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Baidu - Explore The Mobile World in Indonesia - 2014


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Baidu releases a report based on the results of the company exploration on the mobile world trends in Indonesia. The exploration result was obtained from the surveys and interviews conducted by the company since 2 September to 31 October 2014. This activity aims to gain insights into the current situation and trends in Indonesian mobile market, as well as to gain in-depth description of the mobile phone users in Indonesia.

This report (in Indonesian) is also available in HTML5 version:

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Baidu - Explore The Mobile World in Indonesia - 2014

  1. 1. BaiduIndonesia BaiduIndonesia ExploreThe Mobile World In Indonesia
  2. 2. BaiduIndonesia •The purpose for this research is: 1. to unveil some practical insights on the current situation and the trend of the mobile market in Indonesia 2. to provide a deep description of the mobile users •The findings are based on the deep analysis of the data collected from various channels, which include online questionnaire survey, face to face interview and product data. Online Survey: The questionnaire is posted on,,etc. in Sep2014. And totally 11458 valid sampleis collected. 1 Expert Interview: Expert list covers Indonesia top tech blogger, media, developer to commercial company etc. 3 Depth interview: Over 100 hours deep interview carried out among mobile internet users in JKT and other cities face-to-face or by telephone. 2 Product Data: The log data from Baiduproducts are also included in the final analysis. 4 Overview
  3. 3. BaiduIndonesia Exclusive Summary Part A Market •Smartphone: most widely and most frequently used device •General usage: high frequency and long duration •Operator: price is no longer the only consideration •Device: shifting from low end to middle end android phones •Brands: local brand is chasing Samsung Part B User •Demographics: young male, lower income and less internet experience •Scenario: home is the most important •Activities: socialnetwork, searching and media consumption •Apps:onlyafewwillbefrequentlyused,browseristhemostversatileone •Peak time: lunch time and after work Part C Future •Mobile internetwillhavearapidgrowthinthefuture •Developers will have more support from the enterprises •Indonesia will become a internet player rather than a big internet market only
  4. 4. BaiduIndonesia DetailFindings Part A Market Part B User Part C Future
  5. 5. BaiduIndonesia 59,9% 41,4% 33,5% 17,4% 11,0% 4,0% 48,0% 20,3% 15,5% 8,3% 3,9% 3,6% Smartphone Laptop PC Desktop PC Tablet/Pad Netbook Other Smartphone: most widely and most frequently used device A Device for Surfing Internet I use it to surf the net most frequently I use it to surf the net in the past 6months
  6. 6. BaiduIndonesia General usage: high frequency and long duration A 90.7% of the mobile internet users surf more than once a day 90.7% 26,6% 14,0% 15,4% 22,7% 21,3% over 5 hours 3-5 hours 2-3 hours 1-2 hours less than 1 hour Over40% users spend 3 hours or more each day to surf the internet with smartphone Frequency for surfing mobile internet Hours for surfing mobile internet
  7. 7. BaiduIndonesia Operator: price is no longer the only consideration A 39,6% 38,2% 34,9% 33,3% 31,9% 24,9% Better data Package Networs speed Lower price Network stability Network coverage Mobile standard Otherthanprice,internetexperience such as speed, network stability are playing important role whenuserchoosingtheoperators Topconsiderations whenchoosingtheoperators
  8. 8. BaiduIndonesia Device: low-end device is currently the mainstream A 20,6% 29,1% 33,5% 11,5% 4,1% 1,3% Less than Rp. 1,000,000 Rp. 1,000,001-1,500,000 Rp. 1,500,001-3,000,000 Rp. 3,000,001-5,000,000 Rp. 5,000,001-8,000,000 More than Rp. 8,000,000 Purchase Price of theCurrent Smartphone Currently, over 80% of the smartphone are below Rp. 3,000,000. Rp.1,000=$0.08215
  9. 9. BaiduIndonesia Device in future: A better Android phone A OS users going to choose 87.3% 87.3% of the mobile internet users expecting the next smart phone to be Android Rp. 2,148,000 Rp. 2,907,000 Price of the current smartphone vs. Budget for the next smartphone The average price of the current smartphone is Rp. 2,148,000, and the average budget for the next smart phone grows to Rp. 2,907,000. Rp.1,000=$0.08215
