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Leadership That Get Result


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Summary from "Leadership That Get Result" article by Daniel Goleman.

On this slide you will find that Leadership Style is something that can be mastered and have big influence in organizational performance (even financial !!!). And good leaders are them who can master some leadership style and not only depend on their own character.

Enjoy the slide, hope you guys like it.

All credits goes to Daniel Goleman and HayGroup.

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Leadership That Get Result

  1. 1. What do effective leaders do?
  2. 2. “motivate people” “set strategy” “create a mission” “build culture” and many others....
  3. 3. to simplify
  5. 5. BREAKING NEWS Organizational Climate can account for nearly a third of financial performance
  6. 6. 6 key factors that influence working environment #1 flexibility how free employees feel to innovate without unencumbered by red tape #2 responsibility sense of responsibility to organization #3 standards level of standards that people set
  7. 7. 6 key factorsthat influence working environment #4 rewards sense of accuracy about performance feedback and aptness of rewards #5 clarity clarity about mission and values #6 commitment level of commitment to common purpose
  8. 8. THE QUESTION How to control the Organizational Climate?
  10. 10. MYTHS #1 People are born to be leader #2 Leadership style is function of personality
  11. 11. TRUTH Leadership can be learned and it is more to strategic choice rather than function of personality
  12. 12. MISTERY REVEALED !!! Hay/McBer consulting firm research found 6 distinc leadership styles* COERCIVE DEMOCRATIC AUTHORITATIVE COACHING AFFILIATIVE PACESETTING *no style should be relied on exclusively*
  13. 13. COERCIVE #1 Demand immediate compliances. “do what i tell you” When: in a crisis, to kickstart a turn around, or with problem with employees
  14. 14. AUTHORITATIVE #2 Mobilizes people toward a vision. “come with me” When changes require a new vision, or when a clear direction is needed
  15. 15. AFFILIATIVE #3 Creates harmony and build emotional bonds “people come first” To heal rifts in team or to motivate people during stressful circumstances
  16. 16. DEMOCRATIC #4 Forges consensus through participation “what do you think” To build buy-in or consensus, or to get valuable input from employees
  17. 17. PACESETTING #5 Sets high standard for performance “do as I do, now” To get quick result from a highly motivated and competent team
  18. 18. COACHING #6 Develop people for the future “try this” To help an employee improve performance or develop long term strength
  19. 19. THE CHALLENGES Ability to use each of the Leadership Style in the right measure, at just the right time. To get the best organizational climate and optimizes business performance
  21. 21. Four Fundamental Capabilities of Intelligence Competencies SELF AWARENESS SELF MANAGEMENT SOCIAL AWARENESS SOCIAL SKILL
  22. 22. QUIZ From the six Leadership Style. Only four consistently have a positive effect on climate and result. Name them !
  23. 23. All credit for content goes to Leadership That Gets Result By Daniel Goleman and HayGroup Harvard Business Review March-April 2000 download for full article here