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Zaid coat Waterproofing solutions


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India market entry: waterproofing solutions

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Zaid coat Waterproofing solutions

  1. 1. Zaid Coat Waterproofing andthermal Insulation solutions in India
  2. 2. Agenda• Issues that customers face• Competitive Landscape in India• Zaid Coat profile• Solutions and competitive comparisons Normal roof Heavily used roof Normal roof: waterproofing + thermal insulation Heavily used roof: waterproofing + thermal insulation Wet areas (washroom, kitchen, Balcony and landscape) Water tanks and Swimming pools Basement External Walls Metal roof• Competitor Products, for detailed analysis
  3. 3. Builders IssuesIssues Dilemma• Leak in monsoon: rain water • Capillary gap is a technical from roof, walls and balcony challenge. Careful masonry spreads through capillary gaps can reduce the capillary• Leak inside the building: water gaps, but how can I from washrooms spreads eliminate it completely? through the walls • Brick and concrete has• Leaking in the building: higher thermal conductivity. Builders’ credibility is in stake• High roof temperature: No takers, low price for top floor
  4. 4. Home Owners’ IssuesIssues Dilemma• Washroom leak on walls: • A leaking house is what I Really nasty when seen bought with millions of from dinner table rupees?• Summer: Very high • House is once in a life time electricity bill owing to AC and I need to live with for• Leak in monsoon: Can’t get the rest of the life? wet inside the house• Winter: The whole building • Save money by is cool, no matter how much compromising the room I heat it up from inside temperature?
  5. 5. Plant Owners’ IssuesIssues• Joints of the metal sheets, are prone to leak during rain• Thin metal roof: any small impact can create a leak.• Leakage in plants: Millions worth materials and equipments inside the building.• A bad leak can adversely affect business operations
  6. 6. CustomersBuilders Home/Plant Owners• No regulatory codes • Very price sensitive, bells• Fragmented Industry and whistles are avoided• Price, location and time to • Is worried about the market are primary quality, but no alternatives drivers, quality is not• No easy-to-use solutions in the market
  7. 7. Competitor: Dr. FixitDr. Fixit• The only major player in the industry• A confused player: too many “difficult-to-use” products, No marketing strategy• We made our products, its up to the customers to make sense of our products• Has money and muscle. Can’t under estimate Feviquick’s producer
  8. 8. Zaid CoatGulf Operations • Significant service share• 20 years of waterproofing coming from Industrial experience Plants, maintenance, and big• Manufacturing base in constructions Saudi, service operations in • Giving waterproofing Gulf and sales operations in certificate to customers North Africa• Has faced tougher quality competition, driven-up by Overseas Operations high per-capita-income of the • Can train the technicians in region India; caveat: with sizeable• Has done government, military shipment projects with tough scope • We remain with sales after the training
  9. 9. Flat roof, slopping roofZaid Coat Dr. Fixit• Zaid Filler: spreads in the • Primeseal, 1 coat cracks • New Coat, 3 coats• Universal Coat: Polyurethane based waterproof, 2 layer• Fiber Tex• Universal Coat• Super Tex: UV protection 1 later
  10. 10. Flat roof, slopping roof: ComparisonsZaid Coat Dr. Fixit• Life 15 to 25 years • Life 5 to 10 years• -40 to +120 degrees • Temperature range not• Protection against specified some documents hairline, capillary cracks say 10-45 degrees• Widely used gulf countries with standard building codes
  11. 11. Heavily used RoofZaid Coat Dr. Fixit• Zaid Filler: spreads in the • Bitumin primer, 1 coat cracks • Torchshield• HD2: Polyurethane based waterproof, 2 layer• Normal floorings (Plaster, tiles, carpets etc)