  10. 10. BaiduIndonesia Brands: local brand is chasing Samsung A Brands of the current smartphone 49,7% 16,2% 14,4% 9,2% 8,5% 8,0% 7,9% 7,1% 6,4% 3,9% 3,0% 2,7% 1,9% 1,0% 0,7% Samsung Blackberry Smartfren Nokia Advan Sony Evercoss Lenovo oppo Mito Apple LG Hisense Huawei Himax
  11. 11. BaiduIndonesia DetailFindings Part A Market Part B User Part C Future
  12. 12. BaiduIndonesia Demographics: young male with lower income B 13,9% 40,1% 17,8% 14,0% 7,1% 3,7% 3,4% younger than 18 18-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-45 older than 45 Male 74.7% Female 25.3% 45,6% 28,7% 12,2% 5,7% 3,1% 4,6% Lower than Rp. 1,500,000 Rp. 1,500,001 - 3,000,000 Rp. 3,000,001 - 4,500,000 Rp. 4,500,001 - 6,000,000 Rp. 6,000,001 - 8,000,000 Higher than Rp. 8,000,000
  13. 13. BaiduIndonesia Users: less internet experience B 6,2% 10,9% 21,1% 26,1% 25,6% 10,0% 11,2% 21,4% 34,3% 21,8% 9,4% 2,0% less than 6 month 6 month -1 year 1-3year 3-5years 5-10 years 10 years or longer 44.8% 44.8% of the users started their internet experience from smartphone Comparison of the internet experience Device to start the internet experience Smartphone Computer Mobileinternetexperience PCinternetexperience
  14. 14. BaiduIndonesia Scenario: home is the most important B 95,2% 36,0% 26,8% 26,6% 20,2% 15,9% 12,3% 10,1% 3,3% Home Workplace On-the-go Restaurant Café/coffee shop School Public transport At a social gathering/ function/event Others Mobile internet scenarios
  15. 15. BaiduIndonesia Activities: social network, searching and mediaconsumption B 84,2% 65,7% 39,2% 38,9% 31,4% 30,7% 17,6% 16,4% 1,5% Accessing a social nertwork Searching Reading news/books/magazines Sending/Reading emails Watching videos Playing games Listening music Reviewing blogs or BBS Others Mobile internet activities
  16. 16. BaiduIndonesia Apps: only afewapps are frequently used B 39,4% 34,4% 11,4% 13,5% 1-2 Apps 3-5 Apps 6-10 Apps more than 10 Apps Frequently used Apps 86,4% 79,5% 63,9% 61,0% 50,7% 48,2% 48,1% 36,0% 28,6% 28,4% 16,8% 0,9% 81,0% 64,5% 35,4% 32,2% 17,0% 25,3% 7,9% 7,0% 6,2% 8,6% 2,5% 0,1% social network browser game music video news map&travel tools photography shopping books others Apps installed vs. Apps frequently used Appsfrequentlyused Appsinstalled
  17. 17. BaiduIndonesia Browser: a versatile tool B Frequency of using mobile browser 78.3% 78.3% of the mobile internet users open browser many times a day 79,1% 66,2% 65,3% 55,6% 34,3% 31,0% 19,0% 5,8% 0,9% search download things social networks read news watch pictures watch videos shopping read novels others Purpose for using mobile browser Users are using browser for various purposes
  18. 18. BaiduIndonesia Peak time: lunch time and after work B 0:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:00 13:00 19:00
  19. 19. BaiduIndonesia 3 typical user personas B Mobile is complementary Mobile is dominant Mobile is all The Mobile "Player" The Mobile "Learner" The Mobile "User" “Computer is the main tool for my internet life” “I usually use phone at fragmented times” “Computer is only my homework machine” “I really like Android, so many apps and games, so many fun, and also private” “Anything I need from internet, I use my phone”
  20. 20. BaiduIndonesia He rents an apartment in Jakarta. Everyday, he wakes up at 7:30 and goes to work at 9:00 by motorbike. He works in a ITcompany. During work, he mainly uses laptop to deal with documents, search, sending emails, etc. During 12:00-13:30, there is a midday rest. Usually, he checkshisFB duringlunch. Most of time, he will be home before 21:00. Before sleep, he will read news on mobile to follow up what happen the whole day. Daily life Occupation: Senior Marketing Executive Mobile internet History: from 2011 with the first mobile phone of Sony Xperia PC internet History: from 2008 with first laptops in college Present internet devices: Dell Samsung Galaxy s5 Basic information A typical day with internet 7:30 9:00 12:00 18:00 13:30 23:00 Get up,check emails and FB with the phone. When arrive the office, opens the computer and read some news, then start the work. Lunch time: Facebook, BBM, Twitterwith the phone. During a boring meeting, scan for funny things on the phone. Reading some news and check FB in bedbefore go to sleep. Go back to work, emailing, searching by computer. •MostofthemstartusinginternetbyPC,and still accustomed to use PC •Mobile internet is mainly a supplement to fit in the fragmented time •The mobile usage is comparatively stable: social network, searching, browsing “I usually use phone at fragmented times, less than 2 hours in one day” “I only have a few favorite apps, because I don’t have that much time” Name: Rizki Aged 28 and married The Mobile USER
