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Mongolian national costumes


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Mongolian national costumes

  1. 1. Capital Ulaanbaatar 2Area total: 1.565 million km 2 water: 9,600 km 2 and: 1,555,400 kmPopulation 2,791,272 (July 2006 est.)Language Khalkha Mongol
  2. 2. Gobi Steppe Timber Forest Sierra
  3. 3. Spring Summer Autumn Winter
  4. 4. One of theethnicitiesthat settles inthe east sideof Mongolia isBarga.
  5. 5. Darkhad isdescendants of forestinhabitants whoinhabited in the northside of Mongolia.This ethnicity isformed with thecombination of groupsof Mongol and Turkictribes.
  6. 6. Buryat people wearhats with conicaltops.Women’s costumeshave lapels withnarrow edgings andhems with darkcolored bordering.Shoes are made ofcattle leather.
  7. 7. Bayad men wearwhite garmentlined withsheepskin.Women’s costumeshave white cottonlapels. Their shoesare seamed withcamel woolenstitches and madewith double-layered bottoms.
  8. 8. Dariganga ethnic groupsettles in SukhbaatarprovinceThey are famous withtheir great talent inherding techniques andcrafting and sculpturing.
  9. 9. Dorbet people generallywear silver accessories.Dorbet womencostumes have whiteloose, and folded lapels.A sole of a shoe is madewithout felt, but withleather.
  10. 10. Khalkha ethnicity has its ownunique dressings and costumes,named Deel.As for men’s costume, the lapelis loose and its edging is single-layered, the sleeve is broad andlong, and the back hem isbroader than the front one.Khalkha women chiefly wear thecostume, which made of colorfulsilk and with big shoulder andlong sleeve.
  11. 11. Kazakh is the bigethnic grouporiginated from Turkictribe.In modern times,Kazakh group isofficially consideredas one of Mongolianethnicities.
  12. 12. Hoton is theTurkic tribe thathad mixed withDorbet people,200 years ago.
  13. 13. Ancestors of Myangadpeople were one ofthe groups thatinhabited in the forestby the river and got bydomesticatingreindeers and huntinganimals.
  14. 14. Oold is one of theethnic groups ofOirda Mongol tribe.They are thedescendants ofsurvivors from Ooldwar.
  15. 15. Torgut men used towear the hat namedkhalvan, but nowadaysthey use it only duringthe traditional danceceremony.Torgut costumes haveloose sleeves and longhems.
  16. 16. Uriankhai is theethnic group inwest Mongolia.Their ancestorsare the hunterswho had lived insouthernMongolia formany years.
  17. 17. Zakhchin is onedivision of OirdaMongol.Their ancestorswere peacekeepersalong the border ofEast MongoliaKingdom.
  18. 18. Uzemchin is the ethnicgroup that settle inWestern Mongolia.Eastern Uzemchins livein Dornod province,whereas WesternUzemchins live inSukhbaatar province.
  19. 19. The Presidentasseveration ceremony
  20. 20. “Mongolians with Deel” festival
  21. 21. “Naadam” festival
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