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Bahadur Singh: Sikh Festivals


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Enjoy the Sikh Festivals in Salem OR in Dasmesh Darbar and all over the world.

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Bahadur Singh: Sikh Festivals

  1. 1. SIKH FESTIVALS Learn All About from Bahadur Singh, Salem Oregon
  2. 2. GURUPURAB Honoring all ten of the Gurus with a joy that knows no limits, Gurupurab is held for three days, as the Guru Granth Sahib (the holy book of the Sikhs) and a celebratory festival begins.
  3. 3. BAISAKHI Marking New Year's Day, Baisakhi is a big party with lots of dancing and parades. The traditional folk dances Gidda and Bhangra, are performed and processions include mock duels. Musicians perform religious tunes. Food stalls and shops line the streets offering delicious snacks and selling trinkets.
  4. 4. HOLLA MOHALLA In 1757 AD Guru Gobind Singh decided to revive the spirit of Holi and weave its essence into a festival created in the Khalsa traditions. Thus, Holla Mohalla is celebrated following Holi.
  5. 5. DASMESH DARBAR Dasmesh Darbar is the Salem Gurdwara; with about 200 members, it opens its doors for tours, health care and free food weekly. Bahadur Singh has served as president of the board of the directors for the Dasmesh Darbar since its opening in 2005. S A L E M , O R E G O N
  6. 6. BAHADUR SINGH w w w . b a h a d u r s i n g h s a l e m . c o m @ b a h a d u r 1 9 6 1