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Kele presentation on fashion

  1. 1. 3286125-7715251482725-771525-847725-771525<br />-345757575565<br />Casual: <br />SHIRT: <br />Normally in casual clothing for music videos in trance will be a plain white or colour top, as my genre is trance and also looking at kele in the photo the top will be tight revealing definition in the torso and shoulders and biceps / arms of the body, so I want a built character to play his part.<br />-733425123825<br /> <br />Trousers: Will be more formal and a dark blue jeans, properly be branded jeans such as ‘river island’ or ‘G star’ or ‘soul cal’, also a brown belt that has a thick alignment to present itself again jeans will be tight not baggy near the bottom. <br />-561975-600075<br />Accessories: <br />Looking at the accessories that kele wear (even looking at photo at top of my blog) kele tends to wear hats, the hats that he wears are commonly branded popular brands again such as ‘SAFE’ and ‘rip curl’ and again ‘river island’ and a good one for my genre is ‘republic’. As looking at kele his hats content of warm and bright colours and look more energetic due to two tone colours e.g. black and red. <br /> Also kele wears necklaces either it will be formal with casual and the most used colour will be sliver and the chain is thin and also there will be a little symbol mostly the common style for casual with be a cross. <br />-83820084455<br />Shoes: Normally casual shoes will tend to be bulk and shiny, they socks will hardly be presentable, this will be good for baggy jeans as well but tend to lay in casual part. Shoes more or likely for a gig will be polished.<br />2057400428625So overall I will find a look like this of the form of casual;<br />RETRO:<br />-27622537973000Looking at the retro points from some parts of Kele’s gigs I found these that could be useful;<br />1117605651500<br />-6207760230568500<br />-96901013843000<br />Definition of retro: Retro is a culturally outdated or aged style, trend, mode, or fashion, from the overall postmodern past, that has since that time become functionally or superficially the norm once again. The use of " retro" style iconography and imagery interjected into post-modern art, advertising, mass media, etc. has occurred from around the time of the industrial revolution to present day.<br />OTHER EXAMPLES:<br />462915068135500So the photo on the lower right hand side describes the evolution of old cartoons that used to be on the TV, I could use it in other contexts such as my narrative, maybe by looking at this photo below I could send a representation towards the narrative;<br />2590800101600009334502540000-4667252540000<br />Looking at these phrases that the t shirts tell most of them are rude and loud t shirts, the font is bold and clear so people can see them and the colour of the letters are bright and clear so people can read them. <br />The main reason I looked at these is because I got some at home and it could link towards my negative response within the narrative that the person / villain could wear to give him a stereotype of negative input. <br />Looking through all my retro tops they bring of warm and bright colours and the background of the t-shirts are bright to mix with the contrast also black is the color of objects that do not emit or reflect light in any part of the visible spectrum; they absorb all such frequencies of light. Although black is sometimes described as an " achromatic" , or hueless, color, in practice it can be considered a color, as in expressions like " black cat" or " black paint" . I can purchase these at ‘blue inc’ a shop in Leicester which is not too far to get too or I have 4 designer clothes that I were when I go out to places. This would look good on my villain for the music video. <br />The retro shirts that Kele wears are messy but are formal as well meaning that they are clear and easy to read from and the colour is presentation in the best layed format to the audience’s eye. <br />The target audience mainly will be aimed at teenagers as when they go out to parties it’s the most common dress scene in today society, so in my character and mise en scene I want eh outfit to blend into the background and narrative.<br />So overall If I chose my dress code for retro it would overall look like this example below. <br />Basically an impact of warm and bright colour to catch the audience’s eye straight away, the weakness is linking it with the narrative as mine is work and society I may need to look at the casual department more, but the villain is a good cover for this method.<br />OUTSIDE THE BOX<br />The reason why I’ve researched this department is for hidden message and gems that I could use in my narrative code and mise en scene if I need to cover it. <br /><ul><li>479107569723000-41910028130500Looking at my based artist I found these;</li></ul>So looking at these examples I’ve found are a completely random fashion scene, it makes no scene, but this is good for my music video as I want to involve a mysterious environment and atmosphere overall, so if outfits such as this blend in with my mise en scene and mediates the narrative and music video then I will use this method. I prefer the outside the box as it makes the music different and unique compared to others and in today society that what the audience want to look for as through history of music industry changes. <br />The only key problem I have with this for reality standards and resources I’ve got I might not have the right clothes and could take time to get the best method and I like to stick with all the deadlines. <br />Thinking really outside the box I could look at lady gaga fashion;<br />But yet again it’s the materials and style of clothes and also my characters are going to be male so I need suitable clothing and colours that is dominant to the gender.<br /><ul><li>One last this is little accessories, it’s the little things which has a major impact of the person character, I need to really careful with this as if the person wear glasses then it change their body language and message. </li></ul>Through accessories for my genre (trance) I found these;<br />300990012001500-29146525336500161925042037000<br />Bracelets – brings out the definition in the fore arm also shiny bracelets shine within a dark background, glow sticks revolve for both genders, so I want it linked to male but a little source to teenage girls so they watch the video as well. <br />Glasses - <br />39147751778000110490018923000-3810001778000<br />With glasses I want the outer layer to be colourful and bold and bright. The photo on my right is Tiny Tempah, has also does the same genre as Kele so I can look at his characteristics and find some good elements to use. <br />-45720074358500Scarfs: <br />323850021844000<br />Scarfs are good for telling which part of the season it is, as one of my shots is in the park it will work, I want a long scarf that covers into the jumper, this shows more character and emotion and style of fashion in these days. <br />5086350251460Rings: <br />0254000<br />Rings bring out the jester of hand movement to the shine and glow of them; I like the Pac man idea as it’s unique and has a good comparison with my genre, mise en scene and age group. <br />367601527940007143759080500Belts - 2628900000<br />This is the type of fashion I want my belt as, it colourful and stands out, and also can show physic within a male body. And it covers the retro aspects of my research. <br />I will make my decision when I have chosen my cast and then analysis the best methods that I think and they are comfortable with wearing and it makes my music video affective and the best outcome that I can provide. <br />