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Baidu Indonesia’s Internet Economic and Ecosystem Development Program: ‘Grow Local, Go Global!’

Baidu Indonesia has launched its Internet Economic and Ecosystem Development Program as part of its ongoing effort to bolster development of the digital creative industry in Indonesia.

Baidu Indonesia is working closely with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo) and the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) to structure the program, which will consist of two parts: “Grow Local” and “Go Global”. The “Grow Local” portion of the program will focus on developing Indonesia’s digital industry, and will include support for startups and local app developers, while the “Go Global” portion will be aimed at improving access for Indonesia’s digital products to enter global markets – in particular the Chinese market – through Baidu’s platforms. Both parts of the program are planned to kick off in Q4 2015.

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Baidu Indonesia’s Internet Economic and Ecosystem Development Program: ‘Grow Local, Go Global!’

  1. 1. Baidu Indonesia Overview • PT. Baidu Digital Indonesia covering various areas : Product Operation, Business & Channel Development, Marketing, Community Engagement. • 10 local media partner & 20 local partner for developing internet industries. • We have build more than 12,000 member community and cover more than 200 local developer.
  2. 2. Baidu Core Values in Indonesia Products localized - Bring global technology to local market with localization process to support local player growing together in this industry. Open Access – Building global player and open access for local player to reach global market. Develop Ecosystem – Assisted communities and startup with strategic planning and economic growth to develop an entrepreneurial business ecosystem
  3. 3. Grow Local Go Global
  4. 4. Program Background & Objectives
  5. 5. Indonesia Market Challenge: Smartphones & Tablets
  6. 6. Indonesia Market: Internet Economy Contribution to GDP
  7. 7. Part I : Grow Local
  8. 8. Build Local Startup Program Funding Working Infrastructure Technology Research Recognize the Barriers
  9. 9. Funding
  10. 10. Support on INDONESIA HUB ID WEEK: Timeline 2H 2016 • It’s time for Indonesia to have our own conference, it’s Organized for Indonesia entrepreneurs, investors, media in technology and Indonesia startup community. • 2 days event in Central Jakarta • Goals: • To promote Indonesia Internet Industry • To build a network and connecting to the all stakeholders/ Ecosystem • To generate successful Indonesia Start-Ups with the competitive products • Open access for Start-Ups to Investors/ Funding access Funding
  11. 11. Working Infrastructure
  12. 12. Advisory & Experience Sharing Provide no less than 24 hours of product and advisory Provide 1 person qualified as advisor up to 12 hours minimal per quarter Product Engineering Support Provide technology & tools for product development support Commitment to provide 36 hours of engineering work with startup Monetization Platform Provide SDK monetization platform & local support Provide market access through local & global channel. TECHNOLOGY
  13. 13. Market Understanding • Capture consumer behavior within digital platform and also market size of mobile devices and application store App Store Analysis • Identify other app stores beside Google and the demography Apps Usage behavior • Deep dive into consumer usage (download, usage, purchase, update, etc.) Device Analysis • Identify the device, platform and brand used The Reason Why • Understand the motivation and influence behind consumer behavior towards apps usage Research
  14. 14. Coverage AreasResearch • Total sample size of 1,000 respondents covering 6 major cities • Using face to face interview through stratified random sampling, enabling the data to be weighted to represent the natural fallout of Indonesia's population • The interview is conducted among; • Male & Female – 50:50 (representing the gender distribution in Indonesia) • Age of 15 y.o and above • SEC – A/B/C
  15. 15. Part II : Go Global
  16. 16. Data Sources:Analysys International & CNNIC China Market Overview: Baidu Product
  17. 17. China Market Overview: Baidu Product
  18. 18. Baidu Open Market Platform
  19. 19. Product Opportunity (Sample)
  20. 20. Baidu Open Market Platform Process for Apps
  21. 21. Go Global Target : Startup & Apps
  22. 22. Indonesia Tourism Overview: 2019 Target Background: Indonesia government targeted by 2019, foreign tourist arrival in Indonesia reach 20 million and 10 million from China
  23. 23. Indonesia Tourism Overview: 2019 Target Destinations Number of Chinese Mainland Tourists Hong Kong 5,370,884 South Korea 3,546,921 Thailand 2,884,539 Taiwan 2,671,350 Macau 2,434,431 Japan 1,394,203 Singapore 990,159 Malaysia 677,836 Indonesia 646,048 France 619,294 United States 553,846 Italy 497,453 Vietnam 440,683 Switzerland 436,771 Australia 413,333 Germany 397,611 Russia 354,065 United Kingdom 239,967 New Zealand 222,566 Philippines 218,010 Top 20 Outbound Destinations by Travel Agencies in 2014 Source: China Travel Guide
  24. 24. Indonesia Tourism: 2019 Target Source for China Outbound Tourist 2019 Forecast: China National Tourism Adm. Source for Indonesia 2019 data: Kementerian Pariwisata Indonesia
  25. 25. Baidu Open Market Platform for Tourism
  26. 26. THANKS