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How to Measure Success with Gamification

March 25th, 2015 gamification webinar featuring Badgeville's Laura Lilyquist and Lindsay Brothers.

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How to Measure Success with Gamification

  1. 1. Webinar Series 1. Employee Engagement 2. How to Get Started 3. How to Measure Success
  2. 2. Presentation Topics Success MetricsGetting Started Badgeville Solutions
  3. 3. Your Hosts Laura Lilyquist VP, Marketing Twitter: @badgeville Lindsay Brothers Product Manager
  4. 4. Getting Started Recap
  5. 5. Business Gamification Helps Us Feel... Structured Smart Socially ValuedSuccessful
  6. 6. Activities Rewards Missions •Contextual •Portable Reputation •Activity Streams •Real-Time Notifications •Inbox Leaderboards Business Gamification Features •Player •Behavior •Content •Metadata •Player Eligibility •Points •Behaviors •Metadata •Rank/Performance •Onboarding •Repeating Performance Targets •Expertise Leveling Expertise Tracks •Rank & Contests •Counts, Time, Scores •Players, Teams Real-Time Feedback A combination of technology, expertise and ongoing evolution for enterprise applications
  7. 7. A Showcase of Expertise and Achievements
  8. 8. Presentation Topics Success MetricsGetting Started Badgeville Solutions
  9. 9. Measuring Success Process Success starts with well defined objectives and desired results Define Objectives Define Desired Results Define Game
  10. 10. KPIs (key performance indicators) o Metrics that are tied to an objective o Time-sensitive o Have a specific target o EG: Target 75 tickets closed / day by June 30, 2015 Metrics o Measureable o Quantifiable o Number of tickets closed / day Measuring Success KPIs vs Metrics
  11. 11. KPIs must tie to business goals o Usually increased revenue or cost savings Good design achieves goals Specific metrics can change as design matures Measuring Success Planning & Design
  12. 12. Begin gathering data ASAP o Usually increased revenue or cost savings Establish a baseline in order to measure success Establish metrics in order to build on KPIs during the program A good baseline of data = A solid foundation Measuring Success Baseline
  13. 13. Measuring Success Wave Methodology
  14. 14. Nature of game mechanics provides continuous feedback Delivers deep analytics into user behavior Refine game over time to maintain effectiveness Measuring Success Provides continuous feedback Defined Desired Behaviors Game Activity Reinforced Rewards Learning
  15. 15. Gain new insights into discrete user behaviors & actions Get immediate insights and clear action items Manage ongoing program analysis View program changes dynamically Unique View of Users, Usage & Behaviors Analytics Gain insights
  16. 16. Analytics Built for Ease of Use and Scale Built for ease of use, self management Modular visualizations Fed from flexible queries No need for internal data scientist Analytics Self-service reporting
  17. 17. Example: Leading Korean Telecommunications Sales reps return more often More completed training More activity taken Reseller effectiveness 40%25% 2X Increase in average daily return visits Average daily activity Average weekly return visits 50% Rewarded user receive 3+ activity rewards per week 10% Active users completing training each day
  18. 18. Example: Leading Healthcare Company Employees make more quality contributions Create more discussion threads Login more frequently View more content Engaged employees Increase in Employee Comments Increase in Employees Using Community Increase in Views +13% +37% +19% 2X +32% +34% Completed Profiles Increase in Thread Replies Increase in Thread Creation
  19. 19. Presentation Topics How To Get Started Business Gamification Badgeville Solutions
  20. 20. Pioneered business gamification market in 2010 Startup backed by leading venture investors Top talent team with expert game designers & data scientists 20 Badgeville offers gamification for key enterprise applications Badgeville is the Leader in Enterprise Gamification With Nearly 300 Successful Deployments
  21. 21. CUSTOMERS Badgeville has deployed business gamification with many leading brands
  22. 22. PARTNERS Badgeville Works With Leading Partners
  23. 23. Badgeville Drives Real Results 4x increase in customer advocates 4.5x increase in Forecast accuracy & hygiene 18% increase in time spent in class 50% increase in course completion 40% improvement in ticket response time
  24. 24. Badgeville Uses Game Mechanics to Drive Quantifiable Business Results 3 Pillars for Success Platform Enterprise- grade Scalable Secure Design templates & application connectors Products Analytics Real-time views of users, usage and actions
  25. 25. Badgeville Game Design Template Examples Products Badgeville Products & Services Forum Expert Conversation Starter Content Creator Social Collaborator Sales Performance Service Performance Employee Certification Tracked Education Badgeville has developed many Game Design Templates based upon 300+ deployments More Templates +
  26. 26. Connectors for Key Applications Decrease deployment time for leading platforms Enables System Admins to deploy and manage Eliminates the need for internal development resources Reduces deployment time to 30 days Products Badgeville Products & Services
  27. 27. PlatformA Robust Enterprise Platform for High Scale Eliminate risk with high scalability to millions of actions/day & billions of API calls/month Protect security with private cloud, Safe Harbor, SOC2 Type I and SAS-70 Type II compliance Maintain control with role-based Access Control — Enterprise admins, app admins, and read-only access Badgeville Products & Services ENTERPRISE GRADE
  28. 28. THANK YOU Let’s talk: