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Erin AAHE Poster

  1. 1. Erin's Web Start – Fall 1999 MSU Finish – Graduate in May 2003 Sophomore Year Move into dorm with 3 girls Got a job on campus to fill blocks of free time Lost State FFA Office Election Joined Bailey – took ANR 210 Helped with leadership of Amazing Grace Fellowship 2nd semester joined Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow (ACT) SUMMER Took math at community college Freshman Year T.A for AEE 111 ADV 123 – my first PR class – had a horrible group Loved doing the service work Took ANR 310 – focused on community service Discovered that I enjoyed service Lost State FFA Office Election – my last chance to run Visited brother in Arizona for spring break – loved the thought of teaching Started working on Habitat for Humanity building crews on my Saturdays Chairperson of ACT Promotion and Leadership Committee Planned a regional retreat & enjoyed it – part of career? Took ADV 227, intro to public relations Disliked the class – am I sure PR is for me? SUMMER Dual intern at Michigan Farm News & Michigan FFA Foundation Loved planning fundraisers & promoting the FFA Foundation. Disliked the journalism portion. Thinking PR is good again. Junior Year Move into an apartment – finally out of the dorms President of ACT – fun and frustrating Take Journalism 300 first semester – my worst grade in all 4 years at MSU Really enjoyed trying to influence the students lives Assisted youth pastor at church with junior high youth group I still like the idea of teaching Presented at the American Association for Higher Education Conference in Chicago Really like the idea of Education again Second semester is my best semester at MSU – perfect 4.0! Special topics class – Project WILD. Training to teach interactive science lessons Man of my dreams proposes – I say YES! Took ANR 311 – learned about stress management and future planning My ideal careers had 2 things in common: people and making an impact in lives SUMMER Worked full time & Got married Senior Year Took CAS 492 – a PR class required for PR specialization PR campaign for my fellowship - enjoyed ministering in this way. Perhaps career with a Christian Organization ? Enjoy the support of having a husband – really helps while I’m still trying to decide what to do with my life For the first time my apartment in Lansing feels like a real home Started applying for full –time jobs Taking ANR 410 – planning a workshop for faculty development about learning communities Educating and event planning – a perfect pair for me Realized that I can educate people by working in PR. Would really like to do public relations/event planning/fundraising for a not-for-profit or Christian Organization Discovered multiple intelligence - new view on classes Reflecting I realized I enjoyed creating a product, media kit & campaign. Career option? It seems MSU took what I really enjoy (writing) and told me I am terrible at it ?