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Data Journalism - Introduction


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Data Journalism lecture - Week 1: Introduction to Data Journalism
Lecture date: 9 Sep 2015
MA in Journalism
National University of Ireland, Galway

Title slide image from The Data Journalism Handbook

Published in: Education
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Data Journalism - Introduction

  1. 1. DATA JOURNALISM Dr. Bahareh Heravi Week 1
  2. 2. Who  am  I?     Research  Group  Leader  &  Research  Fellow     Insight  News  Lab   Insight  Centre  for  Data  AnalyBcs,  NUIG     Adjunct  Lecturer  &   Programme  Board  Member  of  Journalism  Studies     NaBonal  University  of    Ireland,  Galway     Former  Lead  Data  ScienBst  at  The  Irish  Times   Founder  of  Irish  Times  Data     Founder  of  Hacks/Hackers  Dublin  
  3. 3. Outline  of  today   What  is  Data  Journalism?   Why  is  it  important?   Some  examples   Data  Journalism  Process     What  we  will  learn   Assessment      
  4. 4.   What  is  Data  Journalism?  
  5. 5. Telling stories with data – data as a source
  6. 6. DATA  
  7. 7. data information wisdom knowledge DISCRETE  ELEMENTS:  FACTS,  SYMBOLS,  SIGNALS     of  no  use  unBl  in  a  usable  format     UNDERSTANDING  RELATIONS     ‘who’,  ‘what’,  ‘when’,  ‘where’   UNDERSTANDING  PATTERNS   ‘how’   UNDERSTANDING  PRINCIPALS   ‘why’   G  Bellinger,  D  Castro,  A  Mills,  Data,  informaBon,  knowledge,  and  wisdom,  2004  
  8. 8.   DATA  is  o3en  ugly  
  9. 9. Role of Data Journalists: Beautification Ugly  data  -­‐>  beauBful  informaBon  &  knowledge   &  Storytelling  
  10. 10. Data  Journalism  as  it  is  known  now   is  just  over  5  years  old.     BUT     It  has  its  roots  in  Computer  Assisted   reporBng  (CAR),  which  goes  back  to   1960s.        
  11. 11.     Data  Journalism  is  the  future.     Sir  Tim  Berners-­‐Lee   Founder  of  the  World  Wide  Web      
  12. 12. “Data  Journalism  is  the  future.     Journalists  need  to  be  data-­‐savvy.  It  used  to  be  that  you   would  get  stories  by  chadng  to  people  in  bars,  and  it  sBll   might  be  that  you’ll  do  it  that  way  some  Bmes.  But  now  it’s   also  going  to  be  about  poring  over  data  and  equipping   yourself  with  the  tools  to  analyze  it  and  picking  out  what’s   interesBng.  And  keeping  it  in  perspecBve,  helping  people  out   by  really  seeing  where  it  all  fits  together,  and  what’s  going  on   in  the  country”,  and  in  the  world.       Sir  Tim  Berners-­‐Lee   Data  Journalism  Handbook  
  13. 13.   Data  Journalism  Process?  
  14. 14. The  inverted  pyramid  of  data  journalism   By Paul Bradshaw
  15. 15. The  inverted  pyramid  of  data  journalism   By Paul Bradshaw
  16. 16. Examples  of  Data  Journalism   projects  in  newsrooms  
  17. 17. Asylum  rates  in  Europe  
  18. 18. Is  your  name  going  out  of  fashion?  
  19. 19. More  road  deaths  in   counBes  with  low   penalty  points  
  20. 20. Source:  Guardian  Data  
  21. 21. Guardian  Data  
  22. 22.     SOME  TOOLS  
  23. 23. Fusion     Tables  
  24. 24. Anybody can do it!
  25. 25. How? We will learn during this semester....
  26. 26. hip:// programmes/data-­‐journalism-­‐awards/  
  27. 27. hip://  
  28. 28. Data  Journalist  
  29. 29.   QuesFons?           @Bahareh360   Bahareh.Heravi@insight-­‐