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Bahja equal opptunties


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Bahja equal opptunties

  1. 1. What does equal opportunities mean?Equal opportunities is giving people the same rightsResearch on the internet and find out how equal opportunities applies to:Equal opportunities The first example has been completed for you:applies to housing bygiving everyone a Public housing – Greenwich Housing AssociationhouseIt is important to Private housing – Berkeley Homes in Woolwichhave equal Arsenalopportunities inhousing becausepeople will havesomething in heremind (reacecem)Sometime peopledon’t get equalopportunities tohousing because theyare white or black orhow they speakEqual opportunitiesapplies to educationbyIt is important to
  2. 2. have equalopportunities ineducation becausesome people aresmart enoughSometime peopledon’t get equalopportunities toeducation becausethey think the personis not smart enoughor can’t do this workso just miss hem out,and some timespeople don’t haveenough moneyEqual opportunitiesapplies to healthcareby every havingaccess in UK,It is important tohave equalopportunities inhealthcare because This picturesome people get ill show that in every where you are in UK ifand can’t go to the you get ill you will have some people whohealthcare because will help you with no pagingthey think of howthey look or what
  3. 3. they believe are notthe sameSometime peopledon’t get equalopportunities tohealthcare becausethere background andthere culture isdifferent like theythinkEqual opportunitiesapplies to employmentbyIt is important tohave equalemployment inhealthcare becauseSome people getsvery ill and don’t go tothe healthcareSometime peopledon’t get equal
  4. 4. opportunities toemployment becausesome people don’tmake fair when theyapplying for a jobPick two groups from the list below. Explain the problems that peoplehave giving equal opportunities to people in these groups: • Disabled • Gender • LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) • Ethnic groups • AgeEqual opportunities News article or supporting evidenceapplies to - newspaper or website address_____age________ by - a quote to support your pointevery one have there This picture is a girl who stop studding aright to do what they the age 15 and came back at the age 19want (not only the old orteenager)It is important to haveequal opportunities forthis group because somekids will think why onlythat age not us or forexample people who missthere school when theywere 16 -18 and thinkwhen they were 20 tocome back and study arenot allowed
  5. 5. The problems happenwhen we only look inasurten ageEqual opportunities News article or supporting evidenceapplies to - newspaper or website address______disabled______ - a quote to support your point_ by This picture shows us how disabled is a person they still can learnIt is important to haveequal opportunities forthis group becauseIs not fair we can forexample (walk heartalk.) and they can’tthey do all that they willsmile in front of you butin inside they cryingThe problems happenwhen for example inschool some people can’ttake the steers and theschool don’t have a left