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Web Service Orchestration


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Web Service Orchestration

  1. 1. Web Service - Orchestration
  2. 2. What is Orchestration ?An arrangement of events that attempts toachieve a maximum(music) effect.
  3. 3. What is Orchestration in WS world? Co-ordination of events between different web services Orchestration directs and manages the on-demand services, to create a composite application or business process
  4. 4. Divide and ConquerYour Big Problem SpaceApplication e.g. Booking flight ticketSeparation of Small Small Smallissues/concerns Problem Problem Problem Small Small Small Problem Problem Problem
  5. 5. Divide and ConquerSmall Small Small SmallProblem Problem Problem Problem S-B S-C S-D
  6. 6. Divide and Conquer S-B S-CS-D S-D S-D Solves the Big Problem
  7. 7. So far so good !! but how do weachieve this in WS – World ?How to handle business process?
  8. 8. Answer is BPELWhat is BPEL ? A programming language for specifyingbusiness process within a service-orientedarchitecture ( as a separate concern)
  9. 9. Overview of BPEL Activities Message Exchange <invoke> <receive>…<reply> Data Manipulation <assign> Control Flow <if> …. <else> <while> <repeatUntill>
  10. 10. Overview of BPEL Activities Parallel processing <forEach>,<flow>with<link>’s Event Processing and timers <pick>,<onEvent>, <onMessage>, <onAlarm> Exception and error handling <throw>,<catch>,<compensate> Miscellaneous <wait>, <empty>, <validate>,…..
  11. 11. Simple Use-Case
  12. 12. BPEL
  13. 13. BPEL - Compensation
  14. 14. BPEL-Compensation
  15. 15. BPEL – Compensation & Fault Handler
  16. 16. BPEL - Compensation
  17. 17. BPEL is not
  18. 18. BPEL is not
  19. 19. BPEL is not
  20. 20. Thank ‘U’