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Writing Samples - Christine Baker

  1. 1. mercy_amny_MBA_advertorial_3-21_OH:Layout 2 3/3/09 3:36 PM Page 1 Now is the time to master your career Accelerate Your Career with the Masters successful lifelong career in business. Curriculum: in Business Administration Program at Mercy College MBA graduates will come The 54-credit Mercy College Master of Business Mercy College. away from their experience with a Administration program has over ten demonstrated knowledge of the application of specializations, which qualifies as the most essential business skills in decision-making; in specializations offered in any M.B.A. program Program: the utilization of foundational skills of in Westchester. All courses are offered on a The Master of Business Administration is the quantitative analysis and research to develop quarter system, which operates for ten weeks - premier business credential, and also the most managerial strategies. Students are also well Fall, Winter, and Spring and eight weeks in the popular graduate degree in the world. versed in the diverse communication strategies summer. Classes run from 7pm to 10pm to At Mercy College, MBA students are exposed within the global business environment, and meet the demands of full-time workers and if to a balance of theory and real world practice on the importance of the manager of today as you require more flexibility, one section of the that facilitates an understanding of the a leader and facilitator. course meets one evening per week. spectrum of diverse management challenges. Students are exposed to a rigorous curriculum The specializations of the Masters in and a professional faculty with credentials in Career Opportunities: Business Administration program includes the corporate and academic disciplines. The A Master of Business Administration Degree finance, marketing, management, international strong integrated approach of the Mercy prepares a student for careers as intermediate business, direct marketing, organizational College MBA gives students a well-developed and upper level managers, finance, marketing, leadership, human resources and accounting. set of skills in analysis and decision-making advertising, international business, human The Mercy College MBA program is offered that foster an ever-evolving search for resources, and direct marketing. in Dobbs Ferry and online. It takes knowledge and the foundation for a approximately two years to complete. Attend our Spring Cutting edge courses OPEN HOUSE Saturday, March 21, 2009 10AM-1PM taught by professors To RSVP visit: www.mercy.edu who excel in their At Mercy College you‘ll receive an affordable education fields so you can from a prestigious institution that will shape your education and advance your career. excel in yours. • Revolutionary Personalized Achievment Contract (PACT) program focused on student success. • Over 90 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. • Faculty that includes Fulbright Scholars and award-winning authors. • Highly competitive Division II athletics. • Competitive tuition—grants, scholarships and financial assistance available. • Day, evening, weekend and online courses. • Prestigious honors program. www.mercy.edu • 1-877-MERCY-GO MAIN CAMPUS - DOBBS FERRY I BRONX I MANHATTAN I WHITE PL AI NS I YORK TOWN HEIGHTS
  2. 2. P A C T P R O G R A M C H A R T S P R O V E N R E S U L T SThe PACT program provides students with an extraordinaryeducational experience, developing an academic andextracurricular plan specific to every student. The plan isa one-on-one collaboration between mentor and student.It is customized to the student’s individual academic andcareer goals, and benchmarked to guarantee success.• PACT model increased retention rates by 15%.• Named an official Best Practice of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) for career services and student retention. About Mercy College: Mercy College is a private, nonprofit institution, providing an engaging• 100% of PACT students surveyed would recommend learning experience for students and offering over PACT to their peers. 90 undergraduate and graduate programs. The main campus is located just outside of New York City, in Dobbs Ferry, on the picturesque Hudson River. The Nation’s #1 Mentoring College www.mercy.edu 877-MERCY-GO
