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Integration of Information system & Business(Business Analytics annd Business Intelligence)


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This gives an overview of how Business Intelligence and Business Analytics area of Information system can add value to business. This also deals with tips and good IT strategy to implement BI & BA in an organisation.

Published in: Technology
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Integration of Information system & Business(Business Analytics annd Business Intelligence)

  1. 1. Integration of IS & Business Reinventing Business with Business Intelligence and Business Analytics
  2. 2. A ladder to business improvement 1. Current situation of Business 2. What is BI & BA? 3. What are the benefits of BI & BA? 4. Great Eastern and its Analytics Initiative 5. Business Analytics Strategy
  3. 3. Current Situation of Business • Highly Competitive • Volatile • Complex • Less certain • Increasingly demanding stakeholders In spite of this, businesses need to • Deliver better outcomes • Make profit • Reduce risk
  4. 4. What is BI & BA?
  5. 5. Benefits of BI & BA Customer Support & Satisfaction Competitive Advantage Cost Saving & Management Product Innovation & Development Operational Efficiency Brand Awareness
  6. 6. Great Eastern & its Analytics Initiative Objectives Enhance the brand image Stay ahead of the competitors in the digital space Automate all the website changes and improve operational efficiency Attract the customers providing relevant and personalized information
  7. 7. Great Eastern & its Analytics Initiative Implementation Adobe Site Catalyst Analyze Customer journey Adobe Experience Manager Create personalized experience Adobe Media Optimizer Analyze online advertising campaigns Adobe Social Optimize social engagement campaigns Adobe Target Optimize customer journey
  8. 8. Great Eastern & its Analytics Initiative Challenges Technology Changes Organizational Changes Benefits Operational efficiency Cost reduction Customer satisfaction and retention Optimization of their strategies and budgeting
  9. 9. Great Eastern & its Analytics Initiative Achievements Best Engagement Strategy for a Female Audience Best Use of Experiential/Live Marketing Loyalty Programme of the Year Best Use of Social/Mobile
  10. 10. Business Analytics Strategy Its new and growing everyday Everyone wants it Believes it has a positive impact Challenges It is a change to how your business operates Need a solid and Enterprise wide BA capability for success
  11. 11. Challenges in implementing BI & BA • Data • Technology • Business • Leadership • Organisation & Culture
  12. 12. Steps in creating a strategy • Know your current state • Decide the target • Analyse gaps • Create a roadmap • Measure success
  13. 13. Tips for successful BA strategy • Properly identified Business goals • Alignment with business goals • Actively involve business representatives • Identify implementation phases • Prioritize based on business goals • Ensure accounting major risks and roadblocks Bonus Tip “Start small with less complex and high value projects”
  14. 14. Implementation Strategy • Implementing packaged solutions on premises • Packaged solution hosted by an external provider as one to one service • Packaged solution provided on demand (Software as a service) • Custom solution developed in-house • Custom solution developed by an external provider
  15. 15. BI & BA can be game changing Want to be a CIO ? Better mind it ;-)
  16. 16. Q & A Thanks for your time and attention