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How To Setup Your Google Places Page to Drive Foot Traffic to Your Restaurant in 2 Hours


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This article details the tips and tricks to get the most out of your Google Places listing, so your place can be found online. Hopefully, you are reading this BEFORE you add your business to Google Places, but if you have already added your place, keep reading for some nuggets of value to boost your place’s performance.

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How To Setup Your Google Places Page to Drive Foot Traffic to Your Restaurant in 2 Hours

  2. 2. HOW TO SETUP YOUR GOOGLE PLACES PAGE IN 2 HOURS TO DRIVE FOOT TRAFFIC TO YOUR RESTAURANTIf you have a store front, a retail shop, or a restaurant, you should have a Google Placeslisting. If you’ve searched on Google’s Map for businesses in your area, you’ve seen GooglePlace listings as the set of results.This article details the tips and tricks to get the most out of your Google Places listing, soyour place can be found online. Hopefully, you are reading this BEFORE you add yourbusiness to Google Places, but if you have already added your place, keep reading for somenuggets of value to boost your place’s performance. OTHER BUSINESS LISTING SITESBelieve it or not, Googledoesn’t totally trust you.They place trust in otherwebsites, so your first prioritybefore creating your GooglePlace listing is to visit OTHERlisting sites and create yourbusiness listing there. Siteslike Yelp, Trip Advisor,Insider Pages, Sunshine Pages(for Louisiana folks), YahooPlaces, and the Yellow Pagesall allow FREE listings of yourbusiness. You can also findpaid business listing servicesthat will do it for you for a small fee.When listing on these sites, be sure to completely fill out each form. Enter your Hours ofOperation (even if you don’t have any). Enter your company email address (even if youdon’t usually give it out). THIS IS IMPORTANT: You must complete each listing in the exactsame way. In other words, copy and paste is your friend. Don’t spell out “Street” in onelisting and spell it “St.” in another because your hand got tired. Why is this so important?Google looks for exact matches between listing to verify the data is accurate. Don’t throwGoogle for a loop. Help them help you and make sure everything matches exactly.2|Page
  3. 3. Google also considers sites like the Chamber of Commerce, Association Membership listings, facebook places, and foursquare. These sites are considered to be highly trustworthy, so visit each site directly to confirm your listing matches exactly to your listings on the sites mentioned earlier. If anything is incorrect, contact the site owner and follow the procedure they require to have your listing changed. It’s your info. Confirm that it is correct. YOUR WEBSITE SEOMeta Data is the data that each webpage holds about the page to make it easy for SearchEngines to identify what’s on the page quickly. If your site was built by a web designer whounderstands the importance of Meta Data and how it relates to Search Engines, they wouldhave requested that you provide information such as Keywords, Short Descriptions of yourcompany or of the information on each page, and webpage titles. Some designers prefer tocreate this information themselves.To check your website pages’ meta data, visit your website, click the menu item “View” (ininternet explorer), and choose “Source”. This will display the text that lives behind yourwebpage. Toward the top, you should see “META” tags. Look for Meta Keywords, MetaTitle, and Meta Description. The information listed behind each of these tags should relateto the webpage you are viewing. To connect this back to Google Places, you will want tomake sure that your city is listed somewhere in here. Google will bounce your website offof your Google Places listing to determine its relevance. You want it to be relevant.3|Page
  4. 4. Links from other websites (called backlinks) also help your Google Places listing to climbthe list toward the top. You should have some sort of SEO work happening for your sitealready. just make sure that the keywords you are using also have your City, State,Company Name, etc. to be relevant to your Google Places listing.Internal links around your site are links from one page to another within your site. Havinga link from your Contact Us page to your FAQ page is an example of a internal link. Be sure,just as with external links, that your internal links also have keywords pertaining to youraddress and business name in them as well. Google does not place as much weight oninternal links as external links, but they don’t hurt you either. YOUR GOOGLE PLACENow that we have your website optimized with internal/external links and meta data, andwe have your other listing sites matching each other exactly, it is time to create your GooglePlaces listing.Go to and follow the prompts to complete your business listing.Here are a couple of notes to follow to optimize your listing and get the most from yourGoogle Place.4|Page
  5. 5. Fill Out Everything Completely – Don’t forget to include your Hours of Operation or Dog’sname if it asks for it. Google weighs complete listings higher on the set of search resultsthan incomplete listings.Use Keywords – Google will ask you for descriptions of your industry and business ingeneral. Be sure that these descriptions include keywords about your company. Bespecific. Don’t just be a graphic designer. Be a graphic designer that specializes in workingwith small businesses in the Baton Rouge area. Keywords are your Search Engine’s friend.Use them where you can.Photos – Google LOVES multimedia. Photos are a great way to elevate your listing abovethe noise of other listings. Plus, people love them too. Add photos where you can and besure to include those keywords in your photo descriptions. To give Google an extra addedtickle, slide on over to and post your photos there too. Make sure to usekeywords, and geo-tag them with your city/address.Connect your YouTube videos – Got any on YouTube? Great! Connect them. If you chose topost them on a video sharing site that isn’t the second most search site in the world, that’stoo bad. Google will only allow videos from YouTube. Go post them there.5|Page
  6. 6. CHECK YOUR SNAIL MAILSeriously. After you complete your business listing online, Google will send you a postcardin the actual United States Postal Service to the address you listed. This post card will havea confirmation number on it and a web address. Visit the web address and enter theconfirmation. This tells Google that you weren’t kidding when you created your listing. OFFER COOL STUFF TO VISITORSNow that you are all confirmed and stuff, Google allows you to offer coupons and stuff toyour Google Places visitors. If you don’t have anything cool to offer, create a coupon tohave free coffee with you to meet and greet new people. REVIEWS – THE MOTHERLOADNothing demonstrates to others that you know your stuff better than other peoplevouching for you. Encourage current and past customers to visit the review sites wementioned earlier (especially Google) to write a review about your company. Send them anemail with your request and with a direct link to your listing on a couple of sites.Google weighs quality reviews higher than crappy ones, so encourage reviewers to answera series of questions in their review or to write as detailed as possible. Reviews like “Thefood was great.” aren’t going to cut it enough for Google to care. FINALLY, DON’T LIE.Don’t pay someone to write fake reviews. Don’t create a fake login and create themyourself. Enough said OFFER INCENTIVESIf you are still a little squirmy about asking people for reviews, offer a coupon or someother incentive. You could even offer to review their business in exchange. But if peoplelike your company, they won’t mind leaving reviews.Bacon Social Media helps companies like yours manage their online presence through siteslike facebook, twitter, YouTube, and foursquare. We do this stuff every day. If you haveany questions, feel free to drop us a line.6|Page
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