  3. 3. Mercy College, New York | News 5/20/10 11:01 AM Home Apply Now Directory Calendar Contact Us Search Website About Mercy Admissions Academics Student Life Alumni & Friends My Mercy Home » About Mercy College » Newsroom » News More news First-Ever Founders Day Celebrated By Mercy College Published on Monday, October 27, 2008 October 27, 2008- Dobbs Ferry, NY - October 26, 2008 marked a special occasion for Mercy College, alumni, faculty, staff and friends. The day-long celebration commemorated the beginning of a new College legacy, Founders Day. Mary "Mimi" Lyon, widow of Frank Lyon, received the Colleges inaugural Founders Day Medal. This award will be presented annually to individuals who have contributed to the continuous growth of Mercy College through the founding of the traditions and programs that have become part of the Mercy College experience. The late Frank Lyon created the Daddy Short Legs Scholarship, an endowed scholarship fund offering short-term financial assistance for living expenses to Mercy College seniors with a substantial need. This scholarship was established September of 2001 Lyon anonymously made a contribution to one of the students of Mercy College who was in need of financial assistance. As Frank Lyon maintained contact with Mercy College, he learned of other students with similar circumstances. He then established a fund of $50,000, naming it the Daddy Short Legs Fund after Jean Websters book, Daddy Long Legs, about an orphan girl whose education was funded by an anonymous donor. Dr. Kimberly Cline, president of Mercy College, believes this new tradition is important for the College andhttps://www.mercy.edu/about-mercy-college/newsroom/news/?item=15493 Page 1 of 2
  4. 4. Mercy College, New York | News 5/20/10 11:01 AM surrounding communities. "As we enter what promises to be one the most important periods in the history of Mercy College, it is only fitting that we recognize the individuals and traditions that have brought us to where we are and that have made our promising future possible." Nicole Sheindlin and Pamela N. Minyard were also honored by Mercy College for sharing the values and mission of Mercy College within their organizations. In 2007, Sheindlin launched the Her Honor Mentoring Program. She co-instituted the 25-week program to assist at-risk girls at Mamaroneck High School. The objective of the program is to link students who plan to attend college with self-motivated female mentors in the community, and to display how the domino effect of hard work followed by a career you are passionate about results in confidence and independence. Pamela N. Minyard, founder and executive director of Giolai, a division of Tomorrow Leaders, Inc., is a Westchester based not-for-profit organization. Giolais goal is to enhance the future for girls ages 11 to 18 who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Minyard helps girls to become responsible, independent and successful students who will mature into equally successful adults and members of their communities. The Grow Garden was named for Dr. Ann E. Grow, in her honor for her outstanding teaching, devoted service and steadfast passion for the mission of Mercy College. Dr. Grow has been a cornerstone of the Mercy College community throughout her 45 of service at the College. During her remarks, Dr. Kimberly Cline said of Dr. Grow, "Ann is the embodiment of the Mercy College spirit. Her passion for educating the students of Mercy College is unparalleled. Today we celebrate Anns return to her first love-teaching, and we publicly thank her for her administrative legacy during which she took on no fewer than 10 different administrative positions." Joseph Valenti, vice president of Institutional Advancement concluded, "All of us at Mercy College are grateful for the enormous contribution and dedication of the honorees for this Inaugural Founders Day. There is a sense of excitement at Mercy College deriving from the knowledge that we are poised to build upon a mission and tradition that is even more relevant today than at the time of the Colleges founding. Our Founders Day celebration offered the College community an opportunity to be re-inspired by the mission that continues to move us forward." About Mercy College [Mercy College is a private, nonprofit institution founded in 1950, providing motivated students with the opportunity to earn degrees in over 90 undergraduate and graduate programs, including 25 programs online. An engaging and personalized learning experience is offered at the main campus in Dobbs Ferry, as well as campuses in the Bronx, Manhattan, Yorktown Heights and White Plains 1-877-MERCY-GO.] Contact: Christine Baker, Director of Public Relations Phone: 914-674-7596 or cbaker@mercy.edu. 1-877-MERCY-GO | 555 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry NY 10522 © 2010 Mercy College | Privacy Policyhttps://www.mercy.edu/about-mercy-college/newsroom/news/?item=15493 Page 2 of 2
