Hospital Public Relations and Marketing via Social Media


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This presentation looks at the importance of online reputation management for hospitals and organizations in the healthcare industry. The presenters cover how to monitor your digital footprint and find incorrect, misleading and unfavorable information. They also discuss how to respond to negative information and expose search engine results to positive and helpful information. Social Media sites are also covered. Facebook for hospitals, Pinterest for hospitals, and social media marketing are included topics.

Presenters: Ryan Sides, Lead Strategist, Bacon Social Media

Mary Ellen Slayter, Managing Director/Founder, Reputation Capital Media Services

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  • Introduce ourselves
  • Introduce ourselves
  • Bad Example
  • Bad Example
  • Good Example
  • Good example
  • Good Example
  • Transition to Ryan. Which channel should you use? Each attracts a slightly different audience.
  • Ryan, this is where you jump in
  • Bullet points with advice from Ryan
  • Post Relevant Things, Visual Things
  • Bullet points with advice from Ryan
  • Hospital Public Relations and Marketing via Social Media

    1. 1. DigitalReputationManagement How Hospitals Can Use Social Media toBuild and Protect Their Brands
    2. 2. About UsRyan Sides is the lead strategist at Bacon Social Media, a Baton Rouge social media marketing firm. He has a B.A. in marketing from Southeastern Louisiana University and an MBA from Louisiana State University.
    3. 3. About UsMary Ellen Slayter is managing director atReputation Capital Media Services. Shepreviously served as director of contentdevelopment at SmartBrief and as an editor atThe Washington Post. She has a master’s injournalism from the University of Maryland anda B.S. in agronomy from LSU.
    4. 4. About This SessionWe will offer guidance to help you:• More effectively monitor your digital footprint.• Improve the quality of your search engine results to feature positive and helpful information.• Respond appropriately to incorrect, misleading and unfavorable information.
    5. 5. Whats the Difference?The second group is taking proactive steps to shape their digital footprint, using content marketing and social media.
    6. 6. The Challenges• Limited Staff and Budgets: Who is going to do all this work?• Demanding Stakeholders: Doctors want to see themselves in ads, the CEO wants to hard numbers on ROI.• Privacy Concerns: Medical issues are sensitive -- you can’t treat a disgruntled customer the same way a restaurant would.
    7. 7. Fight Bad Content With Good• Generate Original Content• Amplify Your Message with Social Media
    8. 8. Generate Original Content• Static Content: Answer peoples most common questions. Make it easy to get directions, download patient forms, detailed doctor bios, photos of facilities, etc.• Dynamic Content: Create a blog that features news about the hospital, wellness tips, interviews with doctors.
    9. 9. Generate Original ContentTime-saving tips:• Get organized. Create templates, formulas and schedules.• Repurpose where you can. The same content can packaged for a newsletter, blog, print campaign, etc.• Curate effectively. Summarize/link to outside sources.• Leverage the whole organization. Seek volunteers to create content.
    10. 10. Amplify With Social Media• Choose your channels wisely.• Use the right tools to monitor, publish and measure.
    11. 11. Choosing Your ChannelsTop 3 considerations:• Time• Customers• Budget
    12. 12. • Fan Page• Divide and Conquer By Department/Audience vs One Page• Groups - Existing or Create• Contests
    13. 13. Facebook Fan Page and Contest Tools • $ • $$
    14. 14. QuestionAmerican Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Study - 90% of Women responsible for Heathcare decisions in their household Women make up 85% of this sites users. Guess the site.
    15. 15. Twitter• Objective: Branding, Outreach, Community News• Quality over Quantity• Listen• Live Tweeting from SurgeriesOSU Medical Center Live-Tweets, Broadcasts MAKOPlasty Procedure
    16. 16. Lets Talk Tools• Monitoring• Publishing• Measuring
    17. 17. Whos Talking About What?Keywords: Obvious vs Customer VoiceObvious: Saint Elizabeth HospitalCustomer Voice: St. ElizabethsMonitor the Big NetworksFacebook, Twitter, Quora, Google Blog Search, Google News, Social Mention
    18. 18. Monitoring Tools• Radian6: $600-$4,100/month• Hubspot: $200-$1,800/month• Sprout Social: $60/month• HootSuite: $7/month• Google Reader: FREE
    19. 19. What Are YOU Talking About?• Define objectives & goals• Repurpose content – but make it site/audience specific• Integrate online with offline o Photos and videos o Event reminders and post-reviews• Promote others (80/20 Rule)
    20. 20. Publishing Tools
    21. 21. Whats Working? Whats Not?WHAT to measure:•Internal Activities: Posts, Types of Content,Updates, Tweets, etc.•External Activities: Comments, Likes, RT,Repins, etc.HOW to measure:•Free: Facebook Insights, Google Analytics,URL Shorteners, Social Mention•Paid: Radian6, Hubspot, Sprout Social
    22. 22. Who Cares?Make reporting make sense:• Who is the audience?• What do THEY want to know?• Present it on THEIR level
    23. 23. Who Cares?
    24. 24. Measurement Tools50 Mostly Free Social Media Tools
    25. 25. Questions?Ryan Sideswww.BaconSocialMedia.comRyan@baconsocialmedia.comTwitter: @RyanSides225Mary Ellen Slayterwww.RepCapitalMedia.comme@repcapitalmedia.comTwitter: @RepCapital