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10 celebrities who had back injuries


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10 celebrities who suffered from back pain due to injuries sustained while shooting.

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10 celebrities who had back injuries

  1. 1. 10 celebrities who suffered from back problems
  2. 2. SHAHRUKH KHAN The Badshah of Bollywood has been injured and has undergone surgeries a number of times. He has injured his knee, shoulder, legs and his back. His back injury occurred when he was shooting for Koyla in 1997. And again when he was shooting for the song Ishq Kamina. He got treated for the injuries years later in 2003.
  3. 3. HRITHIK ROSHAN Hrithik suffered from Scoliosis at the age of 21. It left him bed-ridden for a year. While shooting for Agneepath in 2011 he suffered a serious back injury when he tried to lift another actor over his head for a scene.
  4. 4. RANVEER SINGH Ranveer is probably the most energetic actor in Bollywood. However that does not make him immune to injuries. While shooting for Lootera in 2012 he injured his back. The injury got worse when he ignored the injury and continued to work.
  5. 5. AKSHAY KUMAR The Khiladi had injured his back during the shoot of Khiladiyon ka Khiladi in 1996. Despite treatment the pain still persists till date.
  6. 6. GEORGE CLOONEY He injured his back while shooting for his Oscar- nominated film Syriana. The back injury turned out to be a torn dura mater, a membrane that covers the spinal cord. The injury had lasting effects and Clooney had to go through a lot of painful procedures over the years as treatment.
  7. 7. JACKIE CHAN While shooting for Police Story in 1985 Jackie Chan suffered a number of injuries including a finger fracture, a deep cut on the forearm, burnt hands and also broken vertebrae.
  8. 8. CHARLIZE THERON The Mad Max actress suffered an injury when she slipped and landed on her neck and herniated the disk between her third and fourth vertebrae. The slipped disc was close to her spinal cord and she had to be hospitalized due to get treated.
  9. 9. VICTORIA BECKHAM The style diva suffered from a slipped disc while she was carrying her fourth child. The main cause of the injury was said to be her love for heels and how she refused to give them up even in her third trimester of pregnancy.
  10. 10. CHRISTOPHER REEVE The actor who played Superman suffered fractures to his top two vertebrae when he was thrown off his horse. This is considered to be the most serious cervical injury. The accident left him paralyzed from the neck down.
  11. 11. JENNIFER GREY The actress from Dirty dancing injured her neck when she met with a car accident in 1988. She did not receive treatment until years later when it was found that her neck had a very dramatic angulation, and also a slipped vertebrae.
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