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Opening credits research


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Opening credits research

  1. 1. Opening Credits Research By Miles Young
  3. 3. BACKGROUND INFO In class, we watched the opening title sequence to the film Panic room. Panic Room is an American thriller so it has a slightly different target audience to us. However we analysed the titles to help us decide what titles we should use on our film. Panic rooms opening titles were all computer generated onto shots of the city the film is set in rather than a title sequence like in ill manors which has mini film that introduces characters. Ill manors is a British gritty crime thriller which is the genre our film will be so we are likely to adopt similar titles to ill manors. (panic room) (ill manors)
  4. 4. In Panic Room, all the shots are long shots of the city which establishes that this is where the film is going to be set. It also connotes something bad is happen as in the long shots you rarely see people which suggests people have been evacuated from the city. However Ill Manors mixes between shots of London and shots of characters. The shots aren’t filmed; they are time-lapsed pictures that have been edited together in a sequence. The effect is that the viewer gets to see a lot of background information about the characters in a short space of time. This works well because it means before the film even starts the viewer understands what it is going to be about. (panic room) (ill manors) CAMERA
  5. 5. EDITING Panic room’s credits have been made using CGI to look like the buildings. This could be to replicate the walls of the panic room. Also the font is serif showing that the film is set in modern times. The shots have been edited so that each shot is quite long to match the slow paced non-diegetic music. When the music increases in pace, so does the editing and a lot of quick quits are used which could be to foreshadowing the panic soon to come in the film. The title ‘Panic Room’ is only just revealed before the film starts. Ill manors has simple text that pops up over the film. Unlike in Panic Room, the title ‘Ill Manors’ is revealed right at the start of the title sequence. This shifts the focus from the titles to what is actually going on in the film so that the viewer focuses on the information being shown about the main characters.
  6. 6. SOUND In Panic Room the music is non-diegetic and is slow to start with creating an eerie atmosphere connoting something is going to happen soon. After the title ‘Panic Room’ is revealed, the non-diegetic music increases in pace signifying a race against the clock – a common convention of thrillers. However Ill Manors has a Plan B song which has lyrics that relate to the film. The song sets up the story well with the opening line being ‘I am the narrator’ which establishes the soundtrack will narrate the story throughout the film.
  7. 7. INFLUENCE ON OUR FILM From this research, I think we should use the simplicity of the ill manors titles. This is because we want our titles to come up while being introduced to the protagonist. Therefore we don’t want the viewer to be distracted from watching him by big pointless titles. We will reveal the main title at the end of our opening scene for dramatic effect and as a pause in the film so that the viewer is left to wonder what is happening before the film comes back on. FILM TITLE A font like this will be good for our film. It looks quite urban therefore it fits with the genre of our film. It also has quite a big impact, which we need because the title our film (SHAMELESS MONEY) has a lot to do with the story so we want the name to stick. Also the capital letters make it look more like a graffiti tag which will reflect the gritty streets our film is set in.