  21. 21. BaiduIndonesia Everyday in the morning, he prays at 5:00. Then he will check BBM and reply if necessary. After that, he goes back to sleep. He will play some games or chat with friends during the class. And new game or anything new no mobile are good topic to talk about. Lunch is always the happy time. Sharing everything funny including mobile games or new apps is his favorite. Before goes to sleep, he checks again all social medias in bed. Daily life Occupation: Student Mobile internet History: from 2011 with the first mobile phone of Smartfren PC internet History: from 2011 with the first laptop bought by his father Present internet devices: Basic information A typical day with internet 23:00 FB before go to bed. •Startusinginternetby PC and mobile almost the same time •Mobile is so attractive in many ways that PC is now only used for few target •Very eager to do more with the mobile phone. Mobile phone is the best toy or play- mate Name: David Age: 18 The Mobile PLAYER Acer Smartfren Play games: the Titans War, racing games. 8:00 12:00 Chat with friends on line, Facebook, Path. 14:00 A friend introduced a new app. Download it and have a try. Do homework:FB, search. 19:00 Watch videos:movies, sports videos, funny videos Play games. 21:00 “I really like Android, so many apps and games, so many fun, and also private” “Computer is only my homework machine”
  22. 22. BaiduIndonesia After getting up at 8:00, she will have breakfast and reads some gossip news of celebrities on Work starts at 9:00. After the cleaning work, she may have a short break if the supervisor doesn't show up. She likes to chat with colleagues then. Her colleague always know the new apps and games. She likes to learn from them. After a long exhausting day, she likes to watch some videos on the phone. Or play some games. Daily life Occupation: cashier at a supermarket Mobile internet History: from 2011 with the first mobile phone of EvercrossA11 PC internet History: no Present internet devices: Basic information A typical day with internet •Mobile brings internet into life and now everything on mobile is being learned •Not quite familiar with technology both internet and mobile phone are new to them •Usage is limited with in a few apps “Anything I need from internet, I use my phone” Name: Arni Age: 19 The Mobile NOVICE Read some gossip news and chatwithfriendonthe wayworkviaFB. 8:00 12:00 ChecktheFBduringthelunchtime. Talk with a friend on “Line”. 19:00 A friend helped to installed a new game. Try the new game and then watch some videos on Youtubebefore go to bed. 21:00 EvercossA11
  23. 23. BaiduIndonesia DetailFindings Part A Market Part B User Part C Future
  24. 24. BaiduIndonesia Future of the mobile internet in Indonesia C The population is huge, and the mobile penetration is expected to grow in the future. Quite a lot of the mobile users are pretty fresh to mobile internet. They are learning fast, they are growing needs and knowledge means a great opportunity. Especially in E-commerce and social games. Operators such as Smartfrenare investing on internet infrastructures such as LTE. A better infrastructure is the basis of growth. A rapid growth There are more communications between government and entrepreneurs. Both developer and the entrepreneur will benefit from a healthier environment. Operator’s investment on the new technology and the infrastructure will help developers. More and more enterprises are seeking cooperation with the developers. Better for developer The prosperity of the internet industry has a strong relationship to GDP growth, the government is paying more attention to the internet industry. Indonesia is already a big market. The cooperation with foreign companies also helps local industry to grow. Market becomes player
  25. 25. BaiduIndonesia Experts C Andry Huzain Hermansyah ManuelIrwanputera EndaNasution Denny Abe Rama Mamuaya
  26. 26. BaiduIndonesia About Baidu •Baiduis the 5thlargest internet giant all over the world, and starts business in Indonesia since July 2013 •Currently Baiduhas 4 mobile products in Indonesia: BaiduBrowser, MoboMarket, Du Battery Saver and Du Speed Booster •These 4 products are already covering 2/3 of the Indonesian Android users
  27. 27. BaiduIndonesia The End BaiduIndonesia