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Google News SEO - How Publishers Can Dominate Google Search


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Slides from my talk at SEO camp'us Paris in March 2017 about optimising for Google News and leveraging internal link power for SERP domination.

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Google News SEO - How Publishers Can Dominate Google Search

  1. 1. @badams #seocamp Google News Optimisation Barry Adams Polemic Digital March 2017 How News Publishers Dominate Search
  2. 2. @badams #seocamp Barry Adams  Doing SEO since 1998  Founder of Polemic Digital  Co-Chief at State of Digital
  3. 3. @badams #seocamp My Approach to SEO Three Pillars Model: 1. Technology: making your website crawlable & indexable 2. Relevancy: optimising content for the right keywords 3. Authority: links to improve trust & rankings Technology Relevancy Authority The Three Pillars of SEO:
  4. 4. @badams #seocamp Google News
  5. 5. @badams #seocamp History of Google News • 2002: initial beta • 2006: official launch • 2007: Universal Search • 2015: Accelerated Mobile Pages
  6. 6. @badams #seocamp
  7. 7. @badams #seocamp ±11.5% of Google search results have a Google News element
  8. 8. @badams #seocamp ‘Top Stories’ onebox
  9. 9. @badams #seocamp Growth of Mobile
  10. 10. @badams #seocamp Mobile News Carousels
  11. 11. @badams #seocamp Mobile Publisher Carousels
  12. 12. @badams #seocamp Google AMP is mandatory No AMP AMP
  13. 13. @badams #seocamp Mobile News Visibility
  14. 14. @badams #seocamp AMP Beyond News
  15. 15. @badams #seocamp • ‘Proper’ news;  Not a news section on commercial site • Original content;  Some syndication is fine • Multiple updates a day;  Actively updated site • Multiple contributors;  A colophon / authors list helps • Editorial speciality;  Niche news sites are welcome • Technical requirements;  News XML Sitemap  Accelerated Mobile Pages
  16. 16. @badams #seocamp Keeping Google News Clean
  17. 17. @badams #seocamp Googlebot-News
  18. 18. @badams #seocamp Optimising for Google News
  19. 19. @badams #seocamp Google News Ranking Factors 1. Editorial Speciality If your news site is a specialist on a specific topic, you are more likely to rank in Google News boxes for relevant queries.
  20. 20. @badams #seocamp Google News Ranking Factors 2. Headline Keyword Matching Having the keyword in your article headline is the single most important on-page ranking factor.
  21. 21. @badams #seocamp Google News Ranking Factors 3. Recent News Google News prefers to show recently published or updated articles, so publish often & update previous articles.
  22. 22. @badams #seocamp Google News Ranking Factors 4. Content Factors  NewsArticle Structured Data  Headlines: max 110 chars  Headlines: <H1>  Articles: 80+ words  Articles: not too long (?)  No article fragmentation  … many more
  23. 23. @badams #seocamp
  24. 24. @badams #seocamp ? Title Not Found
  25. 25. @badams #seocamp Special characters are escaped and shown in ASCII code
  26. 26. @badams #seocamp Article Fragmented ?
  27. 27. @badams #seocamp The article content is not one continuous block in the source code – it is interrupted by the ‘Read More’ block.
  28. 28. @badams #seocamp
  29. 29. @badams #seocamp
  30. 30. @badams #seocamp Leveraging Google News for regular SEO
  31. 31. @badams #seocamp News sites dominate Google
  32. 32. @badams #seocamp Why? (Obligatory cat picture)
  33. 33. @badams #seocamp Links, links, links, and more links
  34. 34. @badams #seocamp News Sites = Trusted Sites News articles are cited & linked to very often News publishers become trusted sources Published articles rank top in Google Top ranked articles are read more
  35. 35. @badams #seocamp Leveraging link power
  36. 36. @badams #seocamp Topical Hub Pages
  37. 37. @badams #seocamp Internal Link Power Article Links Article Tags
  38. 38. @badams #seocamp The Key to Publisher’s Search Domination • News sites don’t need to build links  Their stories gather links with minimal effort • Internal link power is sent to topical hub pages  Through in-article links and article tags • These topic ages then rank in ‘regular’ organic search  Any new article published on the topic gets instant link value from the hub page
  39. 39. @badams #seocamp Paywall
  40. 40. @badams #seocamp Migration
  41. 41. @badams #seocamp The Sun vs Daily Mail
  42. 42. @badams #seocamp
  43. 43. @badams #seocamp Summarised
  44. 44. @badams #seocamp Google News Domination • ±11.5% of searches have a Google News element • News publishers can leverage internal link power • AMP is starting to dominate mobile SERPs • Technical SEO is very important for news publishers
  45. 45. @badams #seocamp Thank You @polemicdigital @badams