  5. 5. BACK COVERExcellence in EducationOur emphasis on high quality has produced some renowned The Honors Program of Mercy College is one of the best,programs in a variety of fields. The highlights include a number emphasizing relevant, interactive experience that enhanceof focuses, from clinical health to psychology and education. critical thinking. The small, discussion-based classes help fill students core requirements, and are led by a faculty of FulbrightOur Vet-Tech program is fully accredited by the American Scholars, distinguished authors, and leaders in their field. AVeterinary Medical Association (AVMA). A major strength of sense of community, opportunities for independent research,the program is its affiliation with renowned, sophisticated and the benefits of a superior, real-world education cap stonedveterinary hospitals and research institutions in the New York- with job placement possibilities all make our Honors ProgramMetropolitan area, providing outstanding practicum and exceptional.externship opportunities as well as guest lecturers. Thispremiere program is highly regarded in the veterinary field and Our fully accredited online programs are also particularlythe consistent demand for our graduates assures multiple noteworthy. We were at the forefront of online school ★★★★★employment opportunities. development, and we have continued to bring quality to the head of the curve. Mercy College’s online programs are taughtMercy College boasts one of the most comprehensive Health by professors who are experts in their disciplines and enjoyProfessions Divisions in the nation. 21st Century practitioners teaching online, not just a moderator as others schools have.must integrate an unprecedented amount of information not We have a range of fully-supported programs, including FIVE SCHOOLS... FIVE STAR EDUCATIONonly from their own disciplines, but from other cultures and orientation, academic support, career services, and counseling.practices around the globe. Keeping abreast of it all is verydifficult, so developing relationships with experts in relatedfields is essential. Professors at Mercy College include cliniciansengaged in current professional practice and seasoned teachers, A Commitment to Qualityresearchers and professional leaders. Mercy College offers so much more than just these exceptional programs. But dont take our word for it: discover all that MercyIn Education, we offer an innovative, accelerated five year College has to offer you and your family. To learn more aboutBS/MS Dual Degree program. This allows students interested Mercy College and experience our dedication to affordable,in teaching to graduate with both a Bachelors degree and a high quality education, just visit our website at www.mercy.eduMasters degree. Students can receive teacher certification in any or call our Admissions Office at 877-MERCYGO.number of areas, including Early Childhood, Childhood,Middle Childhood, and Adolescence, depending on thestudents major and area of interest. We also offer specializedprograms, such as Applied Behavior Analysis, which teacheseducation students to engage children with autism. Introducing five new schools: Business • Education • Health & Natural Sciences Liberal Arts • Social & Behavioral Sciences ADDITIONAL CAMPUSES: BRONX • MANHATTAN • WHITE PLAINS • YORKTOWN HEIGHTS
  6. 6. 5 New Schools Worthy of Five Stars ★ The School of Liberal Arts Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Suspendisse tincidunt aliquet tellus. Fusce feugiat ipsum in turpis. Aenean sit amet justo sit amet enim tempor tincidunt.Mercy College is a private college providing a valuable, high progress, find the best classes to fit their requirements and Duis non enim. Morbi est purus, volutpat eu, blandit sed,quality education. Our faculty is composed of award winning interests, and engage with consistently relevant classes. condimentum vitae, dolor. Sed consequat. Nullam nibh nisi,authors and Fulbright Scholars teaching over 90 ultricies vitae, porttitor a, varius ut, libero. Suspendisse metus.undergraduate and graduate programs that are attentive to the The new structure also ensures that the curriculum remainschanging needs of students. The newest change to benefit our relevant through a more efficient process of review and renewal. Mercy College also provides programs centered Undergraduate Majors/Programs:students is the adoption of a schools-based structure. • Computer Arts and Design around career services and career advising to help students • Music Industry and TechnologyEight academic divisions have been reorganized into five understand what types of skills and knowledge are needed for • Information Assurance and Security*schools as of this fall semester, a decision that offers a number the careers that interest them most. Mercy College wants all -stand alone BS and dual BS/MS degreeof advantages and enhancements to our students. Benefits of students to thrive academically, create and meet goals, and • Information Technologythis structure include: ease for students to track degree succeed in their futures. • Computer Information Systems* • Mathematics* • Computer Science* • English* • Media Studies -specializations in Film/Culture, Journalism, Radio and Television Production “The schools-based structure offers • History* • Spanish an optimal structure for continuing Graduate Major/Programs: • Information Assurance and Security* to build on the hallmarks of • Internet Business Systems* • English Literature* Mercy College: accessibility and positive outcomes.” ★ The School of Social and Behavioral Sciences Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Suspendisse tincidunt aliquet tellus. Fusce feugiat ipsum in turpis. Aenean sit amet justo sit amet enim tempor tincidunt.★ The School of Business ★ The School of Education ★The School of Health Duis non enim.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. and Natural SciencesSuspendisse tincidunt aliquet tellus. Fusce feugiat ipsum in turpis. Suspendisse tincidunt aliquet tellus. Fusce feugiat ipsum in turpis. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Undergraduate Majors/Programs:Aenean sit amet justo sit amet enim tempor tincidunt. Duis non Aenean sit amet justo sit amet enim tempor tincidunt. Duis non Suspendisse tincidunt aliquet tellus. Fusce feugiat ipsum in • Behavioral Science*enim. Morbi est purus, volutpat eu, blandit sed, condimentum enim. Morbi est purus, volutpat eu, blandit sed, condimentum turpis. Aenean sit amet justo sit amet enim tempor tincidunt. • Behavioral Science* Duis non enim. Morbi est purus, volutpat eu, blandit sed, -specializations in Community Health,vitae, dolor. Sed consequat. Nullam nibh nisi, ultricies vitae, vitae djs diojscijaio ndiuja niudhaiujiuvcas uiniun Health Services Management condimentum vitae, dolor. Sed consequat. Nullam nibh nisi, • GerontologyUndergraduate Majors/Programs: Undergraduate Majors/Programs: psum in turpis. Aenean sit amet justo sit amet enim tempor • Psychology*• Accounting • Behavioral Science and Childhood Education, Birth – Grade 2 tincidunt. Duis non enim. Morbi est pur psum in turpis. • Sociology*• Management Accounting • Behavioral Science and Childhood Education, Grades 1-6 Aenean sit amet justo sit amet enim tempor tincidunt. Duis • Social Work -specialization in Computers & Information Systems • Psychology and Early Childhood Education, Birth – Grade 2 non enim. Morbi est pur • Criminal Justice*• Public Accounting: Combined BS/MS Accounting • Psychology and Childhood Education Grades 1-6 • Legal Studies• General Accounting • Biology and Middle Childhood Education, Grades 5-9 and • Legal Studies -specialization in Computers & Information Systems, Adolescence Education, Grades 7-12 Undergraduate Majors/Programs: -specializations in Paralegal Studies Financial Accounting and Taxation • English and Middle Childhood Education, Grades 5-9 and • Biology and Political Science• Organizational Management* Adolescence Education, Grades 7-12 • Health Sciences• Business* • History and Middle Childhood Education, Grades 5-9 and • Medical Technology Graduate Major/Programs:• Business* Adolescence Education, Grades 7-12 • Veterinary Technology • Counseling* -specializations in Management, Marketing, Finance, • Mathematics and Middle Childhood Education, Grades 5-9 • Communication Disorders • Counseling with certification in School Counseling* International Business and Sports Management and Adolescence Education, Grades 7-12 • Nursing (RN to BS)* • Health Services Management (MS and MPA)* Corporate and Homeland Security • Occupational Therapy Assistant • Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Major/Programs: • Mental Health CounselingGraduate Major/Programs: • Childhood Education, Grade 1-6 Graduate Major/Programs: • Psychology• Business Administration(MBA)* • Early Childhood Education, Birth-Grade 2 • Communication Disorders • School Psychology• Human Resource Management* • Middle Childhood Education, Grades 5-9 • Nursing- Administration*• Organizational Leadership* • Adolescence Education, 7-12 • Nursing - Education*• Public Accounting • Bilingual Education • Occupational Therapy • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages • Physical Therapy (DPT) • Teaching Literacy • Physician Assistant • School Building Leadership ★★★★★ www.mercy.edu
  7. 7. Mercy College was once referred to as thebest-kept secret in the Northeast.While this may be a catchy phrase, it’s not the truth.We are no longer a secret.We are a vibrant community of learners and of teachers, passionate about doing what we say andsaying what we mean.We believe a high-quality education must not only be affordable, but that same education mustarm our graduates with the skills they need to succeed in their chosen career paths. And no, wedon’t just mean textbook knowledge. We mean everything from interview skills and leadership tocareer-specific training and preparation in fields where jobs are in demand. Think you know Mercy College?
