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Bioneers Poster

  1. 1. <ul><li>BIONEERS MISSION </li></ul><ul><li>To disseminate environmental solutions and strategies to national and global audiences to educate, inspire and equip individuals, groups, companies and institutions toward effective action to restore the Earth and her peoples </li></ul><ul><li>To develop and spread model economic strategies for ecological agriculture, environmental restoration and community self-reliance that conserve biological and cultural diversity, and that strengthen traditional, indigenous and restorative farming practices </li></ul><ul><li>To promote understanding of the human-nature relationship revitalize our cultural and spiritual connection with the natural world </li></ul>What is Bioneers? An educational nonprofit that strengthens and expands networks of practical visionaries working on behalf of the environment and people. We spread solutions-oriented stories — including both ecological models and social strategies — for restoring the earth. Background & History Founded by Kenny Ausubel in 1990, Bioneers was conceived to conduct educational and economic development programs in the conservation of biological and cultural diversity, traditional farming practices, and environmental restoration. Our vision of environment encompasses the natural landscape, cultivated landscape, biodiversity, cultural diversity, watersheds, community economics, and spirituality. Bioneers seeks to unite nature, culture and spirit in an Earth-honoring vision, and create economic models founded in social justice. Restoration addresses the premise that &quot;sustainability&quot; is problematic in the context of an environment that is already depleted. As Paul Hawken has noted, sustainability is simply the midpoint between destruction and restoration. The goal of Bioneers is restoration, addressing the interdependent array of economics, jobs, ecologies, cultures, and communities. WHO AM I? WHAT DO I VALUE? WHAT IS MY WORLD VIEW? HOW DO I LEARN? HOW DO THEY CONNECT? Bioneers conducts public education designed to engage people through conferences, workshops, the media and by creating model projects. One of Canada’s (and the world’s) living treasures, is a scientist, world-famous environmentalist, and legendary broadcaster whose television appearances include CBS’ Planet for the Taking, the PBS eight-part series The Secret of Life , and The Nature of Things . He is the most successful and beloved figure in the history of environmental TV programming, is the author of 32 books, including 11 for children, and is professor emeritus at the Sustainable Development Research Institute at the University of British Columbia. THROUGH FOOD…. Beaming Bioneers Local Bioneers Conferences via Satellite University of New Hampshire Traverse City, Michigan Prescott College - Prescott, Arizona Toronto, Ontario, Canada Bloomington, Indiana Houston, Texas Telluride, Colorado Bozeman, Montana Fairfield, Iowa New York, New York Boulder, Colorado Louisville, Kentucky Conference Speaker David Suzuki, Ph.D. Since 1990, the Bioneers Conference has assembled a unique cross-cultural and global gathering of &quot;biological pioneers&quot; using nature to heal nature. The unique Bioneers culture focuses on solutions informed by the biological truth of interconnectedness that is essential to mending living systems and our relationship as human beings with the natural world. During the plenary sessions internationally known scientific and social innovators will share working models for restoration that can be replicated, refined and spread around the world as vital keys to environmental and cultural renewal Info collected from Created by Scott Craven, Bailey Scholar