System of a Business


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System of a Business

  1. 1. BY: Bijoy Babu
  2. 2. In my presentation, I will go over the systems of a cell and the parts of a business that will go with each part of the cells. Lets begin with the cell itself……..
  3. 3. The cell is the basic building blocks of all living things. They provide the structure and the nutrients/energy the body needs to survive. Every living thing has cells and they play a very important role in the This relates to the whole business because the business is the building block for the structure of the city or company Jus like a cell is for a human.
  4. 4. They are the tiny organs that are found in a cell and they keep the structure of the cell alive, Each has a unique job. This is similar to the cell organelles because the people are what make up the business and without each person doing there jobs, there wouldn’t be a business just like a cell.
  5. 5. The walls of the office building the business is in is just like the cell membrane because it keeps out any bacteria or diseases and keeps the cell safe. The cell membrane is the part of the body that keeps all of the cells inside in the living body without going outside. It is like a special barrier and it also controls the movement of the cells inside. Thin flexible material, controls the movement. It is the outer most layer of animal cells.
  6. 6. They are parts and components of cells that make special protein for the cells using amino acid. Packets of RNA and protein Cafeteria workers are just like the Ribosome's because they are the ones that get the food for the cell and transfer them in healthy clean packets.
  7. 7. They are organelles found in living plant cells and other related living things. They capture light energy from the sun or whatever source of light and transfer that into protein for the plant, though it has a very complex process of doing this. It makes the plants green, takes in sunlight. Only found in plant cells. They solar panels relate to the chloroplasts because the solar panels capture the sunlight and transfer it to energy for the business.
  8. 8. Is a type of chloroplasts that forms interconnected tubes and wires within the cells to transfer things from one place to another. These things include protein and food for the living things to survive. They do a special role in this process and crush the food for the right balance of the host. The endoplasmic Reticulum is like the underground pipes because the endoplasmic are like the pipes that transfer the food to different places in the cell just like a business.
  9. 9. They are cell organelles that are found in most living plants and range roughly from .05 to .1 micro meters. These are considered the cells power plants because they produce and supply most of the energy to the plants. It is the muscle of the cells, provides all of the energy. Converts food (glucose) in to energy.   The Mitochondria are just like the generators because the are like the power plants that run through the business. They supply most of the energy to the business to keep it running. They feed in all the food.
  10. 10. Is a thick liquid that pours out of the cells that plays a role in keeping the cell organelles together in place. They actually hold everything together instead of the cells nucleus. A good cup of coffee is I think one of the best definitions of a cytoplam because it keeps everyone on track and together in place and it is a type of liquid….
  11. 11. In cells, is a membrane-enclosed cell organelle that holds most of the cells nutrients and take it all in. It is the soul of the cell and the center of all things to do with the cell. This is where you could find the DNA of different cells and find large variety of protein and genes. The brain of the cell. The Nucleus is the most important part of the cell so what is the most important part of a business? Well the boss of course. The boss controls everything, and the company most of the time, is founded by the company, just like the nucleus.
  12. 12. Is a bond and stand of all the varieties of protein and liquid from the nucleus of the cell. They are fairly large and can be seen through a very high tech microscope. It is inside of the nucleus. I think the nucleolus is like the boss’s very own cells because first of all, the nucleolus is located inside of the nucleus and they bond and connect all of the parts of a nucleus together.
  13. 13. Is a cell organelle found in plant cells and other as well. Its role is to get the transferred cells from the plant and then package them and ready them up to go to the inside of the cell to the nucleus. People sometime call this the order cell. It helps transfer the food throughout the cell. Packages the material Golgi bodies are just like printers because they are the working cells that take all of those important ‘paper” or nutrients and package them u for delivery in the business.
  14. 14. Are cell organelles that are found in most of all living things and are very common. Its main role is to get the food and protein from the other cells and break up and eat all the waste and debris in the processing. Found in animal cells and rarely found in plant cells. Lysosomes are just like the garbage cans because they eat all f the left over and wasted nutrients and food the cell has left over like garbage cans.
  15. 15. It is a cell that is found mostly in plants but in some cases in animals and bacteria as well. The role of these cells are to control the water supply and some of the nutrients that the living thing needs to survive. That is taking care of the water supply and that waste will be evolved into some thick solid that will be sent through the cell, probably to eat on. Large storage tanks that store water. Large in plant cells, small in animal cells. Vacuoles would be best fitted for the water supply of the business because it has a role that is to take in the water absorbed by the plants.
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