8417