  8. 8. When we say Mercy College is affordable,we mean it.According to 2008-2009 tuition data, Mercy College offers the most affordable tuition of justabout every private college or university in New York, and in some cases is nearly half the cost ofother institutions.Coupled with Mercy College’s scholarship offerings, the extra financial support from the NewYork State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) and federal Pell grants, the financial obligations of acollege education are reduced without sacrificing quality. What do all these numbers mean? Mercy College graduates will not be saddled with a debt-load they will struggle to repay. We want our graduates to have the best possible opportunity for financial success. It’s that simple.
  9. 9. When we say Mercy College is revolutionary,we mean that too. Sure, our groundbreaking PACT Program has a catchy name, but what does it really mean? It means one student + one professional mentor for four years = academic excellence, stellar student services and outstanding career preparation. Every student deserves a guide, a mentor, someone who will always be there to listen and offer advice. Studies show that even high-achieving students benefit from this personal interaction. Together, student and mentor create a customized plan designed to guarantee academic excellence. Students participating in the PACT are exposed to cultural opportunities that abound in the New York metropolitan area, the breadth of community service organi- zations available, national service opportunities and international study experiences. We told you it was revolutionary.
  10. 10. We begin each day with an expectation of quality – from our students and from our faculty and staff. Mercy College mixes keen academic minds and professional experts to ensure all teach- ers are current and the best in their respective fields. Faculty include Fulbright Scholars, published and national best-selling authors. At Mercy College, faculty members know students. 94 percent of all undergraduate classes have fewer than 30 students and 70 percent have fewer than 20 students. The distinguished Mercy College Honors Program, established in 1971, offers unique prepara-tion for high achieving students through exceptional academic challenges, an enriched learningexperience, and engaging co-curricular activities.So what do you get when you mix great teachers with small classes and a challengingacademic environment?The perfect recipe for WOW.
  11. 11. What says big stretch and flexibility better thanyoga or a rubber band?Providing a customized high-quality education isn’t just a marketing ploy. It’s the real deal. We workwith our students to design a personal plan that meets the demands of their unique schedules.Over 90 undergraduate and graduate degree programs are available, including over 25 onlinedegrees in hot career fields, such as Homeland Security, Health Care, Sport Management, CriminalJustice, Information Technology, Education, and Business.Flexible online options provide the same high-quality education available on our scenic maincampus in Dobbs Ferry and four other metropolitan New York campus locations.We offer evening and weekend classes as well as onlineprograms. Want to mix and match? You can take thehybrid approach: take classes both on site andonline and complete your degree faster.
  12. 12. The Mercy College School of Business means business. The School of Business focuses on flexibility, real-world application and academic rigor. The Corporate and Homeland Security program (B.S.) is the first in the nation and only program of its kind that combines both business and security programs in the U.S. Business schools are only as strong as their alumni. Mercy College graduates have gone on to make names for themselves as chairman and CEO of Parade Magazine; COO of MTV Networks International; Partners and CFO’s of companies such as Perella Weinberg Partners, LLP and PriceWaterhouse Coopers; vice presidents of companies such as Time Warner, Ralph Lauren and many others. Surprised? Don’t be. Some of the best business minds todaylearned their skills from Mercy College.
  13. 13. The Mercy College School of EducationEducates future educators.The School of Education is recognized as a leader in the preparation and certification of outstand-ing teachers, and is highly ranked in the placement of administrators in the New York City publicschool system.Want more WOW?The School of Education is also one of the most racially and ethnically diverse schools in thenation, ranking in the top 10 by Diverse Education.com.They have been prominently ranked in a slew of reports. Rather than bore you with the details,we’ll save you the trouble.The bottom line is that students who study education at Mercy College are exceptionally better-prepared (average of 31 percent better) for successful careers than their counterparts in otherinstitutions across the country.Oh...we’re not bragging, butthe 2009 National Teacher ofthe Year graduated from theSchool of Education with dualcertification in Elementary andSpecial Education.
