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AAHE Conference Poster Monica


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AAHE Conference Poster Monica

  1. 1. Monica's Web of Learning Monica Ann For the purpose of completing the evaluation of ANR 310 and to discover the learning and connections present in all aspects of my life Family Future Classes Friends Faith Emotions Work Love Self-Esteem Stress Scott Brian Katie Casey Ryan Bike Touring Women in Law Bailey Scholars Independent Study What type of person do you want to BE with? What do you want to DO with you life? Noah Grandpa Glysson After the weekend in Holland I finally connect my bike trip and time at Casey’s cottage. Now I know where the dock is and why I can’t ride the shore. In women’s studies we discussed our inability to quantify qualitative things. Ex: women’s work at home, environmental (non-economic) benefits. In Bailey we also struggle with quantifying the quality of work that we do in class. Some people show you what it is, some take it away, and others remind you of it’s importance. Pretty Girl* Dr. Phil – “when everyone else abandons you, you abandoned yourself.” I am the only person who can truly believe in who I am. Who is better at solving my crises? Don’t worry; worry is the opposite of faith. Scott and Diane suggested I work with a non-profit. Even get a business degree. Millard Fuller agrees. Habitat changed my life and I never would have done it without him. Bailey was asked to write its vision for the administration to determine where budget cuts should occur. The whole thing seems eerily similar to when the city of Ann Arbor got a new administrator. At work we look at visual images that look topographical but aren’t always so. My mind often assumes these are “properly 3D”. Casey explained how our eyes trick us to believe which direction light comes from and hence which is taller. In reading old emails I found that Brian read Job soon after we broke up. Curious… I looked it up and was struck by the following: “When bad things happen to a good person.” My heart ached. I read it an now see what he felt then… and I feel now. My faith has always been strong but also has been buried. Shut out of modern religion I felt the need to create my own. When I met Ryan I felt the ability to have faith without fear of embarrassment. Through him I am opening up to ideas I had shut out. My faith is now free to grow unconfined. Prayer: As my reservations about being faithful become more trusting I can begin to use it more. Katie and I talked about prayer and it’s benefits for relieving stress. It was nice to be able to discuss it. Casey was baptized Catholic… how curious? All of my boys (especially the ones I have dated), some of my girls (especially Katie and Ari), my family (especially my mom), and watching other couples has helped me. Noah’s kindergarten class gets to choose what they do as a class. That is just like my Bailey classes! Awesome! No one is pulling harder for me to go to graduate school. What do you like? When was the last time a professor asked you that in terms of what you should learn about??? The show we watched talked about women’s health. The appointment of a male theologian to the FDA may put women at risk. This caused my to question the extent to which I could ever trust religion. Religion vs. Modern meds. Which wins? Habitat for Humanity Fisheries and Wildlife City of Ann Arbor Forestry TV Created by: Monica Glysson Liberty Hyde Bailey Scholars