  12. 12. Heavily used Roof: ComparisonsZaid Coat Dr. Fixit• Life 15 to 25 years • Life 5 years, uncertainty• -40 to +120 degrees owing to heating in the• Protection against summer hairline, capillary cracks • Not environment friendly• Widely used gulf countries • Once broken, difficult and with standard building costly to fix codes • Temperature range not specified
  13. 13. Normal Roof: waterproofing andThermal InsulationZaid Coat Dr. Fixit• Zaid Filler: spreads in the • None cracks• Zaid Coat: Thermal Insulation + water proofing, 2 layer Benefits• Fiber Tex + Polystyrene: • 30- 40% AC bill reduction Additional Insulation (when used with Zaid Coat• Foam Concrete: leveling Exterior wall products)• Zaid Filler + Fiber Tex • Widely used gulf countries• Universal coat: waterproofing that have standard building• Super Tex: UV protection 1 later codes
  14. 14. Heavily used Roof: waterproofing andThermal InsulationZaid Coat Dr. Fixit• Zaid Filler: spreads in the • None cracks• Zaid Coat: Thermal Insulation + water Benefits proofing, 2 layer • 30- 40% AC bill reduction• Fiber Tex + Polystyrene: (when used with Zaid Coat Additional Insulation Exterior wall products)• Foam Concrete: leveling • Widely used gulf countries• HD2: Two coats that have standard building• Regular flooring codes
  15. 15. Wet Area (Balcony, Kitchen, Washroom, Landscape)Zaid Coat Dr. Fixit (Except Landscape)• Zaid Filler: spreads in the • Pidifin 2k: 2 coats cracks • Other flooring• HD2: Waterproof, 2 layer• Other flooring Dr. Fixit (Landscape) • Bitumin primer, 1 coat • Torchshield
  16. 16. Wet Area (Balcony, Kitchen, Washroom, Landscape): ComparisonsZaid Coat Dr. Fixit (Except Landscape)• 15-25 years of life • 5 to 10 years of life • Powder based: Quality issues• Protection against • Temperature range not specified hairline, capillary cracks• Widely used gulf countries Dr. Fixit (Landscape) with standard building • 5 to 10 years of life codes • Heat-bond: quality issues • Once broken, difficult and costly to fix • Not environment friendly • Temperature range not specified
  17. 17. Water Tank and Swimming PoolZaid Coat Dr. Fixit• Zaid Filler: Crack fill • Pidifin 2k: 2 coats• Master Coat: Waterproofing• Fiber Tex• Master Coat
  18. 18. Water Tank and Swimming Pool:ComparisonsZaid Coat Dr. Fixit• 15-25 years of life • 5 – 10 years• -40 to +120 degrees • Mixing process: Quality• Protection against issues hairline, capillary cracks • Temperature range not• Widely used gulf countries specified that have standard building codes
  19. 19. BasementZaid Coat Dr. Fixit• Zaid Filler • Powder Waterproof: mix• Master Coat with cement and concrete• Fiber Tex• HD2
  20. 20. BasementZaid Coat Dr. Fixit• 15 to 25 years • 5 to 10 years• -40 to +120 degrees • Not effective for in rainy• Protection against season hairline, capillary cracks• Widely used gulf countries that have standard building codes
  21. 21. External WallsZaid Coat Dr. Fixit• Master Coat: For better • Heatshield. New product contact with plaster, 1 layer details are not known• Universal Coat: Thermal insulation, 1 layer ICI• Super Tex or Paint: as • Weathershield, consumer needed paint
  22. 22. External Walls: ComparisonZaid Coat Dr. Fixit• 15-25 years life • New product, details are• Saves 30-40% energy, is not known used with Zaid Coat’s thermal insulation ICI • Claims 5 Degree reduction. Difficult to verify.
  23. 23. Metal roof of Industrial PlantsOur Solution Dr. Fixit• Royal Filler • Bitumin primer, 1 coat• Primo Flex • Torchshield• Fiber Tex• Universal Coat• Super Tex
  24. 24. Metal roof of Industrial PlantsZaid Coat Dr. Fixit• Localized solution • Not very effective for hot• 15 to 25 years climate, owing to higher• -40 to +120 degrees temperature on metal roof• Protection against • Difficult to repair hairline, capillary cracks • Not a localized• Widely used gulf countries solution, costly that have standard building • Temperature range not codes specified
  25. 25. Competitor Products, for detailedanalysisDr. Fixit What we want to know?• New Coat • Price of largest package• Primeseal • Coverage per unit• Torchshield • Temperature Range• Pidifin 2k • Can use 1-800 to find• Heatshield details• Bitumin PrimerICI• Weathershield