  14. 14. The School of Health and Natural Sciencesprovides stellar preparation and trainingfor our future caregivers. This is a strong claim. We back it up with the following: • 85 percent of the School of Health and Natural Sciences faculty are actively con- ducting research in their individual fields and training the scientists of tomorrow. • The employment rate in all programs is 100 percent and The American Physical Therapy Association acknowledged Mercy College’s Physical Therapy graduate program for a 92 percent pass rate and 100 percent placement rate. • The Veterinary Technician Program has had a 100 percent pass rate on the National Veterinary Technician Examination for the last 15 years.• Prominent alumni positions include: CEO VNA Hudson Valley; vice president Montefiore Medical Center; and Director of Nursing, Office Mental Health, New York State; and chair of the Board of the National Association for Homecare and Hospice. We believe it is our responsibility to be an engaged member of our global commu- nity. We don’t live in a vacuum. There is a very real, and very concerning health care crisis in the United States, and the State of New York, and we will not stand idly by. Colleges, like people, can act and change the world in the process.
  15. 15. The School of Liberal Arts teaches studentshow to think and become lifelong learners.A careful study of computer programming or mathematics or music or logic or goodpoetry--or all of these--will irresistibly demonstrate the structure of thought andknowledge and intellectual movement, and will create the habit of organizedthinking and of rational analysis.Good judgment, like wisdom, depends upon a thoughtful and ratherextensive acquaintance with many areas of study. And good judgmentrequires the ability to think independently, in the face of pressures, dis-tortions, and overemphasized truths. A liberal arts education at MercyCollege teaches students how to think, which is to say, it will teach themhow to live. And this benefit alone makes such an education more prac-tical and useful than any job-specific training ever could.Roy Disney believes in a liberal arts education at Mercy College. HisCenter for Animation is the technologically rich centerpiece for study incomputer animation and design.That’s right, Roy Disney.He does know a thing or two about success.
  16. 16. The Mercy College School of Social andBehavioral Sciences fosters caring in ourglobal community.From learning to treat one person at a time, to helping individuals and families better manageeveryday issues, or working within a large organization, the Mercy College School of Social andBehavioral Science provides an education that can lead to a career of caring in an environmentof success in our global community.We don’t just say these things to sound positive. We practice it.A Mercy College faculty member was named one of National Geographic’s Emerging Explorers for 2009 for his work in the area of Renewable Energy. Thomas Taha Rassam Culhane is an urban planner whose organization Solar CITIES teaches residents in Cairo’s poorest neighborhoods how to build and install rooftop solar water heaters and other renewable energy, water and waste manage- ment systems. More than 30 solar tanks now dot the rooftops of Coptic Christian and Islamic neighborhoods.
  17. 17. We’ll skip the boring “About Mercy College”closing and just remind you of the following:Mercy College is private and extremely affordable.We have a beautiful main campus in Dobbs Ferry and four other incredibly convenientcampus locations.We have smart faculty who also happen to be good people.We offer a unique combination of over 90 high-quality undergraduate and graduate programsthat prepare our students for nine of the 10 most in-demand jobs according to YAHOO! Dont forget about our small class sizes, revolutionary PACT Program dedicated personal interaction, and distinguished Honors Program.
  18. 18. Since it’s always good to end with a big finish, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to also state: Mercy College is proud to be one of the 851 colleges and universities nationwide that is considered “SAT optional,” alongside institutions such as Wake Forest University, George Mason University and Providence College. We’re featured as a Smart Choice by Smart Choices: Peterson’s Honors Programs & Colleges, 4th Edition. We’re highlighted in Cool Colleges as one of the most exciting schools in the U.S. that challenges, nurtures, and inspires its students. Mercy College is a member institution of the elite National Collegiate Honors Council, the premiere organization for honors education in the U.S. Mercy College’s highly competitive Division II athletics program was featured in Peterson’s Sports Scholarships & Athletic Programs, with 14 men’s and women’s varsity athletic teams. In addition to being a long-time member of Model UN, Mercy College is also an NGO (non- governmental organization) associated with the United Nations through the Department ofPublic Information.In the Harvard Business School press classic, Funding a College Education: Finding the RightSchool for Your Child and the Right Fit for Your Budget, Mercy College was highlighted as aNational Collegiate Honors Council school.
  19. 19. We’d love to hear from you and we’re not justsaying that to be polite.Leave us a comment, a tweet, send an IM or an email, or do itthe old-fashioned way: call. And while you’re at it point, click,and drag your way around our website.